10 Year Old Girl Raped, Mutilated, Murdered and Set on Fire in Brazil

Rapist Set Her Body on Fire to Try to Hide Evidence

10 Year Old Girl Raped, Mutilated, Murdered and Set on Fire in Brazil

Marcia Constantino was a 10 year old girl from Maringa, in the state of Parana, Brazil. On October 20, 2007, this young girl whose full name was Márcia Andréia do Prado Constantino was spotted by Natanael Bufalo, a 41 year old man who was convicted of rape of a 15 year old Castelo Branco girl in 2001 and sentenced to 12 years in jail, but was released after 5 years on probation. Two years after his release from jail, his eyes landed on young body of Marcia Constantino, he got the munchies and it was back to his old raping self again.

Natanael Bufalo kidnapped little Marcia Constantino, violently raped her, mutilated her vagina and anus and strangulated her to death. In an effort to hide the evidence, Natanael Bufalo set the body of Marcia Constantino on fire and took off.

Brazilian police was able to figure out who the rapist/murderer was (guess he’s not that smart, having been caught for the same crime twice), apprehended him and prosecuted his ass for the heinous crime committed. Judge Claudio dos Santos Camargo, head of the 1st Criminal Court confessed at the end of the trial that this was one of the worst crimes that he’s seen in his career and handed Natanael Bufalo a sentence of 43 years, 6 months and 15 days in jail.

In a video below, Natanael Bufalo speaks with the journalists and allegedly provides details of his crime against Marcia Constantino, however it’s all in Brazilian Portuguese so it all sounds like a constipated cat who’s dying of rabies is farting out bubbles that pop with a sound of speech. Perhaps someone who speaks the language can translate for us:

Gallery of pictures of rape and murder of 10 year old Marcia Constantino by Natanael Bufalo is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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73 thoughts on “10 Year Old Girl Raped, Mutilated, Murdered and Set on Fire in Brazil”

  1. I’d really be interested in finding out just WHAT you need to do to get the rope in Brazil. Or at least life imprisonment. I mean… come on. This guy is a threat to the society and his reparation is unlikely.

    Poor girl. 🙁

    1. AGREE! I posted about that too – in the US – kids don’t count much when they’re murdered. They cost welfare, more food stamps, they don’t pay taxes (benefits the parents NOT STATES) which sums up that they are a liability, therefore why spend all that $ locking up a speciman who just killed a liability. Kids don’t count: Right my Country?…….and if it were a taxpayer? LMFAO ain’t that a damned shame!

      1. what ! just fuckin lynch him, like they all do ? makes no sense. dirty rotten fucker, he is. maybe/ hope- they will get him on inside, you are right about the kids.. and same with the elderly. sick world

  2. If they had just locked up this monster forever like they should have this never would have happened. You can’t blame Brazil though, even the U.S. lets out heartless murderers like this who just repeat their crimes. They should just be killed, an eye for an eye

  3. Poor baby.
    This creep will find one of two things in a Brazillian prison:
    1. they will turn him into a woman.
    2. since it is Brazil, he may be their hero there in prison.

    Who knows… I think everyone on Bestgore is of the opinion that he should have his balls and pecker eaten off by a pitbull then have a road flare shoved up his butt let it burn till he burps smoke. Then… we start to get serious.

    1. I was thinking a M 80 up his ass or a stick of dynamite…. Or some very large lovers until the dies of a perforated colon. Hopefully he’ll die after they set him on fire, though.

      Poor little lady, may she rest in peace. Such a beautiful girl.

    2. Yeah baby – the Pit is a good idea, but now we can do better than that afterwards can’t we hun’? We don’t want him to die in less than a week, take it slow – I still like a little periodical acid lol!

  4. i don’t think they appriciate people whom rape children anywhere in the world as most people in prison are parents.

    So this dude probably signed his own death warrant. I’m amazed he even lasted 5 years the first time…

  5. I started reading the title: “10 year old girl raped and murdered…” and I was already thinking to myself – I’m sure that’s Brazil and of course it was Brazil. There is no other country where shit of such magnitude would take place on a daily basis.

