Video of Episiotomy Performed on a Woman in Thailand

Video of Episiotomy Performed on a Woman in Thailand

Episiotomy is a surgical procedure performed on pregnant women. During episiotomy, the woman’s perineum is cut, loosening muscles behind the vagina. Episiotomy used to be a standard procedure, believed to ease the childbirth labor but is no longer routinely performed because its disadvantaged heavily outweigh the advantages.

The benefits of having the Episiotomy done are in fact few. Unless the unborn child is becoming increasingly distressed inside the womb and premature birth appears necessary, it’s best not to mess with the woman’s perineum. Healing after the Episiotomy is always long and complicated, often resulting in pain and incontinence. Still, Episiotomy is routinely performed in some parts of the world, including Latin America, some former Eastern Bloc countries, India, Taiwan and Thailand. The video below is from Thailand.

I don’t speak Thai gibberish, but since the video is filmed as a document with narration, my speculation is that it was filmed to promote Episiotomy, quite possibly highlighting the advantages while only mentioning the disadvantages as side notes. I may be wrong though. Either way, the video is in Thai so audio is all sorts of nonsensical, but pictures still speak a thousand words.

In all honesty, if I were a woman, after seeing this video, I would surely want to avoid Episiotomy at all cost. Having the vagina ripped apart from the inside with a pair of scissors doesn’t appeal to me much.

Speaking of Thailand – two Canadian girls, sisters from Quebec were recently found dead in a hotel room near Phuket. I’m pretty sure Thai authorities will conclude that it was either a suicide or an accident of sorts. I mean – why would someone commit suicide at home when they can fly 18 hours around the world to kill themselves in a foreign land, right?

I found my 80% perfect spot away from people. The mosquito situation there is so bad, I was forced to take a 2 day trip back into the fleshy virus world to get some repellent supplies and that tennis rocket zapper thingy. I’ve never seen this dense concentration of biting insects in my life and nobody even lives there. Who do these millions of mosquitoes feed on when I’m not there?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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479 thoughts on “Video of Episiotomy Performed on a Woman in Thailand”

      1. @CG.Legion, you would simply not believe the undignifying process of childbirth! I remember having to rush into the hospital and the only ‘mid-wife’ was a man! A bearded, pony-tailed hairy man – male mid-wife, well I wouldn’t even let him have a look until labour pains took over I had to let him ‘have a feel’ (to see how dialated I was) He was actually quite nice, hosing me down in the shower with nice warm water (I did it alone that time) BUT I don’t recall him or anyone sticking their finger up my bum!

          1. @jesus, have you been able to find the ‘1 Icepick, 1 Lunatic’ video online anywhere else? I’ve noticed most sites have removed it but I found it again yesterday!

          2. @Tiger

            yes i found it thru imageshack some dude posted the link in the ync comments awhile ago i dunno why they removed it from sites there’s worst videos out there that was nothing special imo ๐Ÿ˜•

          3. @jesus, I think there are some far worse ones too! There is supposed to be an un-edited version, (showing the actual murder, dismemberment of body AND maybe what happened the the ‘butt-meat’ – hahaha, I doubt he ate it?)

          4. @Trooper72

            why would he get into a sticky legal situation over this one video? that’s bullshit there’s a lot of gore sites out there far worst than BestGore why would the authorities have us on the radar? we didn’t do shit, Mark didn’t do shit either he just posted the video sort of like a journalist would do to expose him and capture him

          5. @Jesus: Hehehe. Agreed. I have seen worst than the “1 Icepick, 1 Lunatic video” and imo, nothing special about it. I was hoping to see blood coming out all over the body when the psycho stabbed the victim repeatedly. In fact, the corpse must have been left dead for period of time before the actually event was filmed.

          6. @Jesus.

            Mark was already been pounded with legal threats from all angles. Some archaic ‘vulgarity’ laws were incited.

            I understand what Mark did. And Heaven knows I support him doing it.

            As you should know better than most Jesus.

            Once the sheep set out to crucify a man. They will find any excuse to do it.

          7. So Jesus and CG.

            If you think what I am saying is Bullshit.

            Where the fuck have you both been when this Magnotta shit kicked off?

            Mark has said repeatedly (and still says: check the update) that he is being repeatedly threatened with legal action.

            I couldn’t give a toss about other sites. And evidently. Neither do the bastard lawmakers.

            So before you go dismissing FACT as bullshit.

            Do your research.

        1. @Tiger

          if that’s true the police must have the unedited version otherwise Mark would have posted it

          i don’t think he ate it lol it was just like a low budget snuff film the murder was real though

          1. I doubt Mark would post it.

            And nor would I want him too. You see now we have shown up on the radar of the Authorities.

            As much as it disappoints me. I don’t want Mark to get into a sticky legal situation over this one video.

            Which, to be frank. Isn’t a patch on the ‘3 men 1 hammer’ video.

          1. Why would we interested in viewing the uncut version? By definition, it contents some boring and uninteresting parts.
            If you ask me, Luka’s editing skills suck.

  1. Welcome back Mark!

    I hope your trip was invigorating and helped you clear your head from the recent madness…

    Looks painful… Thank God I would never have to go through with it.

    But then a Lady will never feel the traumatising pain of ‘sitting on ones balls’.

      1. Hey Trooper, you ever here of the man who gave birth, he is the only man in history to do so, it’s possible he could be a tranny, but I don’t know. Imagine shit’n out a 8lb turd.

        1. @phatman, I have, his name is Thomas, he had 2 kids. Of course he was born a woman, not sure if he had the op to change him into a man, but I do know he kept his womb (and all the necessary ‘plumbing’). I can remember his first kid was named Susan, he is now ‘divorced’ (from his much older wife) AND he’s not the only ‘man’ to have given birth (just the first one to go on TV and make money from it!)

          1. My first name is Thomas!

            You know my secret!

            Wellit is theoretically possible that a man can get pregnant. Although it will be ectopic. As it would have to be implanted in say… The abdominal cavity.

            The Gnones have ate a funny anecdote…


          2. @Ali…

            Cheers Sweety. I love Ali as well.


            Tom or Tommy. It’s up to you guys. Thomas is only used on Sundays (and whenever I am in the shit… So when my full name is used when it isnt the Sabbath… My blood runs cold. It usually means I am DEEP shit).

          3. Funny, I know that one, usually when I’m in deep shit I start laughing and become a real smartass, and end up in even more shit, but I can’y help it.

          4. @Trooper!, a baby cannot grow or receive nourishment outside of a uterus (womb), a Dr. cannot just plant an embryo inside an “abdominal cavity”!! A baby needs a placenta (organ formed in the womb during pregnancy to provide nutrients to the baby) Even some women have trouble getting pregnant, but a true man never will.

          5. I am not an expert in this field. But I thought the Placenta could attach itself to anything. Provided it had a feasible blood supply.

            Which is why some ectopic pregnancies have been brought to term successfully.

            I agree that a true Man will never birth a child. As it is simply to dangerous.

  2. when i was on the field in B.R. military high school i always tought about mosquitoes and why the fucking fuck, being supposedly tropical insects, are they so fucking widespread in every wooded, humid place even with temperatures barely above 0. Now, if they are even in fuckin Canada, with winter temperatures well BELOW 0 ?C, I have to give it to them, these fuckers can survive everywhere just to make your life miserable. The wilderness mosquitoes around here just LOVED to go for your ears, until they became elven-like from all the stinging

    1. Over here too Tulio.

      Although they aren’t the fat fuckers that you moustachioed men and tropical babes are accustomed too.

      Over here. They are tiny gnat like creatures. No bigger than half a fingernail.

      Nasty, itchy things.

    2. Mosquito’s don’t bite me for some reason.
      But I have noticed that roaches tend to run after me.
      Have you ever had a roach allhu akbar it self onto you while in the shower?
      Those little fucckers crash into you fearlessly.

      1. @ baked, mosquitos are often attracted to cologne/perfume/soap and shampoo. They tend to adore great smelling people(that came out sounding like you stink,that isn’t what I’m suggesting)but if you don’t use heavily scented deodorants or soaps that is probably why they aren’t as attracted to you as perhaps other people. I know when camping they say to avoid showering because of this very reason….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. @daweeka, they also seem to go for very young children, who naturally don’t ‘stink’ (well they don’t usually wear cologne/perfume). My mother-in-law always said it’s because kids have
          ‘sweet’ blood!?

          1. I guess it makes sense.

            I mean children require an awful lot more nutrients (proportionately) to adults.

            So I guess that their blood content will carry more Sugars.

            I ain’t a doctor. So I’m simply speculating.

            Where the ‘f’ is MedEx?

          2. @Trooper, @MedEX never commented after Mark asked him to be the official ‘doctor’ for the site! He asked him if he could explain things using proper medical terms etc. Sometimes MedEX is gone for long periods but not this long?

