Rotten Teeth Pulled Out to Reveal Maggots in Gums

Rotten Teeth Pulled Out to Reveal Maggots in Gums

Rotten Teeth Pulled Out to Reveal Maggots in Gums

When your teeth are so rotten, they shatter into fragment when they’re being pulled out, so each individual fragment needs to be dealt with separately, and when with each removed fragment a nest of maggots settled inside your gums is revealed, then it’s definitely safe to assume that your dental hygiene sucks fat bollocks.

No further comment on the video. But be seen to be believed:

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112 thoughts on “Rotten Teeth Pulled Out to Reveal Maggots in Gums”

    1. He belongs in a horror movie!If he’s got maggots breeding inside his gums- then its safe to probably assume he’s got worms and a sleuth of other fucking weird shit going on! I honestly didn’t think maggots (tor many other things) could survive in a human mouth!

      I’m showing

      1. Ugh!! Hit post! =/

        I’m showing this one to my kids! They’ve never had a single cavity yet- and omg, this will ensure they never do! Haha

        1. I’m gonna dig out my Waterpick and fill it with Listerine and baking soda. Then I’m gonna brush for an hour straight. When I’m done my smile will blind anyone who looks at me.

        2. I just showed this to my nephew! Sometimes he doesn’t want to brush his teeth so I made him watch this. Told him if he misses brushing his teeth this is gonna happen. I’m thinking I should have showed him a while after he ate too, he spit up a little haha

        3. Yes girl, I know that’s rite….I have a 12 year old and no cavities yet, but she absolutely hates brushing her teeth. I bet this will make her want to every single nite! Haha

        4. this is my first time comment….. i will show this to my daugther who sometimes doesn’t wash her teeths…. i already showed her the blue waffle soooo……

      2. ha,ha, gross is right girl, this is why i get my pearly whites professionally cleaned 4 times a year. Yuck, i could not imagine his breath, Shit-Mouth for sure.

        1. I’m with you! I have mine done every 3 months and I’m addicted to flossing! Preventive maintenance is the way to go! The day I have ANY creature taking up habitat in my mouth is the day I fucking jump off the Golden Gate bridge!

        2. @dre, I knew this dude who didn’t brush his teeth at all…and he’s married too. She wasn’t any prize either but hey I guess she didn’t mind…

          1. The smell of his mouth probably matched the smell of her arse-hole. lol,he,he, GROSS, c,ant beleive i just said that. ha,ha. = One happy family

      1. Call him anything you want but yuck-mouth is a better fit! Did he know he had fucking maggots creeping around in there and where the fuck did they come from?! Did a fly manage to slip in through the sides of his gaps to lay eggs?! Just too many unanswered questions…

        I need a shot of Listerine!

          1. oh my you do leave some good thoughts in my head you do juicy girl 😉 keep it up !

      1. Just the thought of those little critters wriggling around in the gumline is too much. That is having cooties in the literal sense. I will no longer drag my feet when it comes to my dental cleaning from this point on. Best Gore helps again.

    1. I say place him in a clear plastic bag and let all the infestation of creatures die off! This was simply appalling! I always tell myself- NOTHING can top this video- and then shit like this comes along!

        1. Lol- yea, THAT is what I just said in different wording! I don’t doubt for a min that my GorePapi won’t top this one either! He always does!

  1. I saw a video once about how some doctors are starting to use maggots to remove diseased flesh, as they apparrently leave the non-diseased flesh alone, effectively cleaning an area. Wonder if that is going on here?

    1. How would that explain how they were under the teeth though?! I’m thinking they would’ve shown how they place them in?! I hope you’re right though…

      1. they surgically put the maggots in the gum line above the infected area thru a syringe and leave in for 2 to three days then remove the maggots but the healthy tissue is not affect by the maggots

  2. On the bright side. Atleast maggets will only eat rotten or dying flesh. My only question is, HTF are you going to let a fly in your mouth?

    1. I can only assume this person cannot close his mouth properly due to the decay which means when he sleeps, flies just go in and lay their eggs.

      Imagine getting a waft of his open mouth breath in your face. That’s going to ruin your day I think.

