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  • No. Not everyone wants to be a Jew.

    The vast majority of people accept themselves and strive to better themselves as much as they can within their own ranks. The Chinese for example strive to be richer and more successful whilst being Chinese, so do the Japanese and the Indians and the Pakistanis and the white Europeans so on and so…[Read more]

  • Free speech is always fought for and promoted by the ignored and unheard whilst always dismissed and repressed by the magnified regardless of socio-political standing.

    Think of it in terms of corporations and advertising, nobody likes competition because it eats away at core value and therein profit. The less competition one experiences then the…[Read more]

  • @mrspock

    I think the sculptors of the Cheddar man reconstruction did go a little bit overboard in the colouring, lol. In reality he would have been bronzed in appearance, not black. The DNA sequencing would not have stipulated such levels of darkness to that detail, merely that he had melanocytes that would have given rise to higher levels of…[Read more]

  • Sadly its true. It is in fact the reason why we British avoid fried chicken and watermelon so as to distance ourselves as much as we can from our shameful, embarrassing past as the Negro-Magnon.

    Jokes aside though, this libtard paraded story is partly factual but mostly fantasy. They appear to have taken an evolutional imperative(and a singular…[Read more]

  • It’s advertising 101 Mark. You want to sell a product, first undermine the competition.

    A big example of the above is the constant “scientific” reports and other info-sheets constantly being put out informing us all that E-cigarettes are dangerous for your health. Research paid for by the big cigarette companies of course, who don’t give a shit…[Read more]

  • Zion,

    There are three main connecting parts to this metoo movement and a forth separate one underpinning it all.

    The first part is “progressive” liberal doctrine that adheres to the victim-oppressor mantra. The second part is the actual majority-held social perception of such mantra and the third part is the knee-jerk reaction of all oth…[Read more]

  • Empty soul replied to the topic Thot Be Gone in the forum Gender Studies 1 week, 6 days ago

    To the utter chagrin of western European feminists those men who disagree with them will no doubt choose not to fuck their own hands but will instead choose to fuck and impregnate east European and East Asian women instead because they still follow the traditional family unit route.

    The above leaves the western feminists with the weak willed limp…[Read more]

  • Empty soul replied to the topic It's Happening in the forum Gender Studies 3 weeks ago

    Mark, The BBC(AKA the big black cock corporation depending upon your viewpoint) has been getting torn apart all week here in Britain because the female employees have hijacked the meetoo movement and used it to propagate the gender wage gap myth culminating in them taking the BBC to court for sexism and loss of potential earnings and it’s a…[Read more]

  • Full citizens are entitled to things that they/or their parents have paid into all their lives. Society is a system of order then and therefore any suggestion or actual observation that newer arrivals get given what everybody else has had to wait years for simply by being newer arrivals causes society to fragment and therein the notion of fair…[Read more]

  • Empty soul replied to the topic Radical religion in the forum Politics 1 month ago

    We just have a different way of looking at things Hitler.

    Whereas you see it as religion and it’s followers I see it as football and its fans in that they praise and applaud their own team even when its losing and their players are shit whilst always shouting at and mocking the opposition even when the opposition is better than they a…[Read more]

  • Empty soul replied to the topic Radical religion in the forum Politics 1 month ago

    It falls under corporation idolisation(brand obsession) and is no different than someone being obsessed with Nike training gear even when there is better training gear elsewhere.

    The French are a patriotic people too and yet they do not express and exhibit their patriotism in the same obsessive ways as Americans tend to because brand France is…[Read more]

  • Empty soul replied to the topic Radical religion in the forum Politics 1 month ago

    I wouldn’t say it was a religious behaviour because that would require pious observance whereas our societies in general tend to follow the every man for themselves routine, it’s more akin to advertising in reality then.

    Advertising is all about brand awareness and with that comes constant product placement and propaganda dressed as “…[Read more]

  • You see the cross-over effect?. Employment opportunities are being gobbled up via cheap workers and free workers creating more and more unemployment amongst the masses thus presenting to them the two simplest options to survive, social security or crime. Sadly however both these options come with the condition of forced unpaid work and so one…[Read more]

  • Actually, Mark makes a good point which a lot of people here are failing to see.

    Let’s put aside the notion of justice and punishment for a moment and take a look at the effect this sort of thing has on the low-skilled economic sectors. Employers that need to fill low skilled positions are not going to pay someone a wage for doing the role when t…[Read more]

  • @heriitic

    There is a difference between men who are modern day pretty and men who are traditionally handsome which creates a point that also addresses your own original argument.

    You see, yesteryears hunks were men like Clint Eastwood and such whilst today’s hunks are pretty boys like Justin Beiber and Leonardo Dicaprio etc. The point being t…[Read more]

  • Homelessness in the UK is at such high levels because of uncontrolled immigration.

    Adding over 10 million extra people to the population count within just 10 years(and still rising) tends to do that because house building and other such vital infrastructure(hospitals, schools etc) cannot keep up with the pace. Not to mention the fact that…[Read more]

  • @masterplan

    Thanks. I wouldn’t say that being racist was a position of enlightenment though, it’s a shitty stance to take no matter how you look at it however if all the information you have seen, all the experiences you have personally gone through and all the standpoints you have argued and made still brings you back to a position of racism the…[Read more]

  • @masterplan

    I would say that the above behaviour you touched upon has more to do with culture than social economics though.

    Rape for example has nothing to do with economic opportunity and yet the blacks are vastly overrepresented in that category. In America the blacks beat and kill each other over the latest Air Jordan footwear as well and in…[Read more]

  • @masterplan

    Yeah, it was just a general statement not directed at any one person really but just thrown out there to address a point of argument.

    The way I look at race is like this, it is a fact that different breeds of dog, cat and/or any other species have differing temperaments depending upon their individual evolutionally path. The Pit bull…[Read more]

  • @masterplan

    The blacks behave like that not just in America but all throughout the world as well. I have personally witnessed it throughout a number of European countries and in Hong Kong and Japan as well.

    Western Europe is huge on the affirmative action stuff so black people get given and provided with far more academic and employment…[Read more]

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