        2. I’m not MedEx by I’ll try my explanation: mosquitoes go after little kids because they have a thinner skin.
          Hmmm, I’m noticing that I have nothing to envy to MedEx!

      2. i’m absolutely terrified of most bugs (the only ones that don’t make me run are flies and ants), so i wasn’t thrilled with china’s ‘residents’. the cockroaches were massive and i had one in the shower with me once ._. i kept aiming the water at it to keep it away from me, and i think that was the shortest shower in my life. on top of that, mosquitoes loved me :/

        1. I was in my attic once ( like about 3ft of space) I was crawling up to rewire smoke alarms and I was ambushed by a gang of roaches and spiders. Thank god I was drunk, I would’ve passed out.

        2. “ambushed by a gang of spiders and roaches” hahahahaha, another Baked-adventure for the annals….are you sure you were not DRYLLED?? as far as I know, the only way to see roaches and spiders conspiring together to assault you was taking like 600mg of dryl….

          1. It wasn’t at once, First I went through a spider web that had like 40 spiders on it, Then as I go in deeper into the darkness the roaches went rampant.
            On dryl I see transparent spiders and caterpillars, But lack the fear

    3. hahahaha, no, B.R’s roaches are shy, they tend to roam about houses only at night with dim or no light. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, are fearless fuckers, specially those in the wilderness, they seem to thrive even in near freezing weather. But the strangest local insect mod I saw were southern BRAZILIAN bees: they do not sting!, but love to swarm your coke can to collect the sugar…and they looks exactly as the stinging normal bees….strange…

      1. First time I ever seen you add an exclamation mark to a comment, tulio.
        Grasslands of florida are filled with mosquitos. You can run into a cloud of these mosquitos with an electric tennis racket looking thing and go nuts.
        Conversation about mosquitos on a post about poosey slicing.

      2. Sorry to jump off topic.

        It appears I have replaced you on the ‘top contributors’ board.

        I honestly weren’t expecting it.

        Perhaps it should be a wake up call as to how much time I have been spending on this site…

          1. Cheers Tulio.

            I honestly wasn’t expecting it. I know I comment an awful lot. But only on select posts.

            On some posts I will comment 2-3 times. Sometimes not at all.

            We have been on roughly the same amount of time methinks. Maybe a couple of weeks between us.

          1. True Spidey, True.

            I spend all of my online time on this site.

            I wouldn’t dream searching other sites for this content. No other site protects your freedom to speak your mind like this site does.

  3. I think it’s funny, the tone of the narrators voice,the gay music in the background, like their tryin’ to make it sound appealing while their rippin’ that pussy up. Welcome back Mark.

      1. You two would have eating that pussy huh, Sicko’s, I could smell that stinky twat from here, yuck, and what was that shit on her butthole, it also looked like she likes it up the ass, did you guys manwhich her? he he he

          1. Ah!

            It must be where I developed my first fetish. Scat (not coprophilia).

            Plus the thrashings inflicted as punishment must have developed my other exotic ‘tastes’.

            I have a lot of issues.

            I did NOT manwich that tart upstairs!

            It ain’t my Baby you here!

  4. Mosquitoes just do what they have to to survive.
    Mosquitoes feed themselves with vegetables juices, female ones need proteins for their eggs.
    Glad to see that you’re back, now restore all that missed blood (gore)!

  5. when my son was born, my wife had to get one of these procedures done. it was pretty scary (the whole birthing sequence) as the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and heart rate was low and when it was all over she lost 900 ccs of blood right in front of me. pretty scary shit. right before it started they told me if i had to go to the bathroom now was the time cause they were about to start it. i went in and vomited. then i got my first and only nosebleed for no reason. but everything is fine now. 3 and a half years ago tho…i was more scared than i ever had been.

  6. Mark or my fellow BG members! A question. What the fuck ever happened to that one chick who we all thought was a man at first until she sent Mark some fansigns?

    I noticed I hadn’t seen her post in a while so I checked the fansigns and sure enough hers weren’t there. So what did I miss? Did she turn out to be a he? Underage? Getting harassed in real life for the pics? Classified info?

    Anybody know who I’m taking about

          1. She’s just not posting anymore, some other girls jumped on her shit, they know who they are.

            Hey Halie love, don’t stay in the closet forever ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Some folks on here burned her at the stake down near the bestgore town hall near the SOB dive bar.
      Halie, right?
      She said she still views the site, But doesn’t comment. I guess she had enough of those claims.
      If your talking about someone else, And this halie person is nothing but my schizophrenic imagination, then forgive my words.

      1. Halie posted too much at the very beginning and that provoked an imbalance (the same happened to BrokeBack). She must be alright. When she had wishes, she’ll post again.

          1. @kitty kat,yes(sigh) from memory
            i passed 1 ill-concieved comment
            to the mentioned victim of our
            collective ire,twas before the
            secret was out that she was a
            raging pubeasaurus.

          2. Boy, do rumors spread like wild fire around here… Geez! Ahh, I peek on here every so often to watch gore with my morning cheerios… BG kidds keep in touch, but I didn’t run away with one for whoever assumed that.. and I never said I was a doc, making drugs is a total different job.. I miss baked and phatman.. and I’m sorry Jesus.. I tend to stray…

          3. HH,are you back??? Dont be
            uptight,remember you turned
            up after the legendary little
            sicko,people were suspicous
            for many reasons,some of
            which came out of your own
            mouth,and you forgot about
            brokeback,he liked you and
            talked to you……..

          4. Back? I never left silly.. I just stopped commenting… Ohh, yes.. I miss him… And I’m not uptight.. I get it.. paranoia blah blah blah… (;

    2. @Fresh Bagels\

      Her fansigns are still there they just don’t appear in the main page for some unknown reason i tried to talk to her once thru this messenger thing but she hasn’t been online dunno what happened to her..

  7. uggh…so glad i never had kids! This gives me the willies! And whats with the creepy voiceover? She sounds like she is selling shampoo or some vacation resort…’and over here we have the his and her spa centre where after a hectic day on the beach, you and your loved one can relax with a sooothing massage followed by a dip in the hottub’ BAH!

    1. Then Whois that little toddler in the back of your car @Ali?

      Aha, you have been on the rob again!

      Bad kitty!

      P.S. I’ll give you the Willies (Sorry, had to get that one in there… Quite literally in fact).

          1. Lovely little dogs.

            Although I prefer Alsations myself. Like me…

            Smart (tooting my own horn here… Or isn’t that your job Ali?)

          2. toot your horn eh?? that could be taken many ways..

            yes you are very smart troop – wise beyond your years

            i love my baby…she saved me when no one else would…

          3. Dogs are Mans (and Woman’s) best friend.

            Whenever I think of ‘Agape’… I think of dogs.

            Thank you Ali.

            By the way. I guess you guys can call me Tom/ Tommy now (Thomas on Sundays).

            Or if that is too awkward. Just Troops. Aha!

          4. Toot toot,thomas,that is a
            good honest name young
            man,bye the bye,agape
            love??? imagined you to
            be a devotee of

          5. Aye, aye Odgoso!

            Cheers for the compliment buddy.

            You are right. I adhere to the school of ‘Eros’ with Humans (some Humans).

            And the school of ‘Agape’ towards Animals.

            And yourself Sir?

          6. @trooper,would like to believe
            i have the agape type of love
            for my fellow humans……but
            mostly that is lacking,is reserved
            for cats and horses,eros took
            flight with cupid long ago.

          7. animals have beautiful souls…too bad humans weren’t more like them

            @odgoso i love horses!! beautiful creatures!

            @tommy says alot about a man who loves his dog…more bonus points for you!

          8. True, true.

            All God’s creatures great and small and all that…

            I will be disappearing off BG for about 11 days starting the 30th.

            Work related.

            Cheers Ali. You guys rank so high on my ‘likey’ list. You possibly can’t get any further… Aha!

            Arse kissing over.

  8. cutting open a pussy is going against the natural designs of life.
    The vagina is meant to be ripped! just how the anus has to be gapped! And urethra’s stuffed with jell-o!
    Women should march down the streets with signs that say “don’t cut my cuntt”

  9. My knees are clamped together so tightly they could crack walnuts! I never want to see THAT again. Holy crow that’s why I don’t have children, lol.

    I’m a relatively new S.O.B. I was going to sign up for commenting a few weeks ago, but the whole Luka thing happened and I didn’t want to jump on that band wagon.

    I feel like a stalker at the moment, as I’ve been lurking for a few months. Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to be a “fly on the wall.” I do hope I don’t get swatted for that.

