23 Year Old Palestinian Murdered by Israeli Settler South of Nablus

23 Year Old Palestinian Murdered by Israeli Settler South of Nablus

Earlier today, a 23 year old Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli settler in front of Israeli soldiers in the Hawara village, south of Nablus, Palestine. The Jew also wounded four others, including a journalist covering the atrocities by the invading organisms.

The victim was identified as Muataz Hussein Hilal Bani Shamsa. After killing him, the Jew shot and wounded journalist Majdi Eshtayya, and rammed a Red Crescent ambulance with his car, injuring three more people. The organism then went to Israeli police and filed a complaint claiming that the Palestinians tried to kill him.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the videos and pics:

Here’s the video of the incident, though not a whole lot can be made out until the footage cuts to the aftermath:

Also a video of an invading organism handing out candy to fellow parasites in celebration of killing the 23 year old human:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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201 thoughts on “23 Year Old Palestinian Murdered by Israeli Settler South of Nablus”

        1. You don’t make sense from any perspective other than that of Chrissan Ziotards who think the Old Testament is a guide to 21st century Middle East geopolitics. Obviously another Judenfilth HasbaRAT frequenting the Pam Geller, Gays of Vienna forums who promote that the “West” is at war with “Islam”, I suggest you stay there with your fellow Jerusalemites, where your idiocy and ignorance is not that apparent, you are way out of your depth here.

        2. I think you made a mistake as it was Mossad Agents dressed as Muslims, that were fucking some of the Gay N.A.T.O. Troops, @NineInchNails while the Village Cats, & Dogs Looked-On in Horror, and Disbelief, at them! These Poor, and Innocent Animals, have endure enough Already, with Soldiers Bombs, and Bullets flying overhead. Also these ISRAELI Agents of Death, N.A.T.O. Troops protect, and Praise, come in different colors, shape, & sizes and have been known to carry fake Passports from all 4 corners of the World. See Below at a few examples,,,


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      2. Jews have been living in Palestine for centuries alongside Muslims, Christians etc. and nobody hurt them. It’s the creation of an exclusively Jewish state through weaponized migration and occupation of a land that doesn’t belong to them that causes trouble in the region and beyond, and it has nothing to do with solving the Jewish problem for them or for us, it rather perpetuates it and magnifies it, as even a cursory overview shows.

        If Jews are entitled to occupy Palestine then don’t whine when the beaners drive out whites from California and annex it one day, or if Muslims colonize Europe and impose Sharia Law. They have as much of a ‘right’ to it as Jews have in Palestine.

        1. Dude… Do you have any idea how many Muslims live in Israel?
          About 1/3rd of their population.

          What this Jew did was wicked in the extreme, however considering the shit the Palestinians do to the Israeli’s at opportune moments, it isn’t therefore surprising that such altercations are common among the two peoples.
          That is if you can call Palestinians a ‘people’.

      3. @PhillipDavis Are You Jewish by any chance, Or just a grossly misinformed Jewish Sympathizer? Because ALL Jews In The Middle-East, have always been known to the locals To be the True Niggers Of Their Perspective area’s. You could compare them to the Locust Plagues of past Biblical Times, because they come in to a Village, or Town unexpectedly, And just like a Street Gang, they Eat, Steal, Ravage, And Destroy Anything in there path, Or In Their sights for that matter, And once that all It’s Riches, & Natural Resources are completely Gone, and Leeched by them Insects, they then, and only then, move-on destroy another Village, Or Town In The Very Same Way! “Awful, Disgusting (Parasitic Entities) they all are”

    1. Well said brother, as these Jew Murdering Cunts are as Mark stated, the real Parasites of our Planet. And just like he did, that Jew should be executed while Palestinians chant, & dance the night away.

