17 Year Old Girl Working a Kiosk Shot Dead by Armed Robber in Argentina

Karen Campos Moments Before Being Pronounced Dead

17 Year Old Girl Working a Kiosk Shot Dead by Armed Robber in Argentina

This horrific crime happened yesterday on March 10, 2013 at around 10pm in the town of Junin in Argentina. 17 year old girl identified as Karen Daiana Campos was shot dead by an armed robber while working a kiosk named “Carlitos” in the Villa Belgrano area. The hooded robber demanded money and although the girl handed it all to him without offering any form of resistance, he shot her in the chest before fleeing on a motorcycle.

Best Gore member rubialan07 who hooked me up with the photos and videos of this incident said:

Yesterday at about 10 pm, my home town (Junin, Argentina) was devastated. Karen, a 17 year old friend of mine, was shot in the chest while working in a convenience store. The bullet entered her chest, a few inches away from her heart, she was still conscious when she fell to the floor. A guy with a black coat, and a hoodie entered the store and told her to give him the money – she did, but before leaving the store, he shot her.

What really pissed of the neighbors is that the police station is just half a block from where this happened – on the same street. While she was bleeding out on the floor, the police took 15 minutes to arrive, the ambulance took 20 minutes. She was sent to undertake immediate emergency surgery, but died an hour later.

When we found out about her death, (I was there with some friends) everyone started wrecking the police station, and incinerating police cars. The plaza was filled with over 200 people, and Molotov’s flew all around us. GAD special forces, tried to restore order, but they left half hour later because more people kept coming. It was really chaotic, it really pisses me off.

What I read today on the web is that they are willing to pay 50.000 Pesos to anyone that can provide information that may lead to the arrest of the shooter.

RIP Karen “Karo” Campos. Too young to die like that. The life has not even started for her at 17.

Here are a few videos of riots in Junin after the murder:

And a gallery of a few photos. Props to Best Gore member rubialan07 for both pics and videos. More likely to come as this is a hot topic in Argentina now:

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75 thoughts on “17 Year Old Girl Working a Kiosk Shot Dead by Armed Robber in Argentina”

        1. Sorry, Im from Chile, but I live in Norway now. Chile is a country with many stupids things, like police trying to kill someone and smoking marijuana or “Flaites” ganstas in Chile who kill people only becouse they want or they dont like, now all that shit its coming out for the videos, but in Argentina this is extrange, couse in Argentina the police its “Normal” but they still a shit, now with that president! And Uruguay, nothing happens, or nothing happens that we now, at least.

          1. Dude I agree. I lived in Chile and now live in the U.S. and I’m sick of everyone I know praising Chile as the best country in Latin America when it’s bad as well. Although over there when I saw accidents or bus crashes, people immediately blocked the scene off and cops would take away cameras and shit.

          1. @kill- twisted?! That i most definitely am. But quite a “lady” in your everyday ordinary situations. The most well mannered and polite young woman one could meet, in fact. I’m also quite flexible. I truly enjoy putting the word “twisted” to its full potential! 😉

    1. A kiosk, at least the one’s I know of, are those stand-alone thingies in malls and outside stores like Walmart selling candy, cheap jewelry, cell phone covers, sunglasses, etc. The girl in this story was working at a convenience store, according to the story. Aren’t they called bodegas in the East Coast?

  1. Another pointless murder by a asshole that is able to escape because of a worthless police service.

    “While she was bleeding out on the floor, the police took 15 minutes to arrive, the ambulance took 20 minutes.”

    The above would be considered a fast response in my shit hole of a country.

    Do any other Best Gore members have a lacklustre emergency service that consistently fails despite the vast amounts of taxpayer money they receive?.

    I am just trying to establish whether fucking the taxpayer in the ass is a universal problem.

      1. @rubialan07, I hope you get the fucker who did it. It is easy for us Best Gore members to become detached when hearing about or viewing death and murder but this time it was your friend and that brings it into reality, that makes it personal.

        I expect though that since a lot of people want this bastards head he will probably hand himself in rather than get caught by you.

        1. If he gets caught by police, he will get his ass kicked pretty bad, we never had anything like this in our city. I feel guilty because it happend at 10 and i arrived at 11 to buy cigs… Maybe if i arrived earlier, nothing would of happened

          1. @rubiaian, Things like this happen and if you had been there you could also have been shot or killed. Hopefully this piece of shit is caught soon and no one else gets robbed an killed.

    1. @WM- exactly. They say that when you become a parent, pieces of your heart are now on the outside. Worn on the sleeve of your children. No one quite gets that unless they have kids. I’m sure there’s exceptions on both sides as well. I probably butchered the actual saying but you get the just..

          1. Hi Brokeback, A kiosk is another word that transcends time, it originates from middle Persian and it means a small booth that sells, for the most part, inexpensive items.

            In modern language however it means a dispenser that caters for sick fucks who are only there for the pussy.

  2. Fuck, another atrocity! I hope they catch the nigger; fuck! Why do people target the cops whilst ignoring the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’? Too hard to catch him, of course. Sneaky fuck would blend into the shadows like a single splash of runny crap dropping into a sewer.

    My sympathies go to the parents and friends of the poor, harmless girl.

  3. A few months back, I was at my gym. I left at around 11:30 and then at 11:45pm a guy pulled up, forced open the door and pointed a knife at my friend who works the front desk threatening to kill her if she didn’t let him use the showers.(of all the fucking things to commit robbery over. Haha.)
    Luckily nothing else happened. But I would’ve had to paint the floor with his grey matter had I been there.

  4. I think there is more to this story than we are hearing, yes I know people get robbed all the time, but it’s unusual for them to be killed if they offered no resitance. Either she recognized the person or something else happened.

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