    I don’t remember how I stumbled onto this site, but since I have, I’ve been back daily since. I can’t watch half the things on here, yet I cannot NOT dare myself to try. I’ve also just noticed when Mark goes away I have new gore withdrawals, lol. I about jumped for joy at a new post!

    Cheers, All! And welcome back, Mark,

    An F.V. S.O.B

          1. OOOBABY, mmmmm

            I bet thats something you’ll regret, he he, very soon I’m giong to change my avartar with a real pic of me.

          2. We go way back Wifey.

            He pounded me like a salvation army drum.


            My Colorectal system has yet to recover from such an astonishing attack.

            His nickname for me is ‘rosebud’.

          3. AHA!!! I knew there was a reason for those bowed legs of yours!!!! And you telling me it was the lack of vitimins in the milk you drank as a child…pffft…

          4. Hey Ali, thats why I’m called the Phatman, you’ve been warned, next time we’ll let you play too, IF it’s OK with Tom. ๐Ÿ™‚

          5. @trooper,in respect of
            your wife dear alicatt,
            i must insist you protect
            and to further elevate,
            her place in your thinking,
            does seem to be shrinking
            even to the point of sinking,
            i will not allow this to
            continue stinking.
            between yourself and phat,
            and your desire to play scat
            i have become inconsolable,
            now we must make this
            She stands agreived of many
            petty jibes,
            mostly from uncouth tribes
            her honour i must defend,
            this undertaking i extend
            to you this outcome depends.

            What say you kind sir,
            do you now defer?

          6. Ah, Oddy, dear Oddy.

            It is true. I have been rather crude recently. Leaving my Gentlemanly charm and British Sexual repression at home.

            Instead I have been combing the seedy depths of BG with that little deviant Phatman… Neglecting Wifey.

            Not my fault! Blame Glenn!

            Sorry Ali. Kinky times are over.

          7. WHAT! It is not my fault, I’ve been told I’m a bad influence before, but, but, hey I treat my woman like the fruit they are, never to be bruised, Tom’s the one outa control, he even threatened to pull out my intestens out and strangle me to death, I’m inocent I tell you.

            BTW Tommy boy, I think odgoso is trying to steal ali from you.

          8. @[email protected]
            all is well,i am consoled,
            my outburst is past,my
            medications have begun
            to kick in,haha,no duels
            with hi-powers @trooper,
            i must remove your
            advantage,we shall use
            feathers then drink each
            others health.

          9. Hey Tom, I live in washington state, near stannwood, I used to live in anchorage alaska, I one day would like to go back to alaska, I used to commercial fish out of seward.

          10. @Oddy,

            We shall raise a glass! What beers do you have in your neck of the woods?

            I rarely drink nowadays. But I think that a special occasion such as this deserves a few tankards of NZ’s best Ale.


            Sounds idyllic. I think of giant glaciers and clear lakes with Alaska. And endless pine forests with Washington…

            I get where you are coming when you say you wish to return to the land of your Birth.

            Even though I spend an awful lot of time in the Isle of Man. I don’t live there permanently.

            When I am older. That is my objective.

            It seems I am a bit of a nutter about the I.O.M. But to get where I am coming from, I recommend people check the Island out on the net. Then you will see.

          11. @trooper,guiness,speights(barf)
            Dominion Breweries export gold,
            Steinlager,tui,Lion(training beer,
            tastes like maiden’s water).
            Monteiths and many more,
            plus a host of gay yuppy numbers.
            You must bring phatman.
            @ali,of course you must join us.

          12. holy cow it took me like 30min to find a reply button…

            and all i wanted to say was…

            i am a beer girl…not fond of the wine…so maybe i could fit right in??

            this comment doesnt seem worth the time it took me…lol

  10. Oh God! Barbaric savages.

    Hmm… This reminds me of a story about a Woman in Sweden was vicously Gang Raped by a pack of Congoloids, than after they raped her They Snipped the Flesh between her Anus and Vagina.
    This Practice is often done on Congo to women after rape as punishment.

    The Africanus Niggeris will behavior in his Accustomed way. I would first String up the People who brought them to Places like Sweden.

    1. That is disgusting.

      I’m thinking that the snipped perineum will be the least of her worries.

      The worry of HIV/AIDS from those dirty bastards will be my first and foremost concern.

      I would send the vast majority of them back home. The only exceptions will be Doctors and Soldiers. The productive minority.

      As for the people that brought them here.

      May God have mercy on them.

      I will string them up on Lamp posts along the London Mall. Starting with every Prime Minister, Member of Parliament and Aristocrat that this nation has had in the past 50 years.

      1. ” will string them up on Lamp posts along the London Mall. Starting with every Prime Minister, Member of Parliament and Aristocrat that this nation has had in the past 50 years”

        Right on, that means Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, every member of the Parliment that has betrayed his people, and if only the Brits could still hang the warmongering decrepit Churchill.

        1. Those bastards will be Hung, Drawn and Quartered. Their families will also be put in front of a firing squad as well.

          I might spare John Major. He was honest (as far as politicians go). And I find him quite inspirational.

          Asides from giving all his office’s power to Brussels. His record wasn’t half bad.

          As for Thatcher. I can’t hang an old lady. especially an ill one.

          Even though she might have destroyed our Northern communities and decimated our heavy industry. I admire her spunk.

          Churchill had his priorities all fucked up.

          My focus would have been on that bastard H.H. Asquith. He was the one who brought us into WWI. And started the ball rolling on many destructive policies. Including loss of the Empire, rise of Communism and Prussian destruction.

          Hawk. Have you read Hitler’s ‘Zweites Buch’?

          1. No but I heard of it.

            I hear it was publish after Adolf Hitlers Death because it revealed his Plan to crsuh the Commies in the East and Secure a Free Europe.

            I did, of course, read Mein Kampf.
            Of all the political and biological and sociological and history books I’ve read. Mein Kampf and was the most incredible in all these areas, changed the way I viewed the world, cleanse my Soul of the Jewish filth I’ve exposed to all my Life.

          2. No but I heard of it.

            I hear it was publish after Adolf Hitler’s Death because it revealed his Plan to crush the JewCommies in the East and Secure a Free Europe.

            I did, of course, read Mein Kampf.
            Of all the political and biological and sociological and history books I’ve read. Mein Kampf and was the most incredible in all these areas, changed the way I viewed the world, cleanse my Soul of the Jewish filth I’ve exposed to all my Life.

        2. Churchill was in love with Mussolini, reading the correspondence between those two fuckers is hilarious….Around 1927, the fat reactionary fucker wanted to “import” a conservative version of the blackshirt movement to teach a lesson to these coal miners on strike, and Benito wrote him something like “hey, wait a sec, pal, we’re a workers party here, not a bunch of mercenaries working to tame the working class into slaves of your fucking inbred putrid english aristocracy and decrepit burgeoise”

          1. Yeah.

            Jewish controlled Schools and University will never ever be able to explain away the fact that Hitler offer Peace and weapon disarmerment multiple times to the British.

            And what the that Fat fuck Churchill say? “WE will fight them on the Shore we will fight them inthe Hills”

            Great you fat fuck you screwed all of White Mankind over.

            What the difference between hitler and the rest of the world leaders like Churchill and Rosenfelt, was he was a man of common origin and rose to lead his country.

            Rosenfelt and Churchill were beaucracys born to rich families.
            They both ate from the Public trough one in one office or another deceiving and lying and getting public votes so they can continue to eat….

            When one compares Hitler to the other people of his Time. Hitler was a Giant among Pygmies.

          2. Exactly fellas.

            What the history books conveniently leave out. Is the fact that the school of Fascism/ Falangism is a Workers movement that advocates CO-OPERATION between the classes.

            Not class warfare, or class destruction like Communism or Thatcherism/ Reaganism.

            They also conveniently leave out the fact that Hitler managed to pull the German economy out of the gutter in 2 years. And turned it into a dynamic superpower.

            Did you know that during WWII. Germany didn’t enter into full War production until 1942!

            And under the spectre of Allied strategic bombing. Albert Speer increased German weapons production EVERY YEAR of the War (except 1945).

            If I could turn the clock back. I would prevent the British Empire from joining either of the wars.

            I can’t advocate the extermination of the Slavs or the Jews. And I wouldn’t have had any part in doing it.

            Hitler’s ‘Zweites Buch’ basically tells the story of The expanded German Reich, allying itself with the British Empire to conquer the United States…

            My kind of man!


          3. hahahaha, you’re nuts, guys…..anyway, i couldnt get past page 50 of Mein Kampf…boring, better stick to “The Cardinal’s Mistress”, the historical romantic novel wrote by Il Duce in his twenties….. ๐Ÿ˜€

          4. It sounds pretty decent Tulio.

            I shall give it a look in.

            Ah. I need sleep. I am too busy on this site. Tallying up the cost of my motor and all the shit I have to do with it. And listening to the Smiths.