    1. Yes as Israel really is a shit-hole. Palestine was a beautiful place, just like Syria was before these
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        1. Read the history, The people in Gaza were driven out of their lovely homes in Huj, now called Sderot, into Gaza by the Jews at the creation of Israel – even though they helped the Jews fight the British, This was before the Arab states tried to intervene to prevent ethnic cleansing of Arabs by the Jews.What would you do if you were driven out of your traditional lands and homes with just the clothes on your back?Also Google ‘Conquest of Jaffa’ and you’ll discover the Jews fired mortars for four days in to the civilian neighbours to terrorise the Arab inhabitants and force them to leave.

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    1. Blood sucking?

      Israel supplies a good portion of the military technology that the US and other countries have.
      They have huge exports in fruit and other commodities.

      How are they “Blood Sucking” per say?

      Judaism is evil because of the Talmud, not because of the Torah.

      But don’t fucking excuse the Muslims who live in Israel, Palestine, the Gaza strip and the surrounding countries.
      Muslims are inherently barbaric in nature as we continually see.

      1. So because of this Past American Indian Tragedy, The Dirty-Zionist-Jews have to continue slaughtering innocent Palestinians on a daily basis?? What’s your point Gumby?? Also,,, genocide is being committed, and continues to rise Worldwide against The Christians & Roman-Catholics Alike, and by guess who??? These same Zionist Jews. And what should be considered a Hot Mainstream News Topic, is never, and will Never be,,, Brought-Up, but instead will continue to be “Well Hidden” from public view, as the outcry, subsequent turmoil, and protests would be widespread, to say the very least, and you Fucks know this fact well. The Middle-East, and ALL it’s Wars, have been started, and continue to this day, by none other than These same Zionist Jews, and because of this, Peace will never be attained, until you all get the fuck out of Land that was stolen from The Palestinians, and given to you, that you proudly call Isra-Hell, oh,,, me so Sorry,lol, Israel.

    1. @horny devil.
      Europeans killing Native Americans for the purpose of stealing their land is a bit of a stretch. A couple of points.
      First, the U.S. didn’t exist when the first settlers rowed their boats ashore. Maybe England would be more to blame for taking over present day U.S.A.
      Second, forceful annexation and military conquest of land “belonging” to others was not a new concept invented by the European settlers arriving in North America.
      Why is the U.S. routinely criticized for its origins while ancient and some modern empires were created by ruthless genocide?
      In fact, European settlers were the only group of “invaders” to invite the indigenous peoples to Thanksgiving dinner.

    2. I slowly became aware of a dual morality permeating Jewish-Gentile relations. Jews practiced one morality for themselves and preached another for the non-Jewish world. Their own morality of racial pride taught solidarity, tradition and self-interest. But they preached diversity and liberalism for their perceived competitors. If such dualism did not exist, how could the Jewish-dominated American media:
      Support the nation of Israel, which promotes Judaism in its schools, while opposing even the singing of Christmas carols in American public schools?
      Support the nation of Israel, which has strictly segregated schools, communities, and facilities for Jews and Arabs – while condemning segregated schools and housing in America and South Africa?
      Support the nation of Israel, with its restrictive “Jews only” immigration laws, while subverting American attempts to curtail even illegal immigration?
      Support the nation of Israel, which allows every Jewish citizen to carry a machine gun if desired, while advocating strict gun control for American citizens?
      Support the nation of Israel, which openly states its mission to preserve the Jewish people and heritage, while condemning Whites who would dare to advocate the preservation of the White race and Western culture in America?
      Always paint the historical relations between Jews and Gentiles with the Gentiles as evildoers and the Jews as innocent victims, while condemning White people for even defending themselves from such Jewish depiction?
      The moral hypocrisy became obvious. Powerful Jews advocate one morality for Jews; the opposite for Gentiles. If their policies of solidarity are morally good for them, why would they not be morally good for us as well? Why the double standard? If “White racists” are morally reprehensible, why are not Jewish supremacists reprehensible as well?
      While Herzl and other Zionists feverishly gathered worldwide Jewish support for the establishment of the exclusively Jewish state, Jewish activists were busy trying to negate the Christian component of American culture and remove even Christmas carols from our schools. While they trumpet their belief that they are a “Chosen People” above all others, and celebrate a unique people defined by heritage from Abraham to the present – they tell White people that race consciousness is evil. While they established a Jewish nation where citizenship is based almost exclusively on the heredity of the “Jewish people,” Jewish anthropologists promote the idea that the White race doesn’t exist. Even though they devotedly support their own exclusively Jewish-run state of Israel, they work feverishly to undermine the White control and character of America through the “civil-rights” movement and massive non-White immigration. While they have laws in Israel prohibiting Gentiles from owning certain media, they boldly move to gain control of the great majority of the mass media in America.