  6. Just another horrible crime. It just happened to me the same thing as CryBaby (that happens when you have some time in this page haha). About the murderer, maybe the society in what he grown wasn’t the best, is the cause for things like this. I’m not defending him; I’m just saying that I think all this psycho have some evil past, probably in their childhood, and people ignores him until things like this happens, and there is no return for him. That poorly girl wasn’t guilty of anything. I’m just sorry for both, but I think the murderer should be imprisoned forever. He will not return to this world of civilization.

    p.d: if someone read this, please excuse my English

  7. If he’s 41 year old and was sentenced to 43 years, than by the time he’s out of prison, his testosterone levels will be so low, and his ability to get erection to affected, it’s unlikely he could slip again. That however assumes that he serves the whole sentence, and doesn’t get released after a few years like the first time.

    1. …….along with every other nasty that hangs out with Satan. I’m sure hell will be well received to obtain his kind. There’s a special place in hell for these sorts, and the nasty minions of Satan will have a grand time with him for eternity.

    1. You onlt have the balls to type s%it like and not use your real name or picture of yourself because you knoww someone would F%CK you up for saying something so ignorant. She was a little girl. I got something your punk a$$ can Rape.

  8. Wow, you’re a fucking asshole…Do you read any of the preceding posts before you open your fucking mouth? Good thing your faggot ass said that shit on the internet cuz I gaurantee everyone of these people who post on here would love to fuck you with a broomstick right about now…go fuck yourself

  9. Why would a 41yr man take the life of a 10yr little girl? Not his life, it was hers, dirty bastard had no right to even touch her.Her nose looks like he either cut or bit it off. I hope he gets beheaded in prison like in Santa Ana Massacre.

  10. Ya’ know, some people are stupid..then some people are f*cking stupid. Let me define “stupid” first:

    Stupid — when a parent allows a murdering b*st*rd to kill their kid and get away with it.

    F*cking Stupid — when anyone makes a glorifiying remark concerning a f*cking pedophile. Example: “I would have raped her too.”

    That little girl deserves to be respected. This website has no regs on freedom of speech and that’s cool with me because I can use my right at this moment. IMO, anyone who makes a glorifying remake concerning a pedophile is a f*cking pedophile, and trust me on this “Everyone has a day……” F*cking Lowlife B*st*rds. Make all the stupid d*mn remarks you want but one day you will get yours in a crown.

  11. Your right..everyone has his day…this little bitch who obviously doesn’t have the balls to respond will get his…whether it was a joke or not I don’t give a fuck…I’d like see a big black cock jammed down his throat….you’ll be slurpin’ it all up soon enough ya little fucker

  12. Well dam this world is getting colder and colder and it’s crazy that god cant really do nothing till the end or what ever he do do it just dont seem like enough i just wish he would let us know what we could do about people like this i mean dam i dont want nothing like this to happen to any other girl it’s hard enough some people cant have kids then stupid ass people killing for no good reason

  13. I do NOT speak Portuguese, but I speak Spanish and can understand some words of Portuguese, what I understood is:

    1) He said it wasn’t a premeditated crime. and he never thought of killing her.
    2) He accepts he did a monstrosity.
    3) He accepts he raped a girl before.
    4) He “feels bad about it”.
    5) He said he wanted to go to the burial but family did not allow.
    6) He knows family won’t forgive …(no shit Sherlock)

    That’s all I got, sorry if I make any mistakes, hopefully someone will find translations or maybe a Portuguese gore-friend will help us in that matter.

  14. Im Portuguese, i can translate some of this crap.
    Altho I do laugh at the way brazilians report their news, its like the kid with downs syndrome down the block speaking, no pun intended (for the downs syndrome ppl)