  11. A word of advice guys…..leave the subject of childbirth & the pros & cons of episiotomies to the female members of the community that are best “equipped” to talk about it via the voice of experience….

    1. Like they could make an educated statement about the procedure ?! YOU should leave it to professionals who devote their life to medicine. Not just some feministic bitches who think they are the most important in the world.

      1. @ Grimey As a “professional” myself….am going to strongly suggest that you devote a bit of time to improving your “bedside manner” & perhaps take some inspiration from this quote:
        “Education is the ability to listen to anything without losing your temper” – Robert Frost

  12. That is some effed up shit right there…
    Ain’t no one, and I mean No One is coming near my glory hole with a pair of scissors.
    And the photos at the end of the ever so erotic orchid – Puleeze.

  13. I can’t watch this one, BUT I do know they perform this in Australia too! When I had my first child, I, ahem, ‘tore’ and a friend of mine said “you should have been given an episiotomy” Yeah, right it all happened so quick I didn’t even have a doctor there! I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve scissors though, just a quick cut with a scalpel? Its because its much easier to stitch a doctors neat(?) cutting than the jagged tearing of a nice, tight vagina. Still I had 2 more natural births, both with mild tearing (no stitches) but that first tear was the deepest, baby I know….

    1. @tiger
      Something I had never heard of before…
      A gal pal of mine broke her tail bone while giving birth to her second child.
      I was like – you broke your bum?!
      She says it is actually quite common – Yikes!

      Rod Stewart fan hey, yeah, me too.

      1. @Fiend, I’ve heard it happens to western women cos we give birth on our backs! (we are laying on the coccyx-tailbone) At least try to lay on your sides ladies, (if you don’t want to squat, like many ‘native’ ladies-who DON’T break their tailbones during childbirth!)
        Yes I love me some Rod Stewart, the early stuff of course, I have a Greatest Hits

        1. ive heard of people breaking their pelvic bone but never their tail bone……but heres something a nurse told me when i was in hospital having my son…………….they measure your pelvis by the size of your foot….so they can telll if you can actually have a normal delivery……i have very small feet so i would have never have been able to push my baby through….hence having to have 2 c sections

          1. I love Ladies with very small feet. Like little dolly feet.

            I have size 12 (UK size) feet.

            What size is ideal for giving birth naturally?

          2. Wow. Small feet.

            I know our methods of measuring shoe size are exact. Thought I would post it for the benefit of our European, Commonwealth and Yank friends.

            I once knew a Woman with size 11s…

            Phwoah! Wouldn’t get into a fight with her!

          3. Can you imagine having size 11 feet?!

            It will be comedy gold!

            To bring up the sport again Razor. Sorry about Ireland.

            If their are any Croats on the boards… My sympathies. Pity they didn’t knock the shite out of the Spaniards.

      1. @Whitechapel, natural tearing (usually the first born) can be severe, jagged tearing (difficult to stitch?) imagine having stitches ‘down there’ totally frightening for a young woman (or any woman) and don’t get me started on the fear of having to go to the toilet (I DON’T mean number ones either!) feels like you could pop a stitch! All heals well I would like to report though, heck some women go on to have 10 kids!
        I also can’t watch any ‘cutting’ videos, I can only just watch stabbing videos, (I can’t seem to turn away from a stabbing/murder but operations I can leave)

        1. @tiger
          your account of having to go to the washroom after childbirth with the tearing and all gives me the shivers!!

          It reminded me of when i had my gall bladder removed as well as some gall stones from the intestines….that first number two i thought i was dying!!!! Talk about pooping a switchblade! I’m sure its just as bad with the torn bits – just further down.

          *shiver* you have my deepest sympathies!!! lol

      2. @whitechapel….its not to benefit either the doctor or the mother…….the longer the baby is stuck in the birthing canal the more likely they are to go into distress or they can stop breathing causing brain damage or many other severe health issues to the baby

        1. @Razor, none of mine were stuck in any way, I swear one push and out they came! Not ONE waited til a doctor was there, all 3 were delivered by a mid-wife with the doctor running in 5-10 minutes later! With the last one I had an epideral booked, but nope, again it all happened so quick I didn’t get one! Again!

          1. @tiger… first was an emergency section…….i was too small to deliver naturally and all the pushing he just gave up and stopped breathing….luckily everything was ok……my second was an elective section….but the nurse said the same thing would have happened anyway

          1. “Whats your sign”, thats such a chick thing to say, ha ha ha, you should read my post on pussy smell, thats really all you need to know. Btw, I’m a cancer ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. I’m not fat if thats what your thinking, I do workout a bit, but I’m starting to get a beer belly ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m 6’3 and about 185lbs, why do you want to know, are you bi, he he he

          3. @buju
            yes A+ for confidence…

            you are right – i dont really have a preference height wise considering im only 5’2″ practically everyone is taller than me…

            ..well except for….sorry!! i had to…you are so tiny! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Let’s see, make an incision in the abdomen or mutilate the genitals…..nope, I still can’t wrap my head around a person who would consent to this procedure. This video might put off people from ever reproducing again.

    1. i’m used to eat and watch anything from the internet without throwing up most of the time i eat while watching Brazil MFX, Femanic, Joyangeles, Lezpoo, CGP series.

      I love lasagna glad you brought it up ๐Ÿ˜€

          1. Ali!

            We have an open relationship!

            Don’t you remember me telling you inbetween the repeated punches to the face?

            But who was punching?

            THAT is the question.

          2. @troops

            you are such a drama queen!!!!

            stop your whinging and put your frilly panties on….its time for nite nites!


          3. I have put the frilly panties, dress, ball gag and stockings on myself mistress…

            You are going to have to help me get into the restraints and harnesses.

            After that. Bum chaps are down! So take me to penetration station!

          4. hahahaha
            penetration station…

            oh dear…this trying to behave myself is not working!! BAH!

            i must think about other things…butterflies…soo many colourful butterflies….flying, flying…landing on a window ledge…happening to catch a glimpse of the activities ocurring on the other side of the glass….AAACCKK!! ok butterflies are out..

        1. Poop makes me laugh, from a distance. Like the guy in the stall next to me that just destoyed the toilet with no regard for personal safety. But when it comes to making sweet lovin’ to a ladies’ door #2 I can’t do it. Fudgebergs sink my battledick. I leave it up to the professionals. Or the “poofessionals”, rather.

          1. fucking a chick in the butt doesn’t mean she’d poop but if you ever try that just wear a condom and you won’t get any stains best part is when the chick hasn’t done it before you’ll feel in the paradise ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. I might occupy some lucky floozy’s sewage one day but I would have to stuff my nostrils with rose petals and ionizers. And a condom or 3 is a must. Those poop worms are no joke

        1. Lmao @Innie/outie

          Okay I’m with you, kind of….. Smelly is smelly and no thx… I’m down with hairy to a point. If you want some head tho you best be trimming and shaving that shit lol.. Curtains ain’t all bad either!

        2. hahahahaha roast beef curtains
          You seem like quite the vagina enthusiast, jesus.
          I have to disagree with you on the smelly ones, If I’m going to be thrusting my well groomed, clean member into a dirty V, It’ll be like parking an austin martin into a shady run down garage. It has to be fair game.

          1. hahahaha!!

            an austin martin!!!

            hmmm thats a pretty classy comparison…those astons are top line

            i must admit im more of a shelby person…that or a porsche

          2. Pussy smell is about compatibility, the better it smells the better your genetically compatible, the worse it smells to you the less compatible you are. Once me and a friend tagteamed his girlfriend, he loved the smell of her pussy, I WOULD NOT even get my nose near that stinker, it’s all about genetics and compatibility.

          3. @troops i actually found you on utube…thanks to the mouse videos of his hip….i wasnt certain but i sussed it out who you were

            now who is the creepy, hiding behind the front bushes person????
            oooh yeeeah…who’s your mama?!? lol

          4. Ooooh, you naughty Kitty!

            Nothing incriminating on the web I can assure you Ali!

            Asides from this website. I haven’t gotten too much involved in the rest of the nets.

  15. I had one of them,three days in labour and my puss just was’nt streching for a 9Ib baby. They cut me front and back and pulled him out with giant forcepts. Luckily I had a really good surgeon, he spent an hour between my legs all the while I was telling him to do a really good job and make sure I was tight after. Luckily the puss has a really good blood flow so it’s almost impossible to tell the trauma my poor vag went through. I coudn’t sit down for six weeks though, but funny how you forget.

        1. Lol it’s true… Women are very concerned with how their koochie is perceived in my experience. Mainly I heard that from an ex girl, when I was 22 she was a 28 milf…. I was down

          1. I had a GF one time who would only let me use two fingers max… To preserve her ‘tightness’ (she was tight (and I only use two fingers in my routine anyway)).