  1. Big hello from jewish Israeli guy 🙂
    How you’ll doing? I’m really enjoying all the lies spread here in this site, of cours Mossad is reponsible for everything ever happened at Andromeda galaxy, no doubt about it.
    I just wanna tell you why this guy is giving away treats, no its not because the palestinian who tried to stab the jew got shot. it is because some of the the palestinians terrorists in israeli jail started a hunger strike, their demmands are better AC in their rooms and more Channels in their Tv’s. Funny thing is that the terrorist who started the hunger strike got cought by Security cams eating chocolate candies names “Tortit”.. its a green labled chocolate bar (Very good btw) so this jewish guys is giving Tortits as to make fun of the head of the hunger strike… thats all to it.
    Anyway… continue with the “Mossad did everything bad in the world and here i have prove of it, oh wait i dont but wait its only logical cause.. Jews are Bad… MKay?”

    1. @israeli_guy I love that fact that anti-semitism and holohoax denial is increasing world wide. I love that fact that racism towards sub-human Jews and hatred towards the terrorist pseudo-state of Israel is increasing. It makes my day when I wake up and hear that a Jew has been run over or killed. It means one less sub-human, holohoax cockroach alive. I especially love it Jews get exposed and make up a fake bogus story to try and hide the truth but get found out anyway like you are right now, it’s just too funny. Your days are numbered Jew, and I LOVE IT.

      1. Hello, my Dear, B-G Sister. I love it when you come riding on here, like an Honest, Good Human Being, always ready to lend a helping hand, by furthering our quest to continue exposing, and uncover these lying, deceiving “sub-humans”, as you call them, lol. I also agree with your statement that (their days truly are numbered), and like you,,, I Love It,,, & of course,,, “I Love You Sister” 🙂

      2. @Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein
        Oy vey so much hate lOl ;).
        ok thou the fact that you say its a fact that anti semitism and holocaust denial is increasing does NOT make it a fact ;). one thing is a fact thou and you have to admit it. The whole state of Israel is like a size of a city, it is surrounded with unlimited number of muslims dreaming of the day they can all kill us, there are like TONS of people like you whose their parents probably got shitty jobs so the blame the jews and filled your mind with all kind of shitty stories, and YET, one of the most powerful countries in the world, TOP 5 in healthcare, technology, a big member of the OECD countries, i mean, you gotta be so damn pissed about that and by the way, these are true facts where you can google and find out yourself, dont take my jewish word for it 🙂 . last thing, i hear about our numbered days for soooo long , i mean, how numbered? how many numbers left man?

        1. Israel is nothing without the US and Germany, that’s why they leech off countries such as those listed. They get all of “their” technology etc. from such countries at the expense of goyim tax payers. This is typical of a parasite which is what the pseudostate of Israel and the Jews both are. Anti-semitism and holohoax denial are both increasing, this is a fact. All you have to do is google it to see for yourself. In fact, holohoax denial has increased even in Germany as more and more historians are exposing the Jewish lie. The Jews’ days are numbered oy gevalt! It’s like anudda shoah! ;^(

          1. @Shaydo Israel is a welfare state and doesn’t contribute anything to the world except terror. Most technology comes from Europe and the US. The only thing Israel is known for selling is Palestinian resources. E.g. Palestinian olives and avocados from the groves that the Khazars stole from the native Palestinian population.

