Removal of Impacted Earwax and Insect from Deep Inside Ear Canal

Removal of Impacted Earwax and Insect from Deep Inside Ear Canal

Ain’t no damn way did I just watch a video of a doctor pulling out a full grown cockroach from deep inside a person’s ear canal. Can the boundaries of WTF be pushed any further from here?

Impacted earwax, or impacted cerumen as doctors call it is an excess of earwax buildup inside the ear canal. Your body can naturally respond to certain conditions which may put the eardrum in danger by excessive buildup of earwax, or it can accumulate overtime if you don’t clean your ears. If you allows for the earwax to stay in your ear for an extended period of time, it can harden up and press against the nerves inside the ear canal, making for a painful condition.

Up to this point everything is pretty straightforward. Where it steps out of the zone of comfortable understandability and becomes downright morbid is… in the insect having himself a cozy, warm home inside the ear canal, behind the wall of impacted earwax. How the hell did it get there and how did it stay there while the earwax around it close in?

I think I’ll just go and clean my ears thoroughly right about now. Like there isn’t enough bullshit that can befall upon you already. Now there’ll be nightmares of having cockroaches turning our ears into their nests:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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166 thoughts on “Removal of Impacted Earwax and Insect from Deep Inside Ear Canal”

      1. @nicole. the ear wax builds up. bugs are sneaky ang like to crawl in places for warmth and safety. this nasty fucker never cleaned his ears. the bug crawled in and died. don’t let any bugs crawl in your coochie and die. keep it clean girlfriend.

  1. Haha, you never fail to get me laughing in the description. I have seen a june bug caught in someones ear, on tv. The june bug was actually humming its’ wings, and the woman who had it caught in her ear said it sounded like a helicopter. You would think that one would notice something that big crawling into their ear…but this person obviously doesn’t understand what q tips are for. Anyhow they had to pour alcohol into her ear and kill it first, because it was burrowing deeper into the ear canal. Yuck, but a cookaracha, haha, that’s the tops.

  2. That’s interesting.
    How the fuck you don’t notice there’s a large insect in your ear canal for so long that you have two candles worth of wax buildup? I just don’t know.

  3. Nasty…

    When I was a young(er) lad… I had to have a Grommet implanted in my ear to relieve pressure behind the ear drum…

    The bloody wax and scabs I picked out of my ears in the following weeks had a particular smell to it… It smelt like strawberry jam! And looked just like this shit…

    I wonder what his smelt like?

    1. Awesome story.

      I once had a double ear infection (2 in one ear). The pain was excrutiating and I had a yellowish waxy puss oozing from my ear the whole time. That stunk like hell.

      btw, is that a Bruce Cambell pic from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness? Also awesome

      1. Evil Dead 2 Sir!

        Ah… Bloody Ear infections… I feel your pain. I regularly rupture my Right ear drum.

        Very easily.

        Once I scooped a load of fucking flesh out of my ear because I swam for a while (in a very Chlorine-y pool).

          1. It was my flesh Leslee dear…

            Whenever I see large chunks of flesh floating about in a communal swimming pool. I make it a point to consume them to avoid confusion.

  4. Holy Jesus Fuck! That thing just made a fucking home in there until it died! Probably happened while this disgusting fuck was sleeping in a roach infested place. I hear they eat eyebrows too

  5. That must have hurt like hell. I guess that the patient was anesthetized during the procedure. I had my left ear cleaned once by an ENT with water jet, which was pure torture. Obviously, the doctor enjoyed my screams and laughed while my tears run down. Of course, I never went back to see him again although technically he did a good job.

  6. damn bet it cousin had a tick in ear one time .it had sucked so much blood an swole up it poped in his ear.thats how thay figured sumin was wrong lol.but it lached on right next to ear drum.yeah he was screaming when thay was geting it

  7. When I were 5 or 6 years old, I put really tiny screw in my ear, I mean really ultra tiny screw (I don’t know why I did it, kids will be kids). Anyway I didn’t tell anyone that I put it in my ear. It went for maybe 2-3 month. My mum cleaned my ears regularly (she had hydroxide peroxide and qtips) but she never noticed it. One day my sister was cleaning my ear and she noticed but she not sure what was it. She tried get it out with tweezer but nothing work only dislodged tiny screw further in my ear. It hurts like motherfucker. My ear canal turned really sensitive, it hurts when I put q tip or touch it. I tried to play it off telling my sister that she imagined it. I was very embarrassed to tell my family about it. My sister didn’t believe for for one second. She tortured and threated that she’d tell my mum my secrets. So well I broke down and crying and told my sister that what the hell I did put in my ear. Needless to say, my sister were very shocked then told mum anyway. I hated my sister for a while mind you I felt very betrayed because she “promised” not to tell.