          2. lmao @trooper72

            generally, if I start using fingers on my girl, especially if I’m going down, it wont be long till she pulls me up and wants, ahem, something thicker

          3. well i suppose i have been blessed when it comes to this…

            although i dont see it that way..

            its been nothing but a big pain (literally) in the patooey!

          4. wait! how did i get here?!?! i think i actually blacked out!!!

            Wow…i seem to not recall a single thing that i possibly could have said!!

            – what a craaaazy fluke!!

          5. Hey buju, how can you tell me not to get cocky when everything you puke out smells of cock and seamen, and I was being funny, which you also try, so that makes you a hypocrite.

            I ask you this, next time you decide to be a asshole with a dick in it, remember that I really hate most people and have sevear anger issue’s, once you go down that road with me theres no going back, I’d rather us keep some respect, little jabs are cool. perhaps I’m just in a bad mood, but I stand by what I say.

          6. I believe being less dry will help my actual intent come across. I should not expect you to detect such things across the internet. Again, sorry if intent is not delivered.

          7. Hey Buju, it’s my bad, usually I would’ve just been a smart ass, I love to fuck with people, But this morning I woke up being a pissy little bitch, I’m sure you can understand that, sorry man, It’s cool to fuck with me, as I will you. I hate mornings.

  16. Amazing.

    It’s been 3 days since the last story.

    Have a look at how many comments there are now on the previous say…………. 5 stories and how the members follow up on their posts.

    Slowing down has to be a good thing surely ????

    I’m just chinwagg’n so c’mon…………. thoughts folks.

    1. I was thinking the same
      2 post a day = 100+ comments each
      5 post a day = 40+ comments each
      Though comments doesn’t really mean anything to the view count, I guess the latest post gets the most attention social-wise.

  17. Haha, poor woman. I went elective c~sections all the way, and this was the primary reason why. My sister had one with her first, the other two she tore along the scar line, and had to sit on a donut shaped pillow for a month after giving birth. No not for me, I’d pick a c section with an epidural anyday over this….

    1. I would have been too frightened to have my baby CUT OUT OF ME! Meh! couple of stitches and everything goes back to normal, I went home the next day with my last one, I had 2 other kids to look after!

          1. @spiderman

            im with you on all of that stuff – i cant watch beheadings or this childbirth stuff, and i wont watch anything with animals….

          1. I am sorry to hear about your losses.

            All I can say is; that they are in a better place.

            Don’t be sorry about a comment you regret.

            I reckon about 15-20% of the comments I post I regret afterwards.

      1. @trooper72, actually the second one would have gone the way the first, had it not been for c section, so would third, so ive actually two out of three, which is great. Thank you for your kind words, I guess some women are more designed to pass kids than others. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Welcome back Mark, even if it’s just for a few days.

    Nice to hear that you found a possible spot that you have been looking for even though is full of mosquitoes.

    Mosquitoes suck royally!! It’s unfortunate that DDT was band years ago. We were so close to wiping out those little buggers(with DDT) and then we found out that DDT was harmful to bird eggs (Bald Eagles) so it was band.

      1. I can’t help but agree with you two fellas.

        The whole DDT business was claimed as the first big ‘win’ for the Green movement.

        Those bastards will have us toiling in the fields under the Hammer and Sickle given half the fucking chance.

        I am sorry to announce that under the new French Government. 1/3 of France’s Nuclear Power stations are to be closed over the next 15 years.

        Resulting in a loss of 25% of France’s Energy production capacity.

        It seems the entire Western world is falling victim to this brand of neo-Communism.

        I say neo-Communism as it strikes me as being a bit peculiar that the same people who were in the CND and Communist parties in the 70s and 80s are now ‘Green’.

        It stinks of a fucking conspiracy.

        1. The Earth has a LIMITED supply of resources, the world should be green, we’re already in deep shit with the ice caps melting, how much more evidents do people need to figure that out, our ignorance is going to kill millions this century.

          1. No matter what we do.

            We are going to kill millions with our ignorance and stupidity.

            It’s what makes us Human… Or F.V…

            What we have to do is at least make ourselves as comfortable as possible.

            And wait for the next plague/ extinction event. So we can finally thin out the population and do whatever the Hell we want without damaging the Planet even further.

          2. @phatman,the icecaps in
            parts are receding,and
            other areas are gaining,
            especially antarctica,the
            media feeds us the horrors
            of melting ice,but only show
            the western coast,the eastern
            coast is gaining ice faster
            than the west is losing it.
            It is happening because
            the magnetic poles are
            changing,a fact they leave
            out in their propaganda.

          3. The problem, is that nobody believes it, but the will soon enough, even you.
            You cannot change the FACT that sea level is rising, its actually rising faster then it ever has. Even the permafrost isn’t doing to well,
            and as for the magnetic poles, they may help the melt, but the human footprint I believe has put us beyond the tipping point, the media and gov want us to think its natural we people don’t panic.

          4. @phatman,i hear you,you are
            right the sea levels are variable,
            it would be puerile of me to
            claim our presence has no effect
            on the enviroment,around here
            all we hear is green this,green
            that,hug the trees etc etc.The
            govt controlled media bleat non
            stop about carbon footprint,save
            the enviroment,to take the masses
            attention away from facts,do you
            believe atmospheric carbon is our
            downfall??? Look up thermostatic
            properties of carbon and nitric oxcide
            in the atmosphere.The oceans have
            always varied,hundreds of settlements
            over the millenia have drowned,it
            is a natural cycle,there is a naturally
            occuring set of circumstances that
            are gathering together currently.

        2. This is similar to an event that’s occurring in idaho, This major corporation, simplot, which controls a large amount of the phosphate mining in the region has released amount of a deadly chemical into the waters, Deforming the life in the water. This simplot folks have connections with the EPA (environment protection agency) And their actions are going unpunished.
          nature is being raped

        3. @ Trooper

          Are you ok because you have not shut up since the compliments.

          Be carefull because too many compliments can impede future judgements………. hahahahaha

          Bong anyone ?

          1. I can’t keep my trap shut off line..

            I guess i am a loudmouth here too…

            *Sad face*

            Ah, no thanks Spidey. I don’t touch the stuff.

          2. @tommy

            You’re not a loudmouth…you are interesting and I think we all enjoy hearing you speak least i do and im pretty sure the others do as well.

          3. Cheers Ali darling.

            I try to refrain from single word comments.

            Admittedly I have posted a couple though. Say, in reply to a funny joke I post ‘Aha!’.

            Plus I try to be honest as well. Honesty isn’t appreciated with the masses. You have to put a ‘sheep- shaped mask’ on and toe the party line. Or you risk getting ostracised.

            It is great to unload. This place is where I unload.

      2. I thought DDT was a terrible poison sprayed on crops, it didn’t just make eggs fragile (it gets into the entire food chain, birds eat the poisoned bugs, then birds of prey eat the birds), it is SO toxic they say it is still in the ground we grow our crops in, what, 40 years after it was banned? We ALL have traces of DDT in our bodies because it is still in the soil! I would think it to be a carcinogen(cancer causing) It was banned because it is just too dangerous to continue using!

        1. Scare tactics Tiggy.

          DDT. MIGHT be a carcinogen. No study has ever shown a definitive link to it.

          To put it bluntly. It’s benefits heavily outweigh the alleged risks.

          Before DDT was banned. There were less than a dozen cases of Malaria in Sri Lanka annually.

          After DDT was banned. There are more than 400,000 cases reported in Sri Lanka per annum. Resulting in about 1,200 deaths.

          I have never had Malaria (thank God). But it strikes me as a particularly nasty affliction.

          If combating it means their might be a slightly increased risk of Cancer… So be it.

          Anyway. What DOESN’T cause Cancer nowadays?

          1. Monsano owns 80% of all vegetable seeds in the US, almost all have been genetically altered, thats a big problem for making organic foods.

          2. @Tulio…

            Aha! I would love to check that film out… With our man ROSENFELT in it.


            I agree with you. We must strike a balance between the comfort of our fellow countrymen and the survival of our beautiful countrysides.

            I am saying though. DDT was used for 30 years in the United States and other developed nations without severely damaging their ecosystems.

            Their is an argument That it was responsible for nearly driving the Bald Headed Eagle to extinction.

            I’m calling that bollocks. The reasons for it’s near extinction was due to the lack of ecological protection programs and rapid industrialisation destroying habitats.


            I have no problem with GM food. As long as it makes it cheaper for me and my family to eat. I am not complaining.

          3. Agree with you there @Trooper.

            @tiger, look up DDT on Wikipedia it’s some very interesting read.

            Much of what you and Trooper have been saying is in there.