    2. I guess I can see it happenning as you explained it…
      Afterall the Jews would be the type to kick your ass and then after embarrass you the worst way imaginable.
      What a bunch of dumbasses those Palestinians for allowing other people, (in this case the Jews) to treat them as if like shit!

      1. Nice try (((loser))) but your untermensch ass cannot “kick” mine when yours has been kicked 109 times from every nation you have tried and failed to destroy throughout history. You cannot embarrass me either for I am the roast master, it is my duty to expose, and humiliate your hook nosed, genetically inferior, sub-human kind. And I fulfil this duty with ease. Jews are weak, that’s why they get others to do their dirty work. All you have to do is look at the physical anatomy of a Jew. Scrawny, ugly, inbred, short, stubby, weak, and useless all together.

        1. @shoahshana-goldberg-shekelstein hahahahahahaha…..!!! You girl, are one of my favorite BG members. I have respect for your honest, open, and focused content. You are fighting a holy-war against Zionism. You are a steel peanut that Jews are trying to crush with their molars, but in trying to do so, they have damaged all their grill. Keep up the good work girl. I love you for that………..!!!

      2. @Soorenho They, (The Palestinians) do not allow it, but with the Israeli,s and their numerous State Of The Art Weaponry at their disposal, the Residents of the Occupied Territories can Shoot Any of them with little, or no repercussions whatsoever, just by stating (like in this case), That, “They Tried To Attack Me”. Now, if the tables were turned, and a Palestinian himself stabs A Jew,,, Holy-Fuck,,, get the military Helicopters, and Jets Out on the tarmac,, and lets bomb the shit out of those “Terrorists” as they call them, when in reality WE know who the real Terrorists are, cause the Palestinians do not have any weapons, except maybe for a Butter Knife, lol.

        1. So the Palestines basically trying to hang with the big boys but dont got what it takes to step up and step up.
          They should limit themselves to their capacities and avoid been everyone’s laughter

      3. Nice try untermensch (((loser))) but my ass can’t be kicked when yours has been kicked 109 times from every nation you have tried and failed to destroy throughout history. You cannot embarrass me either for I am the roast master. Leave it to me and I will burn you far worse than any imaginary holohoax oven ever could because it’s my joy in life to expose, insult, degrade, mock, and humiliate the hook nosed, genetically inferior, sub-human JEW. And it all comes naturally to me. The Jew is weak, that’s why they get others to do their dirty work by attacking Palestinian women, children, and the elderly, let alone unarmed civilians who can’t defend themselves. All you have to do is look at the physical anatomy of a Jew. Scrawny, lanky, ugly, inbred, short, stubby, weak, and useless all together.

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      1. NO,,,, if fact @Chosen, i am “””VERY, VERY, HAPPY”””, especially since the internet has helped us Spread your continuing WAR-CRIMES, and global economy collapsing games you,s keep playing. But, before long you will ALL PAY DEARLY, as the first strike will come from MOTHER RUSSIA, and because Israel is so small, the whole SHITHOLE will be wiped-out. But “YOU” my friend, or (enemy) i should say, are boiling mad inside, and it shows a lot more than you,s think. But because YOU JEWS have been taught to act overly calm, instead of showing your discontent, and anger, you use big words to sound intelligent, and not violent whatsoever, by not reacting to any, and all truth,s about your numerous shortcomings, that we continually uncover. But guess what ??? people and the SHEEPLE alike now know this fake behavior that you SCUM SPEW, and can see right through it, lol. So by being (Overly Fake, & Super Calm) all of us Brutally Honest Goyim, as you call us, laugh at your Erratic Nonsense. What gets me though is the way that you guys say,,, lets talk about it, when it comes to the Palestinian Ongoing Slaughter. And these big meetings with Different World Leaders do, and have always done Fuck-All to solve it. I and the rest of the World now know that this is, and has been nothing more than an ongoing stall tactic while you cunts continue stealing more land, and building settlements on it!
        But, soon enough these stall tactics will end because talk is cheap, and it is now time for action. So RUSSIA will blow you,s Sky High Soon, if you guys don,t smarten up, so they might as well do it now cause you Evil Hard Headed fucks will never stop killing innocents the world over.