    First lines is just introducing the guy and what he did, along with his info, age etc.
    When he starts speaking is:
    – I really did it, was a mistake, I didn’t do it with the intention of killing her, but when I realised she could talk about what I had done I decided to kill her.
    – How did you abduct her from the church?(then asks for every detail)
    – I just invited her to come out to get a cake, then she said she would (dont really get it, their portuguese is a bit mumbling).
    I got out, she came right behind me, I got in the car that was outside, took her to my house and there I did that monstrosity.
    -What happened in your house? (again poor portuguese by my standards but its translates to something like this).
    – I got home with her, when she saw there was no cake, i told her that she wouldnt have any cake. And I would stay a little while there with her, but then leave with her. I ended up doing it with her inside, in the shower(banheiro? i assuming its shower/bathtub/bathroom). And then, inside my house I killed her.
    – Did you molest her first? (lol)
    – Yes
    – And then you killed her?
    – Yes
    – Did you premeditate on your victim choice or was it any child, why her?
    – No premeditation
    – But why her?
    – I saw her there, and decided to do it.
    – But you did premeditate it, with all the story with the cake.
    – That would be with her or anyone else, at the time I chose her. I had drunk during the afternoon….
    Female Reporter:
    – You already served time for the same crime, what happned, weren’t you rehabilitated?
    – I did served time for the same crime, but no one had died before, (then he mumbles a bit, but I think he saying he didn’t commit the first crime he was sentenced to, someone correct me)
    – Natanael, you were at my place on Friday I trusted you, I know you from the centre.
    You were at my place to record a CD for church.
    Did you have intention to kill the little girl then?
    – No, I hadn’t thought about killing anyone then,
    – I got a daughter 12yo, brought you to my home with her there, you fouled us all?
    – Unfortunately …. … I dont know what else to say….
    – After you killed her, what did you do?
    – I put her inside my car, took her to dispose of her…
    – To the woods?
    – Yes
    – And on the place where u disposed of her body, did u abuse her, after she was dead?
    – Yes (fucking sick perv)
    – You defiled her body?
    – Yes
    – Did you know she was the daughter of a couple friend of yours?
    – Yes, I did, because of that I identified myself more with her.(again its a bit mumbling here, and I dont really get many things BR say, or the way they say it, but I think that is right).
    – Did you go to the funeral?(The body or casket is exposed 1 day before the burial)
    – Yes
    – Did you know the innocent family you did this to, the mother is sick with all this that you have done? The family trusted you and had 2 daughter, and you worked for them too. (again literal translation is sick, but its referring to the mental state of the mother)
    – I can only imagine everyone is suffering with what I’ve done, it was a barbarity.
    – You went to the funeral?
    – Sorry?
    – You went to the funeral, you consoled the parents of the little girl?
    – Was trying to create an alibi to get out of this situation, but I couldn’t.
    – You hugged the father, and told him that justice would be done, and the murderer would be caught, and you ended up arrested.
    – Yes
    – Why did surrender yourself.
    – I couldn’t take it any more, my consciousness wouldnt…(starts crying)…let me
    – No use crying now.
    – Tell me something, do you think that you deserve to be free, you think that you could, or do your think you should be arrested now?
    – Arrested, for the rest of my life, or killed.
    – You are pro death penalty?
    – For this, yes.

    – What would you say to the community, to people who knew you from the centre, specially to the family of the little girl?
    – That they can forgive me, because I know I wont be forgiven.
    – Why did you set her on fire?
    – Because of fingerprints or anything like that, but when I set her on fire I just ran.

    – Why did you always denied it?
    – I was afraid, specially because it was a crime I had already served time for.

    (dont really get what the reporter says next, but he answers: “only justice will tell”

    – Do you consider yourself a monster?
    – Yes.

    They start going around the same questions(really, they repeat the same questions over and over), nothing that interesting, except for:

    – Is it true you were molested as a kid?
    – Yes.
    – What happened?
    – I was 7 years old, and some guy took me to a furniture factory that belonged to my uncle, and he molested me there, but afraid of him doing something worst like killing me, I didn’t talk.

    – You have kids?
    – Yes, I got a 9 year old daughter, a son 10 years old, and another daughter 13 or 14 years old.
    – What if it was your kid, what would you do to someone who had done what you did to one of your daughters?
    – Rest of his life in jail, or death.

    sry for my bad english, I tried :p

  15. “That little girl deserves to be respected.” You don’t know that. None of you know that. You are all assuming this little girl was a little angel who never did anything wrong and that the man who killed her was the worst scumbag on the face of the planet who never did anything right. Consider the possibility that maybe she was a bit of a slut? Maybe she was enticing him? Maybe she dressed overly provocotively, and thereby was careless as to whether or not she was drawing sexual attention from adults. Maybe she did this on purpose, a lot of women and the vast majority of teenage girls do – show off their bodies for attention; and this starts young even in America. I’m not saying she was asking to be killed, but I don’t think we should be assuming the sex was rape, nor that she didn’t do anything to bring it on herself; because we don’t know.

    1. As was translated, he just saw her and decided to rape her. How a woman/girl dresses isn’t an excuse to rape her. besides, rape is more an act of control, to force the victim to do what he wants. How does a 10 year old girl entice a grown man? His perversity is deeply embedded in his mind, and has the callousness to follow through with his crimes against her.


      You have an incredibly bad attitude towards women and girls. No woman ‘makes’ a man rape her. A man decides to do such an act. It isn’t the victim’s fault any more than a man being responsible for a woman abusing him.