            @Tulio, I thought Teddy got malaria in Panama?

          4. @boatman, i read somewhere that he got the malaria while commanding a volunteer regiment in cuba during the spanish-american war. According to what I read, quite a lot us soldiers involved in the action in cuba got back with malaria

        1. Gotcha.

          A few weeks ago I commented that ‘ he ‘ was mentioned in a conversation, did you see it ?

          Wellllllll………… fuck me, a couple of weeks later an honour list was confirmed.

          The point is…………. Regardless of status, I beleive the criticism was due to a momentary lapse for the situation.

  19. Some dickheads would realize a “pussy” is not only a “fucking tool” ….giving birth is something sacred, as I always claim women are braver and more resistant than men, most of the men would cry loud if they had to give birth ๐Ÿ™‚ respects to all mothers.

    1. Lame…

      I saw an episiotomy performed on my wife… seriously changed my life. She didn’t want one, but it was unavoidable. Anyway, life goes on. Sometimes bitches get cut. Ha ha!

      Next time don’t try to put people in their place who don’t give a good flyin’ fuck how you feel.

      1. Calm down alfa boy ๐Ÿ™‚ you are one of the dickheads I was referring to.
        Ps: Dont call you wife “bitch”, thats not nice, though she most probably does not care about a dickhead calling her bitch, thats still not nice ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Rooster joe, quit being a pussy, if our rolls were reversed people would say the same shit, your just a sheep raised by a women to be a pussy wipped bitch, man up and remember your on BG.

          No offence to mothers, I was raised by one.

          1. This is bestgore thus you have to play the “tough guy” fuckn splatter ๐Ÿ™‚ still its not nice to call your wife bitch ๐Ÿ™‚ keep them coming dude lets play web wars.

          2. We have phatman on the board, now you have a “pack” with dementedfuckngay, which one of you is the alfa boy ? LOL, you are on bestgore, lets proove you are the most merciless man on the lanet ๐Ÿ™‚

          3. WTF Rooster, now I’m start’n to like you, ha ha, my grandmother bought 20 chickens this year, one truned out to be a rooster, I now name him Rooster joe, can’t wait to cut off his head and eat him.

          4. BTW Rooster, I never called my wife a bitch, I not married and wouldn’t even call a woman a bitch, unless she really desirved it, I respect my woman.

        2. Rooster, It’s good to have respect for women, But submission to one is another thing.
          That’s how they get tempted to fuck a nignog while your at work.
          They love the forbidden fruit, Just how men love to enter the “back entrance”

          1. Baked, we have to think about the facts that made the lady fuck a nignog, its a man’s fault again LOL just joking LOL but there is one fact I know many women who has harder balls than guys like “dementedbaby” it sounds funny when such funboys acts the “tough guy” on web boards. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Calm down alfa boy ๐Ÿ™‚ you are one of the dickheads I was referring to.
        Ps: Dont call your wife “bitch”, thats not nice, though she most probably does not care about a dickhead calling her bitch, thats still not nice ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. I didn’t mean my wife, I meant your momma, who raised her son to be a pussy whipped cum burpin’ twat.

          Feel free to say whatever you want, but please don’t try to force your weak-ass pc way of thinking on others here. This is Best Gore – not an REM fansite…

          1. @CockboyJoe… all I’m going to say is that no one comes here to hold hands or each other’s knob as you seem to want to do with your politically correct nonsense. You think women are tougher than men? That’s fine. I’m sure Oprah Winfrey owns a website that would love to hear it. Otherwise keep it to yourself. I find the sexist guys here are funnier than ahit because you don’t have to watch what you say here. We certainly don’t need you here for that either. Smiley face

          2. Wow dementedfuck does not need me here ๐Ÿ™‚ who are you ? just a useless bitch LOL its getting better now, keep posting your valuable comments I need them.

    2. @CockboyJoe, As scintillating as this argument has become, with your inability to produce much more than “useless bitch” as a comeback, I must digress. Though, I am intrigued… are you 18? Because you act as though your testicles have yet to descend. Have you been in some terrible accident which has left you a tongue-tied eunuch without the ability to express much more than childish banter? Web wars, indeed… I’m also sensing some sort of daddy abandonment issues from your prior posts. As to why you seem to hate your sex, I can’t say; but I hope, for your father’s sake you overcome this. He must be so proud…

      1. Dementeddick I am old enough to know “web heroes” like you, you think that the piece of meat between your legs makes you a man but no …this does not make you more than the ones you call bitch. You will learn to be polite and quit your agressive manner, I am a dog trainer and we will overcome this problem together whilst you teach me how to write sophisticated messages, good deal right ?

        1. @RoosterJoe, I believe (from your pics) you might be a ‘pit-bull’ trainer? or they are your favourite dogs? I would like to ask you about my kids dads pure pit-bull (Old Family Red-nose) Its agressive, it bit a stranger down town (it was securely tied on the back of a utilty, man parked in next park bay, dog lunged and bit his shoulder – $2000 court fine!) WORSE it bit ME, it was going for our son, (we simply went into OUR backyard, they were visiting -dad and his dog) there was NO interaction, our boy walked outside to leave for school, dog ran up from down the back, growling, leaped through the air (to get head, throat?) I quickly put my hand out and said “NO” so it got my hand, luckily it slunk off, this was in OUR back yard where he’s visited prob 200 times! The problem is the damage a quick bite can do, I had to go to hospital, (top teeth punctured palm,blood blister massive from bite pressure, tetanus shot etc) my kids are aware of his breed (they are proud their dad has the biggest, scariest dog anyone has EVER seen,they have been raised to never hurt animals anyway) so please do not suggest they have ‘done something’ cos they have NEVER been in this giant brutes presence without an adult, they like him and he likes the two little ones (who knows now, but I have personally seen them pet him) I believe he thought my son (15, taller than me) was a strange man? How fricken dumb can a dog be? He has known this boy for 6 years (his smell must be all over the backyard) I cry inside when our 7, and 11 yr olds go stay at their dads knowing the dog can ‘turn’ so quickly, and the damage from his punishing jaws (I know!) He must keep them separate, right? The 15 yr old refuses to go to his fathers place now, who would blame him?

          1. @whitechapel, the dog (breed) is supposed to be muzzled in public, sterilized etc. The owner (kids dad) lied and said its a labrador x boxer! (on its licence papers). Just a quick snap did incredible damage to my hand, I was lucky he let go (imagine if he’d ‘shook’ his head).

          2. Damn.

            Sorry to hear about your misfortune Tiggy.

            The truth is. Dogs are incredibly simple emotionally. So they often have two extremes of behaviours whilst dealing with people.

            The sudden change in temperament is not an uncommon occurence in Dogs.

            Especially in Pit-Bull, Bull terrier breeds.

            Such changes can be due to an imbalance of hormones (in either the dog or the Person). An illness (has the dog been checked for arthritis and hip dysphasia?) or a change in diet even (red meat has an unusual effect on dogs raised on processed foods.). Is the dog getting enough exercise?

            Unfortunately Tiggy. These things are very common. and more often than not. Occur spontaneously and often, without reason.

            My recommendation would be to neuter the Dog. Or to become dominant over the Dog.

            I don’t want to lecture. As I don’t know the whole situation. But with the info given. These are my suggestions.

          3. wow – its so hard to say with dogs – alot of it can be a dodgey blip in the genetics too. Its just with bull terriers they have that amazing jaw that clamps tight and doesnt let go.

            My sis-in-law is a professional dog trainer, show judge…and she generally deals with labs but has started to get into shephards. She is really anal about their history before she gets a pup. Well one german shephard she had for years was a little bit skiddish (personally gave me the creeps and im not usually like that with dogs) but with strict training he was manageable. Well she was showing him at a dog show and he went through his routine perfecxtly. Once he finished, he broke free and attacked another dog sitting at the sidelines and killed it – needless to say he had to be destroyed. She did everything right with this guy..but something was off in his genetics…

            But often times it is the owners doing by the way the animal is treated, but i guess what im saying is you can do everything right and you still run that risk of the animal suddenly snapping

          4. @Trooper,
            I was just so disappointed the dog attacked my boy, I KNOW we got off lightly (these dogs can kill a human-though I would have fought it off with an axe if I had to) The owner (Sam-kids dad) wasn’t there to help, but the dog knows us VERY well, he is dominant over the dog, definitely, uses his voice, but these dogs are stubborn and I can see the dog only reluctantly sits or stays or whatever. The dog is a ‘runner’, that is he gets a lot of exercise running behind a car on a deserted beach or bush track – he’s fit! The dog definitely needs neutering, though it’s probably too late to alter it’s personality, plus the dog is an extension of the guys ego – he’d NEVER have his dogs nuts cut off! My bets are on the dog biting someone else!