      1. You, & I both my friend, as TRUTH will always overcome Evil, and we can then say that B-G
        And it,s Loyal Members have played a huge part in uncovering all the horrendous Crimes that were committed by the “Global Zionist-Jews, & Israel”. And the day will come soon when they will all be charged, and sentenced, to War-crimes.

          1. I’m surprised you didn’t start your comment with “Nice try”. Must have been hard attempting to comment without using your limited and repetitive vocabulary.

            I really can’t stop laughing at some of your extremely childish and cringeworthy comments.
            “Nice try untermensch (((loser)))”
            “I am the roast master.”

            Grow up, you 12 year old. You are not a badass by claiming to be a “roast master”. You just make yourself look like a complete tool. Come up with some better insults than what you learn from the “cool kids” at school, kiddo.

        1. If you’re going to reply to my comment, actually say something of value instead of resorting to words used in a sentence, you sound like a 12 year old “Grammar Nazi” who thinks correcting people’s spelling is somehow an argument. If you can’t do that then as I said turd, eat shit for lakshmi and remain silent.

          1. So, you fail at reading comprehension as well but will carry on trying to be a smartass? When did I correct your grammar, exactly? I’m pointing to your limited vocabulary and cheap insults which you have been using here over and over again. Now, when you ran out of those insults, you resorted to writing the same BS again and again, just so you could one-up me. “Eat shit for Lakshmi” and this is your argument?

            You want an argument? How about you stop shoving this attitude of yours in every post you comment on here and just try for a moment to act a bit subtle and civilized?
            In every post, you comment with cheap insults to appear cool. So, don’t teach me, you pretentious troll.

      1. Me thinks that @rota is a Mossad Agent paid to spread hatred, & disinformation on here about the Muslim race, Via The North American SHEEPLE Populace , and their Zionist-Owned Mass-Media-Outlets, in order to further the Zionist-Agenda of trying desperately to be the Worlds only Pure White Race, among other things! Fucking Degenerate, & Inbred Losers!!!

    1. @Rota Have you Read The Jewish Talmud??? Doubt it, as the Qur’an is a beautiful, and peaceful, (Walk In The Park) Book, as compared, & opposed to this EVIL TALMUD, “”book of hate””. I thought that you were more intelligent, and less indoctrinated than that. You Disappoint Me.

    1. What have you contributed to the world other than open your big mouth and talk shit Subhumana Goldberg? You sit there behind your keyboard spewing hate and you think you’re better than anybody?? hahaha You ain’t shet just FYI. You’re a piece of shet garbage human parasite just like the rest of us lol. Have a good day.

      1. She is Spewing “NOTHING BUT” the Truth @Dreamon Bilasimo not Hate. What the Zionist-Jews have done is spread nothing “BUT HATE”, Blatant Lies through their Owned & Controlled Mass-Media, & Mass Killings with all their false-Flag Wars Throughout History.
        Did you know that they were responsible for over “50 Million Christian Deaths” during the Bolshevik Revolution in Stalin’s Russia Alone?? Did you know that they have been kicked-out of as many as 129 Countries in the past for doing exactly what they are getting away with today??? Did you know that even though most of our Western, and European ZOG Controlled Countries, do not put a TAX on our Grocery Purchases of Foodstuff, that the JEWS have implemented (a hidden, and Illegal Tax) on our food purchases anyways???
        Did you know that The U.S. does not, and cannot print their own Money, like other Countries do, but have to Borrow-It instead from The PRIVATELY-OWNED Federal-Reserve
        Bank???? Did you know that Dirty Old Rabbi’s Suck On 8 Day Old Boys Penises with their own Mouth’s after they perform the Barbaric Act of Circumcision on them??? Did you Know
        That these Jews Torture Animals by the Thousands for their Ritual Kosher Foods???
        Did you know that they have made T-Shirts in Israel depicting a Pregnant Muslim Woman with a target across on her belly Stating “One Bullet = 2 Kills” on it, ???? I can go on for at least a good 2 hrs. if not more writing these HONEST & TRUE FACTS, but i thought that it would be enough for you to start checking on, for your own Truth Seeking Purposes, if you wish, but without overwhelming you with too much! A Little Quote That I Found Years Ago
        *******Condemnation Without Investigation comes from a fools Imagination*******

