Surgical Drainage of Pelvic Abscess

Surgical Drainage of Pelvic Abscess

Good old accumulations of pus under skin videos. Drainage of abscesses is oftentimes more ewww-worthy than beheadings. And it rings much closer to home cause one can develop an abscess without much trying. Not sure what’s more gross – having abscess surgically drained or slowly home squeezed.

Pelvic abscess in the video below was surgically drained. It sprays out of the incision like fountain of ketchup before it’s shook mixed for proper thickness.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Surgical Drainage of Pelvic Abscess”

  1. It looks like this guy has Hidradenitis suppurativa. It’s a dermatological condition where oil glands get clogged and infected and become large pus filled abscesses. The abscesses can range anywhere in size from little pimples to large grapefruits! And the larger they become, the more painful they are. In most cases, the abscess can be treated with a warm compress and having them purge on their own. In extreme cases they need to get lanced and drained at a Dr’s office. They usually manifest in the groin, armpit and scalp. -Noe [emt]

    1. No prob. The groin ones are usually the worst of the bunch. The scalp abscesses are just like pimples and treated as such. The armpit ones get bad, but usually no bigger than a pea. But the groin ones, man alive! They can hurt so bad that the PT is unable to walk! And once it is cleared though, the PT feels a whole helluva lot better! PS The smell of what comes out is usually as putrid as all hell! Yuk

        1. I am an EMT, and no. I don’t have any footage. HIPAA would have my butt out on the street if I ever took pics or videos of PT’s! If I ever get caught that is! LOL! Most PT’s don’t like the idea of cameras around them during medical procedures. This is why most “hospital story” shows are re-enactments. A few pt’s don’t mind, tell them it’s for educational purposes πŸ˜‰

    2. hello, thanks for your information, visiting this site has literally saved my life, I suffer from this condition, and did not even know the name before reading your comment, just because visit some dermatologist gives me great shame. i read alot, and this is definetly my condition. i also recently buy a cream named EMUAID. Thank you very much.

    1. The best way to do it at home is to just use warm wet washcloths or towels. [Any warm moist cloth really] and compress it. Over time it will rupture on it’s own and the towel will absorb the contents. If it gets as bad as this guy’s, and that is a male PT i presume, then a dermatologist will just lance it in his office. It’s an outpatient treatment. And the incision is way more effective than a lance as you can plainly see

        1. And they never ever ever EVER wear any fucking gloves. I can’t understand that. I don’t want somebody’s pus and wound drainage anywhere near me, and dirty fingernails will just reinfect it. It’s not rocket science. Wear gloves, people!

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