    Few hours in doctor office, the doctor tried to get it out with tweezer/forceps she couldn’t get it out. My doctor really went all out, pressed it in hard and try to dig out. I screamed and cried really hard. After 30 min of pressing and digging, she gave up and she referred me to the ear specialist. He got it out easily and painless . My family were very shocked that when doctor pulled the whole wax buildup deep in my ear. In end of the wax, there was a single dead bee. WTF how did it got in there!!!!! Maybe it was stroke of luck that I put tiny screw in my ear and it led doctor to the discovery. It was such a relief afterward.

    Doctor said it is very common for bugs to crawl in your ears, it occurred most of time when people are asleep. He said I’m lucky because it is bee not flies because flies can hatches eggs in your ears. He told me to not put anything in my ears again.

    Now I’m older woman, I cleaned my ears like crazy.

  8. It’s like the insect version of a caveman getting frozen in glacier ice for thousands of years. I bet he was just as interesting to discover, too.

    The only place I’ve ever found a cockroach on my body, was on my nutsack. I was about 15, chillin’ in my bedroom. Had my window open one night because it was cool outside. I’m laying on my bed, and all of the sudden, I feel this tickling sensation down there, but I knew it couldn’t be me, because my hands were both behind my head with the fingers laced. I lift up my boxers waste band (That’s all I was wearing. It was almost bedtime. Don’t anybody get turned on, now.), and see this big brown fucker staring at me with his antennae moving around. I JUMPED out of my bed, and landed on my floor with my knees buckling in and out like a crackhead break dancer with one hand on my boxers shaking them in, and out, to get rid of the ignorant, unwittingly homo six-legged intruder. So, he fell to the floor, and scurried away. Never saw him again. Homo. Anyway, I felt nasty afterwords, so I made sure to wash my balls off before I choked the chicken, and went to bed, that night. I should’ve made my user name here RoachOnMyBalls, come to think of it. Oh, well.

    1. A roach once walked on my ass while I was shitting on the toilet, This was at a home depot bathroom, Very drunk, I jumped up and began punching/slapping my own ass in hopes of crushing whatever that was, Needless to say I annihilated that roach with a falcon-punch to the left ass cheek.

    2. @FD
      “Don’t anybody get turned on, now” –
      Too Late!

      So YOU are the one that taught MJ that crotch grab move… I think he owes you some royalties.

      p.s…. going to see Mum later – I will investigate that soul thing…
      Agent Fiend out.

    3. Vic…

      Do you remember my little Sobriquet on a cockroaches ability for ‘Traumatic penetration’?

      You wanna be careful that roach didn’t stick his needle dick into your balls.

      Under a microscope your spunk must be little cockroaches!

      1. Looks like Florida roaches crave close contact with humans….I bet they are huge too….Banana Republic ones only venture out of their nests when lights are out and quickly hide when they percieve any human movement

      2. Tom: No microscope necessary, my friend. Next time I jerk off, I’ll hold a can of Raid next to my dick when I cum. If my urethra blows smoke rings, we’ll know.

        Tulio: The roaches here are like that, too, for the most part… Unless it’s one of those brave/confused/stupid roaches like the one who assaulted my fellas.

  9. That looks so yummy πŸ™‚

    I had my ears cleaned out recently but never got to see what came out of them. I naturally have tons more wax in my ears because of my cochlear implants, it’s a side effect of them that more wax is produced.

  10. @Nicole.

    I know you didn’t anybody to rely to your comment a couple of articles ago… Just want to make it clear that I have found your conduct on BG to be exemplary.

    I am sure the majority of Goregians agree with my sentiments.

    Don’t feel depressed. Because in the short time you have been here. You have contributed FAR more than most. Your submitted content is second only to Drccoco’s.

    In regards to what has happened on your FB.

    If certain Goregians have grievances and axes to grind… The disputes should be sorted HERE. By taking BG business and spreading it about the web. Is most dishonourable.

    I am not interested in every facet of Goregians’s personal lives. I usually seek to make friendly, humourous conversation.

    I find that for the best. If people have nothing good to say about a Person’s personal life and conduct… It should not be said.