        1. Thedre, Just the simple fact that you hate someone you don’t know just because they are called “jew” is what makes YOU the fool. Not everyone is the same. Yes you can give me many more bullet points of info you got from articles you read on the ever so fact-spewing internet, but still just the fact you even spend so much time hating unknown people is stupid. Get over yourselves. My comment to subhumana was only to make herself look in the mirror. Most likely what’s there is no better than any regular old baby blood sucking jew that she hates so much. Good day to you sir, and I hope one day you can overcome your foolish hatred. But, chances are jews will be here way after you’re gone so I doubt it:/ Oh well for you.

          1. @Dreamon Bilasimo How hypocritical of you Jew. You say to goyim that they hate for no reason, yet the JEWS hate the goyim for no reason, all because their filthy, Satanic religion, and toilet paper religious texts command them to kill the goyim. Jews are the most hateful and evil beings in existence, and that is why they are sub-human.

          2. I totally disagree with you, as the Zionist-Jews are the ones responsible for most of their continued Global War-Crimes, and bearing the brunt of my rants. So in reality, because you have never looked into the ZOG Problem Worldwide, besides getting your info from the 6 pm. News everyday, “YOU ARE”, and continue to look very foolish & stupid. Because if your Country was taken over by them, and your People were continually killed, and maimed, on a daily basis, You are telling us that your Country,s Populace would Cowardly turn around and let themselves get fucked in the ass, then turn away, letting them continue on with the killing of innocents??? OK, then, lol.

    2. Jewish people have contributed to science, humanities, the arts etc… They invented a myriad of things that contribute to humanity you fucking idiot.

      “All they do is maim, kill, murder, shill, manipulate, and destroy.” That’s a more accurate description of the followers of religion of piss.

      1. LOLWUT? By stealing other people’s ideas, and creating degenerate puke they call art because they’re not capable of creating timeless masterpieces, Jews have contributed nothing. Like any other parasite, Jews live off their host and use the host’s properties as their own. But they’re still parasites. Living off a host doesn’t make them host like.

      2. Jews have contributed to science? What science is that? The “science” of sucking baby dicks? You say the humanities, what humanities exactly? The part where they twist history with their holohoax tale or pretend to be the victim when they are always the perpetrator? The arts? You call degenerate “art” consisting of inbred, horribly drawn images art? Jews haven’t contributed a single positive thing to the world. Their entire “culture” and identity is literal cancer. Grow the fuck up, stop sucking on baby dicks and shilling for Jews, and get a reality check.

        1. Exactly, as most of today,s science was stolen from a Man called Nicola Tesla born in (modern day) Croatia. He was an Orthodox Christian, therefore the JEWS did not like him, and decided to Steal most of this brilliant Man,s idea,s and a lifetime of work, only to give the credit, and Stolen Patents, to Jew-Thieves Albert Einstein (JEW), Thomas Edison (JEW) & George Westinghouse (ANOTHER JEW) Edison refused to pay Nicola Tesla money that he owed him for tons of work performed in his Factory. Westinghouse, on the other hand reneged on a contract with Tesla, while he had already invested much of his own money to fulfill. And finally the “Big Fake Joke” of a Scientist Einstein, helped steal, and put into production numerous Tesla Patents, while the other 2 jokers mentioned above followed suit and helped steal the other Tesla Patents. But Nicola Tesla, being The Good, Kind, Christian Man with Morals, that he was, said this about them when finding out about his Patents being Stolen “”IT DOES NOT BOTHER ME THAT THEY STOLE MY IDEA,S, BUT WHAT BOTHERS ME IS THE FACT THAT THEY HAD NONE OF THEIR OWN””. Classy Man this Nicola Tesla Was. Unlike The Fake Scientist, & JEW-PIGS that Stole his inventions.