          5. @ Tiger You have a man biter there, please keep your kids away from the dog, considering its an adult dog I dont beleive in correcting the dog please dont beleive Cesar Millan tricks. OFRN dogs mostly comes from Hemphill Wilder line, this family was not used for “fights” thus you can come across many man biters among the bloodline. Have your husband keep the dog in a cage, chain setups are easily broken by pitbulls, if he/she breaks free he will go for completing the mission. The dog regards your kids as rivals which try to share/steal his master’s love and interest thus he/she will try to get rid off opponents.

          6. @roosterjoe, thankyou for your answer! I have a few pit-bull books, I have come to the conclusion that there are so many pit-bull ‘biters’ these days as they are NOT used in dog fights so much (the ‘dog-men’ would cull the dogs that show human aggression as you have to get into the ‘pit’ with your dog to separate them with each ‘scratch’ – I’m sure you know what I mean by that!) The aggressive dogs have been allowed to breed indiscriminately?
            Of course the dog has a chain ‘set-up’ I’m sure all responsible pit-bull owners realize they get themselves and therefor YOU into trouble if allowed to wander. The dog is super fit though, he has a good exercise routine. (My other comment about this has not gone ‘through’). I feel the Dad does try to keep them separate, but I don’t think he takes it as seriously as me!

          7. You are certainly stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place Tiggy.

            Coming from an animal ‘lover’. But also as a family ‘lover’ (often the two are intertwined). This is pretty black and white for me (I acknowledge that for an outsider looking in it is easy for me to say this. But hard for you).

            As it isn’t my dog. And if it posed an unacceptable risk to my family.

            I would probably shoot the dog if the owner did fuck all about it.

            My black and white mentality there Tiggy.

          8. I’ve just been reading up on the dogs bloodlines, how did this dog end up in Australia? Anyway its hard to even ‘show’ Hemphill Wilder OFRN pits, they won’t let the judges near them! THAT sounds like Mack who is very unsocial despite being socialized with humans at an early age. He likes other dogs though ( unusual in pit-bulls?) This bloodline is NOT for beginners and Sam(kids dad) has only had one pit-bull before (a super friendly one, strangers could pat him all they liked, but that one loved a good dog fight!) The breeders should make sure they don’t sell these dogs to amateurs. Some dogs are just naturally mean, its serious when its a pit-bull rather than a dashund, cos of the biting power, Mack has a head like a basketball! I think Sam should watch his own back, Mack is a ticking time-bomb, though he seems to love Sam and Sam loves him.

  20. I couldn’t watch this one, I’m still clamping my knees together at the thought – there’s not enough alcohol in the world would make me agree to having that done!
    I’m a newbie to BG and I’m having my eyes well and truly opened here. I was a psychiatric nurse for 20 years, and I saw some seriously fucked up people, but BG takes the cake, the biscuit and the prize for bringing reality home. It’s a great site, thank you Mark.

      1. i think roosterjoe is awesome! women aren’t respected enough most not at, sure respect a woman because because she gives good blows but treat her like shit after she hasyou’re child? some men are more then messed up.

  21. Saw my wife (at the time) get one of these in 1985. Supposedly easier on the healing because of a “clean cut” vs a “tear.” Don’t know if that’s true… docs used to remove an appendix or tonsils as a favor to the patient, not done so frivolously now. I think circumcisions are also on the decline in the U.S. where I live, maybe we’re entering a more enlightened age? I dunno???

  22. Good to see you back, Mark, and thanks for the amount of new stuff you posted last week.
    I hope the weather was OK during your hiking trip . What i like about these trips is the close encounters with wildlife , and the strange feeling that if something happens, no one will be there to help you. The mosquitos must be a pain. I once went camping out in Scotland for weeks and there were no mosquitos, but the midges swarmed in clouds and ate you alive, the only thing which helped a bit was, wearing an anti-midge hat all day; but then you couldn’t smoke a cigarette or have a good spit. Anyway, you found yourself a safe spot, that is good.

  23. So now they use Deet, as opposed to DDT, isn’t it bad for one all the same? I am certain the last bottle I bought a couple of weeks ago said caution, contains deet, apply sparingly. Hmmm, now I’m thinking…….I better check that can, again……thanks all for stirring my often listless mass of grey matter. Appreciated.

  24. Quite a large discussion we have on here today.

    Nude pic of the day, Anyone?
    She’s actually attractive, Face-wise too.
    I’m not digging the pube line though.

    Since we’re talking about preggo women, Anyone into preggoporn?
    Such a slutty, careless act….
    A baby is in there, have some respect! gosh.

        1. @baked, I was a seriously hot preggo woman (you couldn’t tell I was even pregnant from behind, anyway) I remember I went out when I was 6 months gone and 2 guys tried so hard to get me to go have a threesome, at 6 months the ‘bump’ is still quite small and firm, so they were quite eager. The biggest problem was i knew these guys, they are friends of the ‘baby-daddy’ who was away working! Plus- a threesome? excuse me but I would need a couple of drinks to even contemplate that, and I was pregnant so it didn’t happen!

          1. around here there was an old terror story of truck drivers climbing the fence to the Bs As Women Sanitarium, in the seedy constitucion neighbhoor and fucking the madwomen before goin’ on long trips…

          2. Ahh, that was one of the posts I wish I didn’t send, blowing my own trumpet! hahaha I meant ‘tooting my own horn’

          3. Na I’m not like that.
            I can’t jerk off to pictures. I can’t even get off to regular porn, Either I get the real thing, Or the porn has to be real sick stuff.
            But if its a nude pic of argentine president, then I would jizz in seconds

          4. Some fine imagery you are providing us with their Tiggy.

            It is okay to ‘toot your own horn’… Provided you ‘toot’ mine too (And Baked’s if their is time enough).

            I have never bonked a pregnant lady either (not too my knowledge anyway).


            That sounds pretty cool! Breaking into a hospital and raping the patients is an old past time of mine!

            You should come with me. I am hitting the Clap clinic tomorrow.

            Christine Kirchner is fit.

            Although I dislike her sabre- rattling against us Brits.

            She should just go fuck Sean Penn.

          5. It wasn’t technically raping, apparently they arranged a fee with the sanitarium staff, and the crazy bitches would not present any objections to the fucking. Anyway, it was never proven that the shit actually happened, i think…
            Regarding Cristina, she’s an old botox-overloaded bipolar maniac witch that lately got into the sabre-ratting with this Fuckland Islands issue because she’s (unsuccesfully) trying to divert the SHEEPs attention from REAL problems, like the argentinian about-to-collapse economy and the tonload of corruption scandals of her Banana Republic regime…

          6. An interesting situation there Tulio.

            Mutually beneficial I should imagine.

            I suspected as much with the Falklands. It is not so strange how your embattled leaders attempt to distract your people from the problems at home.

            Although after this round of defence cuts. A solitary Argentine fishing vessel could successfully annex the Islands. And we couldn’t do a fucking thing about it.

            Unless we used the ‘bomb’.

            I don’t think Cameron has the bottle for that.

          7. yeah, a drunk ass dictator thinked the same 30 years ago “we can take those islands with a handful of marines swimming from a sub and nobody will give a fuck” , but the problem was that his fellow drunk britsh prime minister, Maggie, also needed something to entretain the chavs, and what better than a litte war?….As always, the only thing that should really matter is being overlooked by B.Rs govt, and the britush too: and is what the hell do the guys inhabiting these god forsaken islands want to do….

          8. @Baked…

            You are always welcome to come over here and make sweet loving (as only Baked can do) to our ‘leaders’.

            Biggest pussers on the Planet here.


            It is practically the same today. The backdrop of economic distress is the same. The cuts to the armed forces are the same (well, they are deeper today).

            An actively hostile American Government.

            And their is a British Government who just doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck about the Country’s role on the international stage.

            It wouldn’t surprise me one, single iota if Kirchner tried her hand at being a great ‘liberator’. Heaven knows she would receive the full support of the USA, the UN and practically every nation on the fucking planet.

            I can tell you exactly what the Falklanders want.

            They want the freedom to choose their own destiny. And they choose not to remain a ‘British Overseas Territory’ but to actually become a full, constituent member of the United Kingdom.

          9. talking about budget cuts, the army here had its budget so stretched up in the last 20 years that the fuckers are lacking even trucks for moving their stuff around (most of them are soo fucking old that no insurance company would cover them to go out of military units), and a recent study showed that, if a war commenced right now, B.R’s army has enough ammo to fight for less than 24 hours…so you can safely discard the “banana liberation” scenario…and the Kirchners made a national sport of humilliating the armed forces over the disasters they made in the 70s, so even with ammo, I don’t think that the green guys would obey such a bizarre call to arms…

          10. Whats argentinas stance on U.S anyway?
            I keep hearing chavez talk about south american unity against the north americans yet argentina seems fond of the U.S.
            These country wide relations are confusing as balls.

