14 Year Old Girl Raped by Stepfather and Tied to a Tree to Slowly Die

14 Year Old Girl Raped by Stepfather and Tied to a Tree to Slowly Die

14 year old Daiane Carmo Macedo from Barcarena, which is about 123 miles from Belém (meaning Bethlehem), capital city of the state of Pará in northern Brazil went missing in June of 2012. Her mother reported the girl’s disappearance to the police but even after several reports, the police did nothing about it. After 5 days, the villagers decided to search through the jungles surrounding the community themselves.

Among the villagers who joined the search party was Daiane Carmo Macedo’s stepfather, 37 year old Rosivan Martins Rocha nicknamed Baixinho (Shorty) who pretended to search for the girl like he really meant it. Little did the villagers know at the time that he was the very man behind her disappearance.

Thorough search eventually lead to the discovery of the girl’s body near the road known as Ramal do Araticu, in the Santo Antônio community in rural Barcarena. Daiane was tied to a tree where she was left to die and rot. She was naked and her face was slashed with a machete.

Luckily, after her discovery the police took the case seriously and pinned down the perpetrator(s) within 24 hours. Turned out Daiane Carmo Macedo was raped by her own stepfather who confessed to rape, but implicated his neighbor – 43 year old Raimundo Alves da Costa nicknamed Nezico as orchestrator of girl’s murder. Stupid idea – dead girls can’t be raped no more. Both were arrested and are awaiting trial.

Not sure why the cameraman who recorded this video went Iphone on it half way through:

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116 thoughts on “14 Year Old Girl Raped by Stepfather and Tied to a Tree to Slowly Die

  1. Damn it. I can almost see the body moving because of all the maggots inside it. This what happens when you leave a corpse in a tropical forest for a week.

    Also, I can’t even imagine how the stepfather planned her murder with his neighbor. Did he just approached the guy and said: “Hey, I wanna rape my wife’s daughter, are you in?”

  2. Anybody that could do something like that deserves the worst slow and agonizing death that anyone could ever come up with. Can’t think of anything myself but I know some of you guys could come up with something interesting enough!!! Let’s hear your ideas.

    • @Sagemoon, I’m thinking some real pain is due as punishment before ultimate death for this piece of filth. Chop off his pathetic little dick an balls, then smash-em for him to see while he still has eye’s in his head cause they’re coming out next. Stab each eye with searing hot poker, pluck one at a time an stomp at will. The mother of this child has first dibs and if she so pass’s on the delight that i myself would find administering this just punishment, another family member will surely take it up. Finally he gets tied to the very same tree he committed his foul act, ass raped with knives and left to die! That might seem soft but I’m keeping in mind there are women reading these comments. Killthefilth

      • Wow all of you have given this alot of thought, I don’t know whether to be proud of all of you or scared shitless!
        @Killthefilth, great answer! The only thing I would add is to tie him to the tree face to face with the victim.Now that’s what I call deserving punishment!!!

        • @Sagemoon, this is one of those times where I would like to find out what becomes the piece of shit stepfather. If there were justice served upon this crumb it needs to be heard.

          • I agree 100%!!!

            ***If somebody out there get’s an update on what happened to this scumbag, Please let us know, Thanks.

    • Mother fucker should be done exactly how this girl died! Put him some where it’s scorching hot during the day so he slowly fries, cold as hell at night so he gets plenty of frost bites.At the same time eaten slowly by creatures. I wouldn’t want him to be bitten by a venomous snake or eaten by a big cat because it’s too quick of a death.Something small so he suffers.Something that can eat his arms,legs,pennis,ears,,nose and finally eyes.Then the big cats can finish him off. Notice the key word is “slowly”. Even all that, I don’t know if it does justice for this poor girl!

    • Personally, I think it is unimaginable what the victim’s mother is feeling. But, then again, it’s Brazil so anything gives.
      Also, because I am Paraguayan I hold a deep cultural, historical, and ethnic grudge against Brazil. Yes, Brazil could at times be badass, but it’s by far one of the most fucked up places on earth.