    I fucking hate Facebook. It is impersonal and anti-social when used as a weapon. Which is often unfortunately.

    Rant over.

    1. WHAT?!
      Our lovely Nicole is under attack?
      Lemme at ’em….

      I must have missed something and I don’t do facebook (the most depressed site on the interweb).

      Let me reiterate Nicole…
      You are a smart, witty and beautiful woman whom is much loved here!

      Much peace and love to you hun!

      @Tom… you are a good and hard man – a hard man is good to find πŸ˜‰

      1. Cheers Leslee.

        I am hard when I need to be… I don’t like Bullshit. And I don’t like drama.

        And you are right. I can’t think of any other member who has had as bigger influence on BG in such a short time.


        Nicole didn’t mention names. Which was highly mature and honourable.

        I don’t want to know names either. The last thing we need is a divisive flame war.

        It is better that no names are mentioned and this shit is sorted NOW.

        1. Probably some trolls that are on the gnome blacklist, Hence why we don’t see such talks on here.
          Ain’t the internet grand? Folks like to talk shit through a screen but don’t have the set of balls to do anything IRL.

          I tip my hat off to nicole.

          1. Please excuse me, I have no way to contact @Nicole as I’m not on fb, …Nicole, I too have enjoyed the content you sent to BG ! You said you love this site, if thats true, don’t let anyone keep you from commenting, or they have won!

    2. I spoke to her a bit about this on The Most Depressing Website on the Internet. I basically told her to not worry about anybody’s criticisms. She’s a cool chick, so I hope she doesn’t jump ship, or anything.

      1. I thought I had got that “most depressing website” from you @Future.
        I hope you aren’t upset with me scoffing your line.
        Imitation IS the highest form of flattery, so I hope we’re good πŸ™‚

        1. Good to hear Pam!

          I don’t want this to be blown out of proportion.

          The reason why I brought it up in the first place is because I don’t want to see Nicole jump ship. And to help mediate any ‘bad blood’ between members.

          1. well for once i know it wasnt me……im done with all that shit…..if people wanna stick pictures up of them sucking someone off go for it….i dont care πŸ™‚

    3. Geez, now I really feel bad. It’s like I started this whole thing by simply asking why she changed her avatar.

      I hope no one is going to get pissed at me. I know my question sounded like I was trying to be funny but at the time I didn’t know that there was a problem otherwise I would have keep my finger tip mouth shut.


      If my question hurt you in any way then I’m truly sorry for that. It was never my intention to be mean to you. I just picked a really bad time to be a joker. Hope you forgive me.

          1. @The Boatman, I was going to joke about her avatar too “how did you get a pic of my puppy Nicole?” -(my pit bull) I didnt know there was any kind of problem either.Im sure she knows that a lot of us like her and hope she doesnt leave.

  11. I knew someone that had a bug crawled into their ear as they were sleeping. The parents took her to the hospital and the doctors used a light to draw the bug out. My friend now wears cotton balls in her ears when she sleeps.

  12. holy crap, that was a bloody huge cockroach O.O i would’ve freaked out, i’m terrified of the things x.x

    i clean my ears frequently, cos i was told by my doctor that i have eczema in my ears (i know, of all the places to have it =.=) and the constant flaking of skin was resulting in wax buildup and affected my hearing, and i had to have my ears flushed. it wasn’t bad actually, it wasn’t comfortable, but i wouldn’t call it painful, either. occasionally though, i hear some fluttering in my ear, and i try to convince myself it’s probably loose skin…

  13. fuck bugs are stupid… if i was a bug i would find another cavity to dive into harden up and press on that nerve eeeeh haaaaa ! fuck of fuck could you imagine the fuckin swims i would be enjoying . a lot better than a stinky pakistany ear…

  14. I have a weird addiction to watching videos of ear wax removal, I was watching videos just like this at work the other day for like an hour. It may be gross (well is) but it just seems like pure relief πŸ™‚ must feel good. I had a bit of wax removed from my ear when I was a kid so maybe thats why!

  15. The boy looks quite young. Maybe 11 or 12 years old. In that case shame on his parents as well. Nothing gets that bad with out some signs. Hell i bet the smell alone was enough to wake the dead. Tell me his parents didnt at the least notice that alone!!

  16. I might be wrong, but he looks like a young boy. 11 maybe 12. If thats the case shame on his parents. Nothing gets that bad without some signs first. Hell, the smell alone could have probably been noticed 10ft away….ear infections and wax build up smells awful.

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