    2. Some maggots will eat healthy flesh too. They ooze enzymes to liquify the flesh … rotten or not. Depends on the species of fly.

      Either way … more than gross!

      I don’t. see this as medical maggots. The rotten teeth would have been removed first and then application of maggots. This is just a disgusting mouth! Ewwwww!

  3. I’ve broken my teeth a couple of time and had them capped. A good European dentist has a very different sensibility to a US or Californian dentist. They’re all about making the repair look natural. The bottom of the tooth is translucent like a natural tooth and when you have a tooth bleaching the want to bring it back to your natural shade of white, not whiter. They always talk you out of having an unnatural shade of tooth bleaching. I’ve known a lot of wealthy Americans that have spent fortunes on their teeth and they look ‘s so fake. Good European dentist would never do that.

    1. aw gawd, thats sound like i’m some old toothless hag. I have to say I have good teeth but two back teeth were cracked for no faultless of my own. You cant see it.

      1. % 100 right as usual, Europe has much better dentists compared to Usa and prices are shocking cheap, I meet many Americans who visits the country where I live, for health -specially- “dental tourism” followed by Infertility treatment.

      1. Cleveland Browns? They suck just like all their teams!

        Always in a transition period.

        Then when __________ (fill in the blank) gets traded he wins the Super Bowl or World Series. We suck at sports. :-/

  4. I could just puke! That mouth must have been really reaking to attract flies! How is it one let’s flies lay eggs in their mouth? GROSS!

    The worst thing I ever saw as a veterinarian was a kitten that had been missing for about a week. Someone brought him in and it was like nothing Steven King could dream up!

    This poor kitten … looked like every pore of his skin had a maggot squirming around! The kitten had no hair and the skin/ pores were alive with maggots as here the eyes, nose, ears and anus. There was nothing to do but end the suffering of that poor cat.

    I HATE maggots!

    1. They probably were not the regular fly maggots. People have mentioned not fly larvae, those seem to like feeding on the living animals fresh skin.

  5. That’s the real “Yukmouth”…wonder if the video is from California…see kids this is what happens when you get gold teeth caps shit

    1. ♬” Your name is yuck mouth, you don’t brush
      Gotta cover your mouth like this
      They call you yukmouth
      You refuse to brush,
      no sweetheart you can keep that kiss..” ¸¸.•*¨*•♪

      This was the first thing that came to mind and most have probably never heard it! Lol. Yukmouth is totally a Cali term! Lol

  6. So this is the reason Asians smell like shit when they speak to me!! I deal with a good amount of Asians and when the speak to me, i literally take a few steps back because I start gagging at the shit smell coming out of their mouth and into my nose.

  7. Seriously, WTF…… Date night ladies haha, never mind that’s just rice…. I had Asian an hr ago uh hum. Seriously.. maggots. How in the world does one allow oneself to get so nasty in 1st place… I’ll never know.

  8. i’v had bad teeth for a long time but man this has to be the most fucked up thing i have seen on BG.

    but how can a maggot live in fresh flesh i mean they are the dead eaters arn’t they? but i have seen maggots being used as medical treatments but this video made me ich all over even gums getting the ichy feeling damn here come the goose bumps.

  9. How the fuck did the maggots get there? The only thing I can think of is that he ate food with fly eggs on it, and the eggs got stuck in the cracks of the tooth which then hatched? Watching this made me squirm in my chair. It’s somewhat discomforting to think that maggots are still sometimes used to help debreid wounds.

  10. Heh, how cute… look at them all swarming in there, I wonder how it feels to have those little guys crowling around between your tooth and gums ^_^

  11. I’ve been brushing my teeth since Mark posted this.

    I am still brushing my teeth as I type this…anything to keep the maggots out of my mouth

    1. Lol, me too. I am able to watch everything on bestgore and not feel sick, but this shit.. Damn I’m naseous! Things like this, or bugs in people’s ears etc. make me feel sick.

  12. I guess it’s good and bad to have those little suckers in there. Good because they eat the rotten gums, and bad because that’s just sick. Of all the crazy shit I’ve seen on BG, maggots always make my skin crawl.

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