Total Uterine Prolapse Surgery Video

Total Uterine Prolapse Surgery Video

Uterine Prolapse is a condition in which the uterus (womb) slides out of its normal position and protrudes from the vaginal opening. Total Uterine Prolapse clearly means that the uterus slid out of its place completely and is entirely exposed outside of the vagina. Uterine prolapse usually occurs when muscles and structures that hold it in place become weak and the uterus drops into the vaginal canal.

The video of the total uterine prolapse surgery posted below is captioned to explain the entire procedure as it’s happening. The 8 minutes long video is thus pretty easy to follow despite length which would otherwise make it boring.

As is explained in the video, the surgery was performed on a 61 year old patient which came to the doctor’s office complaining of a vulvar bulge. Quite a bulge – it’s like the whole alien head was growing between the woman’s legs. The video also explains that the patient was a productive mother, having given birth to 9 kids. She lived with her bulge for 9 years before seeking medical help. I wonder whether she spent those 9 years giving her husband a head or letting him fuck her in the ass, given that she wasn’t able to have inter-vaginal sex… Hmm!

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34 thoughts on “Total Uterine Prolapse Surgery Video

  1. I think it was amazing that she went more than 9 minutes with it bulging like that. FORGET 9 YEARS !
    I would have taken my wife to the hospital even if she did not want to go.

  2. WTF! Sick dude! I didn’t even know shit like this could happen!
    Reminds me of the guy poppin’ out the insides of his ass while lifting weights…

  3. Very interesting surgery. My thoughts are why was this poor old women in this position. She had contusions on both of her inner thighs. Just makes no sense. She kind of looked as though she may have been raped and the prolapse happened due to the trauma of the incident . I can’t see her with the prolapse for 9 years. And if now she is having intercourse without pain what was she doing for 9 years? The old man just looked at her and said no? Not making much sense.

  4. Will defiantly need to start lubricating that! Just watching her makes me feel dry, lol.
    She must really feel like a new woman after this, no bulge, shaved muff and all!
    WOW! very painful to watch!
    (hence I am taking a break, lol)

  5. MWAHAHA! I watched all the way through in one try! Not only that, I giggled a bit ’cause of the music choice. Heh, heh. What an epic inverted uterus.
    …but my thighs hurt like hell from clenching.(I’m probably not the only chick here with an unsettled pussy…)

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