  3. Daiane Carmo Macedo was raped by her own stepfather who confessed to rape, but implicated his neighbor – 43 year old Raimundo Alves da Costa nicknamed Nezico ;

    Tie the fu****s, to the same tree. coat them with honey and let nature get on with the process; 14 years old, WTF; see your murders in hell.

    Doctor Nasty

      • 1girl1cup

        I’m almost always seasonal.

        I am willing to donate 2 x 5 fl oz bottles of Dave’s Insanity Sauce 1999 Private Reserve (bottles 237 and 238) if they can be rammed up the **ses of those responsible for this murder and smashed, internally, in the rectum before the two of them are tied to the tree.

        I would like these **ck*rs to suffer, immensely; broken glass and approximately 1 million Scoville units of heat.

        Doctor Nasty

  4. I have no idea why they waited that long to look for her @wicked mama! I can’t imagine how terrified she was. Just give me some rope, a dull machete, the step father and that neighbor, and a desolate stretch of jungle. I’ll give them what they deserve, Brazilian style. RIP poor girl.

    • Yeah 1Girl1cup, I thought of that too, that could be. The facial tissue can come loose by itself as well, but it beats me why that starts with the head.
      Hehehe..it would be fun to work on a body farm, wouldn’t it…they figure out all these things…

      Also it made me muse that in a good ol’ jungle, I should think scavengers would have got rid of a dead body in no time. Have FV’s emptied the lands so much that there are no wild animals left to eat the dead stuff?

    • @1girl1cup and @H.Thompson, I think insects, birds along with rodents (which could have access via the tree trunk to her head) are all possibilities. I’m not sure what types of scavengers are native to that area. A good way to find out, would be to tie her step father to the same tree and have some cameras filming (some with night vision) and then we’d know for certain! ;)

  5. Looks like something out of the sci-fi, Portuguese-language version of Deliverance. Only instead of Georgia, it’s in Brazil. And instead of the Chatahoochee it’s the Amazon RIver. Instead of Ned Beatty, it’s a 14 year old dead chick tied to a post and left to rot in the jungle. And instead of the hillbilly it’s her father and neighbor or whatever. But wait, who’s gonna play Burt Reynolds’ character? Well, yeah, so it’s just like that movie except with all the differences I just enumerated. So I guess basically it’s nothing like it.

  6. It makes me sick to know that there are pathetic cretins out there who do things like this to children. Disgusting, I often wonder in cases like this, doesn’t mom keep an eye on where her kid is, or is going.
    We’ve got a case here in Quebec where a beast of a man was dating a woman and four months into the relationship, he’d beaten her ten month old daughter into a coma, she’s fighting for her life. I just wonder, if he’s like this, doesn’t the mother see red flags somewhere or other? I would never ever leave my kid alone with a guy I barely knew, never!

    • @daweeka, welcome back, :) I’ve sure missed you !! I agree with you, there must have been some red flags, with this 14 year old as well as the case you mentioned!

    • a male lion that wants to mate with a lioness will kill all of her cubs from a previous mate…and i agree with, you @Daweeka, even in simpler cases when people get married after knowing someone for a few months. wtf? are you that desperate and gullible?

        • It’s because so much idiocracy is tolerated nowadays. Since people like to watch ignorance on tv shows (like honeybooboo). People accept more ignorance into thier lives. Now that not knowing who the father is of your baby can get you on a talk show. People welcome drama into thier lives. People need to hold themselves to higher standards, and have more self respect. Especially women. If women were more responsible about being better role models for their children and other women, and loving themselves. Then they wouldn’t have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for some loser. And wouldn’t allow these creeps around their kids to keep the disfunction going from generation to generation. They are so desperate to be loved that they look past the red flags and then complain about problems that could have been avoided. Alot of women piss me off, cause they make men think they can pull that stupid shit with me. Not today buddy!

