Video of Filipino Man Getting Circumcised with a Razor Blade

Video of Filipino Man Getting Circumcised with a Razor Blade

This video shows a man from Philippines getting circumcised the old
fashioned way – at home with the use of a razor blade and a piece of carved wood for a foreskin to lay. The procedure goes something like this:

  • The Filipino man with shaved pubes applies a block of ice on his foreskin
  • Then he puts a crooked stick up his foreskin so it shares the space with the glands
  • Then another man Filipino plays endlessly with the foreskin as it’s stretch on the stick
  • With foreskin stretched tight, the circumcision master makes a lengthwise incision with a disposable razor blade
  • Men who’s getting circumcised makes face that says it all
  • Partially split foreskin slides off the wooden stick, the circumcision master has to stretch it back on the stick – gay factor reaches unprecedented levels
  • At this point it becomes obvious that the man is getting half his dick circumcised, not just the foreskin
  • Lots of dubious powder is applied to the incision as the half circumcised man cracks a smile
  • With foreskin gone, piece of plastic sheet with a glory hole is applied to the dick to presumably seal the wounds
  • Gayness factor sky rockets as the cameraman puts focus on hanging testicles
  • Circumcised dick is wrapped up in unidentified white stuff, leaving sensitive glands exposed to the filth of the outside world unprotected
  • At this point all you can do is ask yourself – WTF?

Many thanks to krad500 for the video and a priceless description which says: razor blade = 5 pesos, circumcision (the old fashioned way) = 50 pesos (about 1 dollar), his face while being circumcised = PRICELESS!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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91 thoughts on “Video of Filipino Man Getting Circumcised with a Razor Blade”

  1. When i was a young lad my folks and i travelled to the Philippines coz my uncle is marrying his filipina fiance wayback late 80’s. It was around March or April and it’s a bit humid in there in a beautiful place they called Nueva Ecija and kids about my age are being circumsized near a lake. I’ve noticed they’re chewing guava leaves which they spat to the wound after the cutting and then jump to the lake to soak their dicks in it. Pretty cool kids

  2. Time will help you through, but it doesn’t have the time to help you find the answer to the never ending WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THAT?!
    PD: At 2 minutes you can hear the cock saying goodbye to the foreskin.

  3. i’m a filipino and i never thought that they still do this kind of thing in the provinces. he may get an infection if the tools were not properly cleaned. and as far as i know, every summer, DOH organizes a mass circumcision event

    1. That is the best comment I have seen yet!!!
      I laughed so hard that RedBull come out of my EYES!!! I don’t know how that works but damn it that was funny. Thank you for being a fellow gorian.

  4. I don’t think the small block of ice is the cause&effect of why he seems to be inflicted from MICRO-PENIS SYNDROME…..I beleive he comes stck that way.
    And wow, what a neat little (litterly) penis mutalating station they have there.

    Pretty clean for what goes on there, hope they chance that stick out after 1 use, could you imagine getting a SPLINTER of all things after this going through this shit!?

    Note to Mom & Dad, thanks for having me cut BEFORE I was old enough to keep memories (him and I were most likely hung about the same, then for me/now for him)

      1. yeah they’re obviously there for a PURPOSE! to protect the glans(knob), only an uncircumcised man can tell you how SENSITIVE this part is when the foreskin is pulled back. I think cut dudes lose a bit of that sensitivity as the penis head is rubbed all day in clothing ie. undies,jocks etc?

        1. That is true, circumcised guys do lose feeling during sex because the gland is desensitized from every day rubbing against clothes. Uncirced guys will tell you how much more sensitive it is even to touch

      1. oh yea, he can be hung like a fly if he ever joins best gore. i thought i was small in the cock department. i’m john ” johnny wadd ” holmes compared to this guy. you gotta be old and porn knowledgeable to remember john holmes.

          1. yea, the old stars were the best. john leslie, peter north, seka, vanessa del rio, the hedge hog ron jeremy, tori welles, jamie gillis, and all the other dead stars. they did a lot of FUCKING.

          1. yes, he allegedly had a 14 inch cock and used it frequently and efficiently for our amusement and he did croak from AIDS. you know he wasn’t dying from old age in his line of work.

          2. He was involved in a major multiple murder case at one stage too, theres some good old murder scene pics floating around the ‘net’

  5. Sick…that’s the tiniest set of cock n’ balls that I’ve ver seen…and on such an ugly brown little mongral with a jacked up set of teeth too. Thank GOD I only have to fuck American men with big dicks. Ugh.

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