21 thoughts on “Daniel Petry Also Tapped That 12 Year Old Ass”

  1. This is so hot. The little bitch thought he could rip off his friend and paid with ass rape and murder. He got what all thieves should get. I wonder if he was still alive when he got his legs cut. Did he get his little almost hairless cock and balls cut off too? So fucking awesome! I would love to fuck the boy who did this cool act of revenge.

  2. Dear Placardman, I meant of yourself like on the “Cant Be Assed” Forum. In the thread called “Your Real Self” If you want to see what I look like, I posted there. I’m not too shallow about looks but I would like to see you.

    It would be pure luck to be around when someone dies. I have only seen it once. I got to see a boy die in front our school when I was seventh grade. He was showing off on his skate board and a car nailed his skinny ass. I was kneeling right next to him when he died, lot of blood. It was hot. But I didn’t have a camera, and I’m sure I would have thought of using it back then. I keep one with me now all the time, just in case I get lucky again.

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