14 Year Old on a Bicycle Shot Dead by Two Guys on a Motorcycle

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14 Year Old on a Bicycle Shot Dead by Two Guys on a Motorcycle

14 year old Davi Santos was shot death by two guys on a motorcycle while wearing flip flops and riding a bicycle down Rua Nova Esperança, near the entrance to Alto do Coqueiro, in the neighborhood of Malhado, city of Ilhéus, state of Bahia, Brazil. If you see two people on a motorcycle in Brazil, expect death.

Davi was shot 4 times with a .38 caliber handgun. The one shot to the head was fatal. His killing was reportedly drug trafficking related. Anything to do with drugs comes with severely shortened lifespan in Brazil. That you’re too young to begin with has no effect on the inevitable whatsoever.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Yea, true but they catch bullets and pavement head busts more than they’re catching nut busts these days! Although lately the head busts and bullets holes are including nut busts too.. just not the kind they probably had in mind!

  1. I would run like i stole-it if i bumped into a creepy 14 yr old with a tat of a french ho called LUCIENE. Fuck-man that shit & add flip-flops, i will need a couple vallium to crash tonight for sure WTF.

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