1915 Armenian Genocide Anniversary

Photo of Unearthed Victims of Armenian Genocide

1915 Armenian Genocide Anniversary

On April 24, 1915 Ottoman Turks, as part of their quest to establish the Religion of Peace as the dominant religion in the world, rounded up tens of thousands of Armenian men and executed them on the spot. Women, children and the elderly were forcibly deported by the hundreds of thousands to Cecilia and Syria – a treacherous journey across the mountains that claimed countless lives.

Within nine months, the Turks directly executed more than 600,000 Armenians. Additional 400,000+ perished during the deportation process south into Mesopotamia. To strip the first Christian state in the world of its Christian past, remaining 200,000 Armenians were forcibly converted to Islam.

Remember that the Khazars, the tribe of cutthroats who sometimes in the 9th century converted to Judaism and today refer to themselves widely as the Jews, came from what is the present day Turkey. You may have noticed that there is a strong sense of loyalty to the lands from whence these fake Jews came. After Israel, Turkey is the most avid abuser of human rights and committer of large scale genocides, yet you have never nor ever will hear of any sanctions imposed upon the country by the UN or any other Zio controlled institution of evil.

Today marks the 98th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. It is sad that almost a century later, justice for the massacre of 1.5 Million Armenians has still not been served. And not only that – Armenian Genocide is cleverly left out of the curriculum of schools so most people have no idea such atrocities took place in the early 20th century. Teachers and media are too busy brainwashing the populace with fabricated stories about alleged Holocaust while justice for the victims of Israel friendly Turks remains denied.

Armenian Genocide Facts

  • Between 1915 and 1923, the Armenian Genocide resulted in the death of over two million Armenians as well as Greeks and Assyrians
  • Nearly half million Armenians who survived the systematic extermination by the Ottoman Turks were expelled from homes and forced to settle in foreign countries
  • The Armenian Genocide resulted in the near annihilation of a people and as such has no match in modern history
  • The Republic of Turkey, the successor state to the Ottoman Empire under which the Genocide was committed adamantly denies the Armenian Genocide
  • In order to keep the populace ignorant to the facts and their agenda on course, The Republic of Turkey adopted the Jew approach by introducing the laws such as Article 301 which have led to the prosecution of countless writers and human rights advocates for acknowledging the historical facts of the Armenian Genocide – same as the Jews do with historians and researchers who publish actual findings, instead of sticking with pre scripted outcomes they are expected to acknowledge regardless of what conclusion their research draws
  • The International Association of Genocide Scholars has repeatedly affirmed that the massacres of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks between 1915 and 1923 constitute genocide
  • Canada, despite being a Zionist puppet, is one of the 20 countries that recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide. The first country in the world to do so was Uruguay in 1965 – maximum props to the uli land. USA is too far up the Israel’s ass to be on the list.

Twenty Voices

Twenty Voices is a 2003 documentary by Araz Artinian in which survivors of the Armenian Genocide recount their experiences:

Gallery of Photos

Black and white photos below were taken during the Armenian Genocide and show the suffering the Armenian people were put through. We must never forget but most of all, we must never forgive:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “1915 Armenian Genocide Anniversary”

      1. @gx5555

        Strange but true.

        The turks that did this were a group called the Young Turks. As you say all the key members were crypto jews called Donmeh. Most famous cutthroat of donmeh was Mustapha kemal attaturk,founder of mod Turkey.

        Zionatoyanquistan has been trying to tell us Turks are europeans and “moderate” ever since. Of course only sheeple believe that. Turkey is only country I can think of that has escaped punishment for genocide in modern times even though they were defeated in war.

    1. It start wide a tukish army how frezzen to death in the mounting. Then the leder blame the Christen to help the russen (Christien). It was not a Holecust. If you change to Islam you can seve your life. The problem to day is that. Nothing happen and Tukiet want to be a meber in EU. The Germen have take the Holocust in to the schools. Everybody knows abart the Holucust in Germeny.

  1. This is the second genocide i learned of on here i always knew there were genocides in foreign places of the world but In school I only learned of the holocaust, and the one in Rwanda. At first glance i thought this was funny by thinking oh cool whats this another genocide because some apathetic part of me felt that killing people was awesome or something , but watching the video almost brought tears to eyes thinking of the suffering that had happened.

    1. @lurking-sheep

      Because some of us are survivors , we have heaps of eyewitness accounts by people not on either side and germany its accessory has finally turned states evidence and “spilled all the beans”.

      Do those chopped heads look fake to you?

      Also , a good lesson to those who think Moslem aka isis Fsa terror is a new terror.it isn’t ,it was just hidden from you by zioyanquistan for there own purposes!

  2. I’ve been lurking on this site literally for months but resisted creating a profile. Seeing this though has prompted me to register. As soon as I saw “Armenian Genocide” I had a knee jerk reaction because I’m Armenian and I feel that not enough people know about this, which pisses me off. All the attention gets diverted to the holocaust and not enough to the rest of the atrocities that have occurred in the world.
    It might be of interest to you guys to know that something similar happened, but thankfully on a smaller scale, in my birth country of Azerbaijan in 1988. The ethnic Azeris, who are Muslim, started murdering all the Armenians in the country, effectively driving most of them out, which is how I escaped.
    Mark, if you could find some info about that and post it here I’d be really interested to see it.

