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    Couldt al the mental probelems be a bad mutation in respons to the oppression of the human mind by religion, dictators and ignorens?
    And autisem is the begining of A mutation that wil lift humantie to a new era of progress, doom, understanding of the univers?

  • You are told how to read, talk, calculate and think. Dyslexia, the number version of Dyslexia , add, adhd and other autisem related problems are the evolution answer/respons to government mindcontrol. Out of all the people that are important to science and progress how many of then are autistik compared to the “normal man” autistik ratio . Is…[Read more]

  • Can we get a topic of the mental condicen of the best gore members ?to explane or mabey to see if you are not the only one some shit like that

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