Turkish Guy Seals Wounds on Hand with Super Glue

Turkish Guy Seals Wounds on Hand with Super Glue

Turkish Guy Seals Wounds on Hand with Super Glue

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member some1orno1 who’s from Turkey and recently had a little accident that left him with injured hand and he decided to seal it with a super glue. In his own words:

After getting shit face drunk, I somehow managed to get wounded while climbing a wire fence. With one hand cut, I decided to give this “super glue was invented for medical use” rumor a try and I think it worked out pretty good for now.

I recorded the video hoping it may prove useful for somebody in the future. It’s in high definition for good detail.

Thanks a lot for the video, some1orno1. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to introduce toxins into one’s blood stream through an open wound, but whatever works, I guess. Hopefully it heals well.

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95 thoughts on “Turkish Guy Seals Wounds on Hand with Super Glue”

          1. Bwahaha! He’d kill me anyhow. I think I’d rather be thrown to my death in Thailand than shredded to pieces or choked to death! Lol. The first one sounds a little less painful! 馃槈

    1. Oh one more thing… Try not to get your fingers sticky, this shit dry real fast and holds like the tentacles of an Asian rape monster.
      I heard about people sticking two fingers together and had to cut between them to seperate afterwards…

      1. I used to know a guy who had a hairpiece. During a drunk party, some ‘friends’ of his superglued the hairpiece to his skull . I don’t know how ( if ) it came off again, but i think it was a brilliant idea.

    2. this is not a rumor, in Vietnam war, soldiers used this stuff for quick wound sealing.
      Americans have tried this first.
      reportedly in 1966 cyanoacrylates(super glue) were tested on-site by a specially trained surgical team, with impressive results.

  1. Wouldn’t the glue promote bacteria? Especially if it wasn’t 110% clean in thewound, prior to gluing?? And it’d probably burn a bit, but be tolerable!


    1. Superglue was used in the Vietnam War and has been adopted in most hospitals for small wounds. I use it all the time. It does not sting, it kills any bacteria that are already in the wound, and protects the wound from infection. The pain disappears in 20 minutes or so. Good for minor cuts and gashes. Do not put it on flexible joints like on top of the wrist. You need a regular bandage for flexible joints.

      Stay Well

      1. You speak the truth binsamp. the most common one i know of is DermaBond, often used for minor cuts as well as sealing you up after orthoscopic surgery to reduce scarring caused by stitches. I keep a tube of superglue gel and an emergency skin stapler in my tackle box and a double kit in my bug out bag.

    2. Well i tried to clean the wound as you can see in the start of the video, a larger wound probably needs better cleaning though. Anyway glue burns like alcohol (which is a better material for cleaning wounds i think) other than that i tried to keep the wound closed while applying the glue and afterwards. I guess the right way of doing it is putting the glue ON the wound rather than pouring it in. Anyway it looks good and closed right now, i might upload nastier visuals in a few days if it gets infected…

      1. Wow! I learn so much here on BG! I can think of a couple of million women that could use their “gashes” glued shut! 馃槈 we might be on to something here guys! It could be an effective way to prevent dumb asses from procreating! Imagine how short the lines at the Welfare offices would be???! Lol

  2. I would expect this more from a typical inbred redneck American. Not a dude from Turkey. Interesting… I think I’ll stick with Neosporin and band aids, though…

    1. A guy I dated tore his face apart surfing on an island far from civilisation. We used super glue to put his face back together because it was all we had. It worked a treat and he’s fine (if somewhat scarred). I have amazing pictures… but there’s no way he’d let me share them. :-(

      1. @Kazzak, I’m sure the fumes from the glue worked as a painkiller too. Perhaps if the surgeons who operated on me had used glue I could have avoided the scars from 180 staples.

    2. Man this shit does wonders… Especially if you dont know how to stitch yourself up. I gone for a 7 hours walk in the woods the same day, climbed on stony hills and such, its like a magic trick. Well ofcourse you should put on badages after the glue tretment to keep it clean, sorry not for not recording that part :/ thought people would get bored.

      1. Thanks for this one @some1omo1. I often read that hikers put this stuff in their survival kits when they go out hiking in the back country. I’s good to see an actual report that this glue really works. Might come in handy, next time i’ll put some in my pack for sure.

        1. Would’ve made a great segment on Rescue 911 hosted by William Shatner. That could’ve given the incident some dignity. So dramatic. 馃槸

    1. ethyl cyanoacrylate is fine for small wounds. From Wikipedia:
      Ethyl cyanoacrylate is used for gluing of various materials. It finds applications also in medicine, for liquid bandages and for suture-less surgery, but it is used less often than the less toxic n-butyl and octyl cyanoacrylates. Off-the-shelf non-medical-grade glues are unsuitable for medical applications, as they may contain solvents (e.g. methyl alcohol) and produce heat during polymerization.