      1. Hey Obliterator, so cool that you talked to me. I’ve followed you on here since you talked about you “harassing” a female co worker and posting your cutting pics, lol. I’m glad you’re interested in this and I’m quite surprised you know anything about Azerbaijan. Kudos to you. To be honest, and this is embarrassing, I didn’t know about the Kirovabad situation but I do know about Sumqayit because my mom told me about it. It was the scene of awful violence by the Azeris against the Armenians and resulted in many of their deaths.
        To make a long story short, my entire extended family fled Azerbaijan at the end of 1988, soon after the instability began. I remember hiding out in my aunt’s basement with several cousins when the Muslims were doing their rounds across the city, looking for victims to assault. That situation pretty much let us know it was super unsafe to continue living there. Even though my grandparents, my parents and I were born there we were no longer welcome in our country, as evidenced by the raw hostility of our Azeri compatriots. It was quite shocking to us that despite living harmoniously side by side for decades and generations they were able to so quickly turn against us and murder us at free will.

        After this insurgence my family fled and dispersed to Armenia or Russia but my mother foolishly decided to stay behind and try to sell our house. I was separated from her and went to live with my grandparents in Nagorno-Karabakh for 2 years. During that time my mother later told me she witnessed the Azeris playing soccer with newly severed heads of Armenians and other atrocities such as this. God, Muslims sure love to behead don’t they? That’s fucking unbelievable. Seeing shit like that totally fucked her up mentally and she became a totally different, highly emotionally unstable person. One day she left her house for a quick chat with her neighbor when she saw our family home being attacked by these savages. Had she been inside she would have undoubtedly been raped and murdered and I would’ve become an orphan. Seeing how awfully my traumatized mother treated me after going through her experience during this war, I think it probably would’ve been better for me to have become an orphan…
        Anyway, most my extended family later relocated to southern Russia (Krasnodar) but my mother and I moved to Moscow to seek asylum in America. After 2 years in Moscow President Bush Sr. granted us asylum and we moved to the East coast, to Connecticut. After 3 years we moved to Los Angeles, where I effectively grew up.

        See, the thing about war is that even when it’s over it’s not really ever over. Mentally it affects you so deeply that it just sort of…become a part of you. It shifts your life and perspective in such a fundamental way that you’re left with a feeling of displacement forever. You’re in a place you never asked to be in, part of a culture that isn’t your own, feeling something alien. I was 10 when I moved to the U.S. and already on my 3rd language, living in my 3rd country. I went from Russian to Armenian to English all by 4th grade and I couldn’t really accept American culture because I felt such a kinship with my own native culture. No kid should have to go through that. At that age you should be hanging out with other little kids, playing with dolls and being silly. Instead I was struggling with an unstable mother in a foreign land, feeling chaos inside. War uprooted me from my happy life and forced me to survive a harsh reality; it plunged me into a different realm.

        I recently got into Dexter and I’m on my 5th season, where Dexter meets motivational speaker (but actual bad guy) Jordan Chase. Jordan preaches to people about the primal self and talks about pivotal moments in our life that shatter us. Something shatters us and our insatiable need to become whole again, the return to the primal self, drives us our entire lives to feel complete again or, as Dexter said, to become/feel “unbroken”. Well, I know what shattered me…and I’ve been trying to fill that void ever since. I’ve never felt truly American and have chosen to move abroad. As you might guess from my name I currently live in China but I’m sure I’ll keep moving around my whole life because I have no roots, no real connection to anything. Such is the legacy of war.

        1. thank you so much for sharing. you are clearly possessed of the willpower and mental fortitude to overcome obstacles set before you. remember…never forget your past but do not let your past define you. you can become so much more, you’ve proven as much already.
          i also never felt that i really belonged anywhere. although not in the same way as you.

  3. I traveled to Turkey recently and was pleased to find that they are very secular despite the fact the 99% of the country identifies as Muslim. No snackbars here. But they are still bitter and in denial about the Armenian genocide. Which is why Canadians and Austrailians pay $60 for an entry visa as opposed to $20 for any other national; Canada and Australia were the first to recognize and condemn the genocide.

  4. @DaddyGore- i had no fucking clue about any of this!!! What a fucking crock of shit that these schools just teach a bunch of scripted bull-shit! Well, my kids will know truth! Thank you for opening my eyes to countless things! I can’t believe that everything they ever taught my ass school was joke and one cover-up after another! A way to create a bunch of complying robotic sheep that would blindly follow and believe whatever crap they fed! Makes me mad actually! Well and a little more forgiving of myself for cutting classes so much…

    1. I suppose your kids will never learn about the White people who were slaves in North America, or that the Africans were the ones who did the slave selling in Africa – mostly to the Arabs. Never mind learning about this genocide.

  5. Germans Dont Know About The Holicaust, Because It’s A Shamefull Act. Same With This, Why Teach At School Something That Puts Your Own Country To Shame?
    It’ll Always Be Like This, I Doubt This Is The Only Thing Thats Ever Happened Anyway.

  6. Things like this are what make me want to get an AR-15 or some such and take revenge. Tho I lost no one in this or the Holocaust, I think the islamic countries are true barbarians.

    1. You have your true history mixed up with propaganda. The Holocaust is a hoax (notice how there are plenty of photographs of murder victims in other genocides, while the Holocaust photographs in which there are even corpses shown clearly died of causes that weren’t murder; this is just one very small clue that the Holocaust was bullshit, read the Holohoax category for more). Muslim extremists are just another pawn of the Zionists (who have murdered possibly over 100mil throughout history, none of whom are officially or universally remembered).

  7. @happy

    Thanks for being one of the few people for having the bravery to show the truth about these fing Turks. All the more because you did it well before zioyanquis had a falling out with turks.
    Oliver stone and mel gibson all were going to make movies but chickened out because of turk lobby that turned out to be more powerful than zio one.

    Well done!

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