  16. Great translation, Fireline. Thanks a lot for taking time to write it up for us. Definitely much props for that.

    Oh, and to ArtQuakedoom95 – if you can translate, then translate, otherwise go fuck yourself. You need to give respect before you ask for it.

  17. As quoted from above by Konr: ?That little girl deserves to be respected.? You don?t know that. None of you know that. You are all assuming this little girl was a little angel who never did anything wrong and that the man who killed her was the worst scumbag on the face of the planet who never did anything right. Consider the possibility that maybe she was a bit of a slut? Maybe she was enticing him? Maybe she dressed overly provocotively, and thereby was careless as to whether or not she was drawing sexual attention from adults. Maybe she did this on purpose, a lot of women and the vast majority of teenage girls do ? show off their bodies for attention; and this starts young even in America…..etc” End of quote.

    Now, maybe you are a pedophile, maybe you wanted to rape her too, maybe you go around glorifying the actions of all pedophiles, maybe you are assume too much upon yourself. Are you a lawyer, were you there when that f*cking pig brutalized that little girl, did you see her entice that monster? Maybe you really, really don’t know what you are talking about.
    We can go on for the rest of our lives listening to people like you who use “maybe” as a plea to share thier de-sensatized opinions. But it doesn’t change a mother f*cking thing when it comes to that low life who raped and murdered that little girl. The b*st*rd is a f*cking pedophile and maybe, just maybe, you are a f*cking pedophile too. Yes, she does deserve to be respected and there aint a d*mn thing you can say or type to change that fact. So stop trying to make a lie of what you already know to be the truth. HA!! and to think you actually tried to pull that bullsh*t here on Best Gore…….

  18. AintItAShame45 – watch what you’re saying, kiddo. To speculate, even if it involves politically incorrect thoughts is fine, but to call someone a pedophile is a big no no. Again – watch what you’re saying and I won’t remind you any more times!

  19. @Angie
    His view on the case is that she might have provoked him to do what he did, while I agree that calling ppl pedo’s isnt something that should be done, that is exactly the pedophiles view on sex with underage girls/boys.
    Girl that age is not fully formed and can be manipulated easily, the fact of the matter is, the adult has to be responsible for her and for himself.
    I would post some links to some boards where some pedophiles share their views and experiences and claim that they have consent sex with underage kids, but im at my university atm and to do so would involve going to websites I dont want to go to here(might post later when I go home).
    What I really want to say is that what Knor said(while not calling him such) is exactly the view of a pedophile, that they “had it coming” by the way the little girl behaves, and personally its a view that no one sane will ever agree and tbh, shouldnt be shared.

  20. Fireline, you’re just as wrong as every psychologist who tries to impress the masses by analyzing what people say on the interweb. I advise you to go to a local mall and spend some time watching 10 year old kids who hang out there. I’m only 23, but I can’t believe how slutty girls of such young age are nowadays. It doesn’t take a pedophile to notice that, but it does take a person who can see past the tip of their nose. But this is not the point.

    You don?t know who a person writing on the internet is. You don?t know whether what they write they believe in, you don?t know whether it?s not some psychologist purposefully provoking people to see how they behave as a response. You simply do not know. But what I do know, is that accusing someone of being a pedophile is a serious matter. It?s right up there with making death threats and should under no circumstances be tolerated.

    There is a great deal of freedom of speech on Best Gore, but this was a major step over the line. And as for your out of line thinking that this is the behaviour commonly demonstrated by would be pedophiles – no it isn?t. It is simply thinking outside the box and daring to consider the unthinkable. I know humans like to burn those who think outside the box at a stake (Galileo Galilei comes to mind for his audacity to think that the Earth could be round ? how dared he?) but while I don?t necessarily agree with what Konr suggests, it comes to show how limited some people are when they let their social belief get in the way of considering the unthinkable. But then again, I never got along with people who accept mediocrity.

  21. You know, “Fireline” said it the way I wanted to say it but hey, I guess I can only be me. I’m ruled by emotion on issues such as these. Thanks “Angie” for helping me snap back to planet Earth. The world is a dark place and guess what…..We all have to live here because there aint no other place to go. “Fireline” two thumbs up…..:)

  22. About you: you don’t care about anything or anyone except pure pleasure; I bet you’d be passionate in bed. Don’t worry; when we fuck, you’ll probably be still alive. At least mostly.

  23. You sanctimonious self-righteous motherfuckers are at the wrong place. This isn’t church. Why are you here? Why are you looking at these images. Really who are the sick fucks here?

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