          • i guess we could ask why girls seem to be attracted to bad boys? it’s true that the good guy never gets the girl…i know that women like confidence and strength and all that but what about personal responsiblity? i am strong physically and mentally i gave up all drugs and alcohol 4 years ago and on christmas eve i will be one-year off of cigarettes…i don’t have any bastard children running around, i work sex days a week pay my bills on time i am open-minded, well-read and fiercely loyal and honest…i’ve never struck a woman even tho i have been tempted to.
            in conclusion, i’m not going to win nicest guy of the year but i am a real man.
            ps-what the FUCK is honeybooboo?

          • Obli, have you ever heard of childrens beauty pagents. Where they put little girls in fake hair, fake tans, to much make-up, and shiny dresses? Well they had a show about that, but one of the girls was so out of control they gave her, her own show bout her life & family. Fat country bumkin trash, that actually go hog wrestlin. It’s a disgrace.

          • American ‘culture’ being exported all over the World, as America herself turns into Brazil, a 3rd World shithole.

            I fear for my Country, being on the border with such a hellhole.

          • Well Mr.@Obliterator, We know what’s on your mind writing the word “sex” instead of “six”, LMFAO!!!

  7. The death penulty is not good enough for this scumbag, he needs to have happen to him exactly what he did to his step daughter, but no one find him for a long time. No grave, just left there as a reminder to all other men who see young girls as sex slaves and then murder them.

    • I have to agree with you, the more I look at it the more it seems like there’s some monkey business going on. We’ve seen a lot of weird mind boggling shit on here but nothing adds up with that corpse.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking . That looks like the body of an adult female , not a cute little 14 year old . A lot of evil shit going on in that country . That could be anyone tied to that tree .

    • I would imagine , judging by this one single photo , that the person in the photo is someone else . For one, if that was really a 14 year old girl , her body would be somewhat smaller , her legs would not be so long and adult looking. Her torso would be much thinner , unless she was fat . The girls body , at 14, would still be in the growth process . That body is of a full grown adult female . It has to be someone at least 25 to 28 years maybe more . So what happened to the 14 year old, cause I am almost certain that is nit her . This story has a lot of mystery to it . Anybody got any clues ? That poor woman, whoever she is .

  8. All the have to do to her stepshitfather is take him to prison, plant a tree in the middle of the prison yard, tie him to the tree with no clothes on, and let his fellow prisoners serve Daiane some justice.

  9. I think he should be tied to a post lying down on the ground then cut his leg and put bullet ants, fire ants, and flesh eating beetles that bastard

  10. poor thing. she didnt derserve that mess. her body & skull tho, looks like 2 things that just dont go together. the skull & hair looks like im watching the movie Predator. as 4 the stepdads punishment, i say leave his dick on. shellac that shit w/some honey, give the ants just enough meal 4 a continental breakfast. after, get rid of ants. encase his body in a box or something, cutting a hole so the head & a thick tubes the only thing exposed. pour pissed off wasps thru tube, but be careful. after enough time & screams pass, get rid of wasps. then take a whip & beat him so skin breaks. take knife or razor & make tiiny cuts on body & face. trap legs in such a way, that if he makes the slightest move, razors will cut into him. open 3 industrial or bulk sized grain alcohol bottles & pour VIGOROUSLY. THATS what i think of pedos, rapists & killers of the elderly & children. THATS what they deserve, but i’ll settle 4 prison justice. even w/all i like done, gen. pop. justice is a 100x worse & far more lengthy, if place there

  11. Why are men so fucking disgusting ? Is that all that’s on your mind is sex? Get a fucking grip on reality already. You already RAPED the poor girl but you then murder her and let her rot on a fucking tree? Brazil being the SHIT country it is probably wont do anything and the max they can serve for murder is 30 years. This is fucked up.

  12. She asked for it.
    She wanted it.
    She got it.
    She loved it.
    End of.
    If she had better tits, he’d let her live, for another go.
    So who’s fault is it? Exactly.
    It’s entirely hers.
    I hope her last words to him were, “I’m sorry,”

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