      Any methyl alcohol in the superglue will be such a tiny amount that is poses no harm. It will also help kill bacteria. The heat generated is too small to even notice.

      You can put a small sewing needle in the top to keep the superglue from blocking the hole. Get some at any dollar store so you will have it on hand when you need it. It works great.

    2. Fuck! Didn’t know there is a different type for medical use! Thanks for the heads up anyway… Could you be a little more spesific on how ”dangerous to get the two mixed” is?

  3. I wish I could watch the videos on this website with somebody I know personally, but everyone I know tells me to keep this shit away from them. “sigh” Oh well, more for me then.

    1. @jim, I know, the tragedies of being open minded… I, also, can’t even get anyone to look at the pictures let alone the videos, I was simply trying to get an opinion on the head and body from yesterday that appear to be a different color. Big strong military men turn heads in disgust, and change subject. Mom says toxic to my soul, lmao. So we of the BG world, sit quietly and watch our gore-gys. Some ppl just don’t want to be enlightened.

        1. Makes me think… Why don’t bestgore organise yearly meetings so that we can give each other a big hug or a stiff kick in the nuts and such? 馃榾

    2. @Jim , i hope sooner or later you’ll find one. I watched this site together with someone else only once, but it was good fun. Some call us ‘freaks’ , that makes me laugh too. ..

    1. Any time man… I’d love to see other solutions in video by the way, i dont have the habit of wandering around with a pack of glue in my pocket.

    1. Haha i just cant get enough of this ”though guy” attitude :D. Can’t imagine a person who is stupid enough to burn his wounds for sealing while there are any other solutions in reach, gun powder is the last resort when you got no other material in hand…
      I sallute you for taking referances from an action movie by the way, see you next time when you are the one bleeding 馃槈

    1. ”I’ve been doing this for years”
      Thats so selfish of you dude! If i were to watch your video doing this shit a few years before, i would be much comfortable gluing wounds with a spinning head in the heat of noon wandering; ”will i have to cut this shit open again?”

    1. Ha! Going to hospital in Turkey? Even pussies think twice… There has been incidents like people going for eye surgery and ending up with their kidneys taken 馃榾

  4. This is a good idea! Even hospitals are starting to do this. as far a toxins are concerned-there isn’t enough in the glue to cause any harm. Unless of course,…there’s that one sensitive moron who’s allergic to it, then liability issues explode and everyone is back to suffering.

  5. I stood up fast once and didn’t realize the cupboard had swung open, and bashed my head on it, full force! They stapled my head, and I think they may have used glue at some point, now that I think of it?! Wacking my head hurt like hell!! Surprisingly the staples did not! I was loopy though, so I don’t really remember every detail!. Lots of blood though!!

      1. I fell though a door once when I was a nipper, Slashed both wrists and almost died…then spent three weeks in a hospital. Who’d of knew ,if i’d only had some superglue…

    1. Couldn’t see a possible way to tape that part of my hand without messing it up, i tried taping wounds before… Not a good idea on a body part that you constantly interact your surroundings with. Even sterilised bandages need changing, and its not healthy to keep tissue wrapped in plastic for days. It would be messed up pulling duct tape over a wound before its completely healed, probably end up with tearing it open again :S

      1. I guess the duct tape would have come in handy more if say…you had lost a limb for instance. I tend to keep it on hand for enhanced sexual pleasure…ie taping the bitch’s mouth.

  6. Super glue is brilliant. I got a big gash on my cheek, I went to the doctors, he glued it up and said as Australians do “She’ll be right” and he was right!

  7. This isn’t anything new. Super glue was originally invented for soldiers on the battlefield who needed their wounds closed up quickly They did it all the time in world war 2

  8. Yup. I have done this on myself plenty of times. Its a trick my dad showed me when I was a kid. It actually works really really well, and I use this trick over band-aids every time.

    1. Well i’ve never been able to record any thing ”serious” and doubt that i could if it were to happen to me eiter (i don’t walk around with a camera all the time)… This is more like a referrance for treating minor to severe wounds that might come in handy in future rather than a show of blood and guts.

  9. In fact, many cyto-glues’ active component is cyanoacrylate, AKA superglue, the same as the one used in this video.
    Besides sealing wounds, cyanoacrylate can also be used to obliterate aterio-venous malformations (using endovascular methods).
    Nothing new, nothing peculiar.

  10. I once had a gash on my chin ( shut the fuck up you lot and let me finish 馃榾 )

    Anyways, the doc held it together and superglued it, worked like a charm.

    I did hear of some bank robbers superglueing staff hands to the wall……….. Fucks knows, maybe it was a dream……….. or my drugs.

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