14 Year Old Thai Gang Member Kills 15 Year Old Rival

14 Year Old Thai Gang Member Kills 15 Year Old Rival

14 year old Thai kid, a member of a local gang was riding a motorcycle with his 5 months pregnant 14 year old girlfriend as a passenger. As they rode down a road in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Muang district at night, the gang member whose name is being withheld by the authorities because he’s a minor (old enough to be in a gang, apparently) noticed two 15 year old members of a rival gang riding in front of him.

The 14 year old rode behind them for a while waiting for an opportune moment and when it came, he quickly caught up and kicked their motorcycle into a curb. Resulting high speed crash killed one of the 15 year olds and seriously injured another. Initiation complete – I assume.

You know what happens with the pregnant 14 year old girl after the kid is born? The Thai prick will knock out another ho and this one will be left hanging with a kid on her lap. So she will move to Pattaya and start whoring herself out. Funny thing is – you won’t find a Thai girl in her early teens who wouldn’t have spawned a kid, but they will continue trying to sell themselves as virgins for many years to come. Only in Thailand can you meet a virgin who gave birth to 5 kids.

And of course, once in Pattaya, all she will focus on will be to fool a naive foreigner into believing that she loves him long time, so he can put her on his will or otherwise assign all of his money to her. After that, the man will mysteriously commit suicide by jumping off of a highrise with his hands tied behind his back and duct tape over his mouth. Sad thing about this all is – it’s only a question of time before some naive foreigner does fall for the scam and pays for it with not only his life, but also with all of his family’s savings.

One thing that’s even sadder, however is the fact that the fool of a tool will talk about how friendly Thais are until he can’t talk no more. I’ve seen these idiots who wouldn’t recognize a scammer if he gave them a business card all over the place.

Welcome to Thailand, the land of grumps and the one country where the louder you are about how much you hate foreigners and the more of them you beat up or kill, the more celebrated and respected you become.

Props to Best Gore member PsychoActivefor the video. Fast forward to 0:35 for action – for whatever it’s worth:

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37 thoughts on “14 Year Old Thai Gang Member Kills 15 Year Old Rival

    • it’s really pathetic, @rebelk…just human life reduced to the most basic functions : eat, sleep, fuck…at this point in reality the human brain is the most complex and wonderful machine yet these people refuse to unlock the potential of their minds, they refuse to even atempt to understand the workings of consciousness and the universe and instead just reduce themselves to fucking meat…they are animals and we should not waste time thinking about them as if they were anything more

  1. This logic of “gang” life is all culturally influenced. I’m not blaming music (except mtv) but I’m blaming the mentality of today’s youth. What they see they will mimic, they live a life of dangerous delusions. You have the boys wanting to be “bad” or “misunderstood” and the girls as “loners” or “popular” they will live like this until they reach a mid life crisis, they will cheat on their lover and become alcoholics.

    • I’m 20 now when i was 7 i used to watch Scarface, Lethal Weapon, Rambo loads of other violnt shit. I also used to Play the grand theft auto games and this game calles Manhunt.

      Never raped, killed been a complete cunt to anyone but i maybe stole a packet of crisps from Tescos.

      What i don’t get is how kids seem easily influenced now than they did 10 years ago.

      I have noticed kids now speak in some new ridiculous slang and are becoming disrespectful, vile evil shits than what i remember growing up at that age

  2. I’m really, really tempted to call this kid a fucking subhuman, but then I wonder if maybe he was too young to realize the consequences of his actions. I imagine he was only doing what some degenerate adults were telling him to do.

    • I guess we can all agree at this age (wether you are smart or dumb) as long as you are not mentally retarded you should know what consequences you will face out of such actions. Sure, he was told to do it after all it most likely was an initiation thing-o as Mark assumes but at this age you should be able to realise what you are willing to do to be part of a “gang”. This one here is a typical sheep in his early years, doing what he is told to do to feel like he is part of a group.

      • I fully doubt that he was ordered to attack the rivals… These Thai kids have learn from their upper classmates behavior that attacking a rival brings then much respect… Prestige even, Amongst their peers.

        The vocational college “Gangs” are worse than the motorcycle gangs in Bangkok, Thais of lower class are born into this type of thing an it’s been ongoing for generations.

      • Actually no matter if he’s retarded or not at that age your frontal cortex isn’t fully developed and even if you know you are going to get in trouble you don’t fully realize the consequences of your actions. also in a country where what he was doing doesn’t always get caught or punished severely if the are caught so honestly you can’t just blame the kid. Obviously we are responsible for our own actions, however other factors come in to play as well. I’m also guessing everyone here overlooked the fact his parents might be ALIVE lol they definitely have to take a lot of the responsibility

  3. wow quite a few people actually stopped to see how they were doing, I guess not all yellow people are bad like the chinks that just casually watch people suffering in the street for no reason ahah some fucked up shit man

  4. The boy didn’t want to runover the members of the opposite gang, he was just diving to shield his 5 month pregnant 14 y.o. girlfriend.
    That is what I call a hero!

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