          11. the average argentinian SHEEP is about the same deal that the average US SHEEP. They will mostly say that anything coming from USA is EVIL while they walk around in UFO or LEVIs jeans, with CONVERSE shoes talking shit on their IPHONES or BLACKBERRIES, and get home to watch US made SITCOMS…..
            The government is as corrupt as it gets, with bizarre facts that just show the hypocricy and/or stupidity of the average argentinian, as your bitch Cristina dubbin her govt as “popular”, and talking shit about “fascist” urban middle and upper classes, while she’s by all accounts one of the richest whores on the country….It’s something like if in USA you have Warren fuckin’ Buffet or Donald Trump with a sudden maniac attack thinking they are a patriotic popular version of Guevara talking shit about lousiana’s rednecks and their selfishness and money-hoarding habits……just plain insanity

          12. Ignorance and “sheepism” is becoming a human custom.
            I don’t want to see humanity within the next 200 years or so.

    1. The story tells that Baked was born from a cabbagehead ejaculated by Geraldo Riviera and Mark Singer. Then he was baptised as Frankin Delano Roosenfelt II ; but all the records were burned by Castro’s revolution. Some say that he’s the messiah awaited by the jews

      1. inbred british nobility and prime ministers. Polo chavs and the Fucklands war. Baked assaulted by a gang of spiders and florida roaches. The fuckin Everglades and its strange looking fish. Tiger’s womb and sexual organ. Brazilian non-stinging bees.
        Only a handful of the vast amount of topics covered in BG

  25. My ex had this done when my daughter was being born. I was there and I asked the doc if he could sew her up a little tighter for old times sake. I did’nt get a response but given what was going on at the time I could understand.

  26. This is a very necessary procedure for women that are giving birth, granted their fuckholes are just too small to fit an entire fucking baby out of their vag. When a woman dilates, her cervix dilates to 10 cm (grapefruit size) and then she pushes baby out. The vagina opening does not get bigger, only the cervix inside does, and this is why the procedure is necessary. I know women who told their drs not give them an episiotomy cause of all the danger hype and they regret it. The biggest complaint is their vag is looser and didn’t heal right: basically it looks like a folded cow tongue. I know other women who didn’t even need to be cut because they have large vags already ( and admittedly so, not allegedly). What it comes down to is how good your dr is at doing these sort of procedures, how close your vag is to your asshole, and how big the baby is in general. I had 2 done for each of my children’s births and Of course it fucking hurt, but at least I. Knew that my gag would look symmetrical after it healed back up. The biggest thing is women gotta let their vags heal for 2 months or more: having sex too soon risks infection, bowel movement issues, and an elongated vagina, which is basically a loose pussy. I hear too many incidents where women will have sex too soon cause their man is horny (at that point the moms tits are fucking huge) and so they feel pressured to have sex. They do, and then later their man can’t shoot a load cause the mom’s vag is too loose. The recommended wait is 6 weeks, but fuck that, I didn’t risk that shit. The results? My vag looks exactly the same as before because the cut was clean and the stitches were done perfectly (the kind of stitches that dissolve).

        1. Tulio and Baked put a spin on it which makes you think about it differently.

          I love it!

          P.S. I loved the comment. Informative and erotic. Plus I have never heard a woman’s lady bits being called a ‘gag’ before!

          1. @Trooper, an honest mistake, the ‘g’ is next to the ‘v’ on the keyboard! It all worked out fine though – a ‘gag’ hilarious!

          1. when I was 23, some “cougar” cardiologist took me as her sex toy…but wait, she was 34, thats nearly my age now, oh fuck!…but well. we men age slower

          2. Nice Tulio…

            I hope she was a respectable looking doll.

            I have been cougars once. I was 19 and she was 48. I was drunk beyond all comprehension. And had the old beer- goggles on fastened tight.

            I WON’T be showing my face in that pub again.

          3. Hahaha Tom, I did the same thingwell kind of, when I was 19 I did my girlfriends mom, who was 49, I learn’t a few things ๐Ÿ™‚
            I will never forget that.

          4. I have this lady friend who’s about 60 something, She use to take care of me as a kid.
            Now I go over and clean her house and whatever, She once grabbed my “pecker” But I didn’t do anything. I some what regret it, But I stand by my decision.
            She sells me her prescriptions every once in a while, So shes cool (B-D)

          5. @baked, HAHAHA I can’t get over the fact you said “pecker”! I think you used a little boy word cos the lady was 60, you don’t want to recall the incident with a cruder word?

          6. Baked gets the Gold on this one!

            Every hole is a goal Sir. Irregardless of what age. As long as they are easy on the eyes.

            Take Joan Collins for instance. We share the same B’day. She is exactly 58 years older than me.

            But I reckon she is gorgeous.

            And yes. I would ‘tap that’.

          7. @Glenn,

            Nice one my good man!

            You should get a fucking medal for that! Pity their is an extreme shortage of females in my life at the moment. (except of course for my darling Ali).

            Probably for the best.


            I love the 1st series of the Inbetweeners. It was on when I was a 6th Former. And the stuff me and my mates got up to was exactly the same as the show!

            Then they started introducing silly, implausible plots… ‘jumping the shark’ so to speak.

            But it will always have a special place in my heart.

          8. Hey, @Trooper, I bought a copy of the 1st series, but only the kids have watched it! I loved the ‘movie’ but only hired (rented) that one. I don’t always monitor what my kids watch, (they watched Drawn Together movie!) but they are all fine kids (not bullies, obnoxious, rude etc) they laugh when its appropriate though (which is a bit of a worry!) AND if I try to show them something on BestGore they will NOT come over, they like funny, not gorey!

          9. They sound like good kids Tiggy.

            Often we on here with our overly apocalyptical attitudes can depress the world.

            A tad of optimism can do wonders.

        1. Pecker is an innocent sounding word,
          So it fits the moment.
          I always use pecker to get the girls

          My favorite pick up line “Hey, Want to fondle my pecker?”
          Then the girl says ” wut dooz fondle meen?”
          And then I walk away.

  27. Off topic here but holy crap it’s hot and humid in Toronto. Walking out of my air conditioned apartment it’s like being within meters of a nuclear bomb blast. Hope the rest of you are keeping cool.

          1. around here is a fairly warm day for being the shortest of the year, let’s do the maths: little more than 57?F with the sun up there, i can go out with a shirt and a fine wool sweater

          2. The coldest it gets here is about 48.
            For me the cold is a natural sleep aid, Although I get badly congested at times, A little hard liquor would clear that out.
            If only There were mountains here…. *sigh*

          3. Speaking of liquor, washington state lost the liquor rights, so you would think without the state tax, prices would go down, but no, they left the tax there and are taxing it twice, now the tax on just cheap shit is around five bucks, its fucking bullshit, america kicks ass but our gov needs to go, I’m starting to want to leave this country, but cause the trouble I’ve been in, I’m not even aloud to leave the country if I wanted to ;(

          4. @Glenn.

            Trust me. You don’t want to come to Europe.

            We are currently experiencing a potentially catastrophic demographic change. Which would result in an implosion of epic proportions some time in the 2040s by my calculations.

            Not forgetting the United Kingdom is the very definition of ‘Nanny-Stateism’.

            My recommendation would be to stay in America and fight.

    1. Jeeze, I hope Mark get’s back soon sigh!

      On another note, someone mentioned Halie Horror recently and how she disappeared. You all remember how she and the Suicide King had like this flirchatterly thing going on and then as I was reading all the lovey dovey crapola it was revealed that they lived pretty close to each other. Then all of a sudden Halie logged off for the last time after saying farwell. Did anybody else notice that the Suicide King disappeared right before she did. I only say this because SK used to be one of the top commentators and suddenly he disappeared. Am I just being paranoid or what?

          1. Maybe he killed her and then killed himself, soon mark will get the vid in the mail. I know I would make a vid for BG if I did that shit.

          1. Well I hope one or the other surfaces soon. Not in the Rio Grande but alive and kicking. Halie sounds like a real kicker though. A lot of bodies turn up in that area but most of them are guys. Hell a few months ago three guys got machined gunned to death at a cock fight. (Chickens-Just a clarification for Baked.) This is still the USA right?

          1. I always thought they were swede for some reason..
            Very cool though, My mom was raised in the same commune as celia cruz in cuba “santo suarez”

  28. I don’t know which is worse… this surgical cut or having your baby’s head rip your vagina apart without the benefit of anesthesia… like mine did to me 27 yrs ago!
    I guess that would depend on the size of the baby and the mother’s birth canal… I am a small person and had a huge baby for my stature.

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