        1. Because you are one of us truth seekers, who does not fear away from exposing these murdering cunts. Many members do not comment on these threads, or speak badly about these Jews, out of fear alone. And i cannot say that i blame them in a way, cause with all the corruption, and murders that they have committed worldwide, they are worried the Zionists-Jews will have them arrested, or even worse. But you are not swayed by this, and carry-on speaking the TRUTH, and ridiculing them anyways!

          1. Well,,, that is good bro, as there are so many of us now since the internet has surfaced, they would not know where to start, lol. I just love the fact that you also know, and speak truth, (and like you stated) you “don,t give a fuck what they think”

  3. NABLUS, West Bank A decade ago, this ancient town was a crucible of terror and resistance and produced a shit load of suicide bombers. Maybe they should stop the BS with trying to take over what is not theirs and leave Israel alone. Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of what some Jews did but if you did your homework the place is rightfully theirs.

    1. You are a brainwashed SHEEPLE my friend, as i am sure that you watch the Australian Jew-Owned Mass-Media Bullshit by the Forkfuls. Israel was taken from the Palestinians, and given to them by the Balfour Declaration in 1917. Who the fuck were they to take land from others and give it to the Jews??? Maybe they should have given them Australia Instead, eh?
      Jews never had a homeland as they were nothing but a small bunch of thieving, good for nothing Nomads, scattered and thrown out all over Europe, and the like, cause they ripped-off everybody on the streets with their cheap trinkets, and Neanderthal Lifestyle.
      So are you saying that Australians are cowards, and would not fight back with any means possible if these Same Jews stole your Land, & Killed your people for multiple decades??? If not, then WTF are you talking shit for, get your story straight, and information right before you open your mouth Pal! Fucking SHEEPLE do not have a clue what they are talking about, but spew garbage, and False Remorse for these Murdering Bastards!

      Balfour Declaration – Wikipedia
      The Balfour Declaration was a single paragraph in a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the … The basis for British support for an increased Jewish presence in the region of Palestine was linked to geopolitical … been to the 1903 Uganda Scheme to give a portion of British East Africa to the Jewish people as a homeland.
      The Balfour Declaration – Nov 02, 1917 – HISTORY.com
      On this day in History, The Balfour Declaration on Nov 02, 1917. … Arthur James Balfour writes a letter to Britain’s most illustrious Jewish citizen, Baron Lionel … support for Zionism led to the official declaration in 1948 of the State of Israel. …. charts, and not only by giving exposure to popular musical artists on programs like …

    2. Then there are those members at bestgore that truly don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything other than oneself.
      There’s those members that can freely and fearlessly say fuck a negro, fuck a white, fuck Chinitos and Japoneses, fuck beaners, (illegal and legal aliens) fuck Arabs, Hindus and jews and every middleeast minority, fuck all castes, fuck Germans, French, British and Spaniards and fuck every social high middle and low class, fuck every country, fuck every race, fuck man and fuck woman (in a sexual way) fuck Mohammed’s, Abdullah’s and fuck da Silvas’s and Santos’s and all Brazilians, did I said fuck Mexicans, fuck gringos and Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Salvadorians, fuck South Americans, fuck Latinos and fuck foreigners, fuck snackbarrist motherfuckers with a gut, fucking goatfuckers, did I said fuck Africans from Congoleses to subsaharan to Zimbabwean negroes, fuck them all from A through Z make sure I skip none. Mosolmanes and SiSi’s desert ninjas and overweight butchering beheaders, sicarios down south, fuck the cartels fuck verhmello and primer commando (not sure I spelled it right but if there was any doubt bout what I meant CV and PCC
      Fuck feminists and fuck faggots, (not how they probably want it, but fuck em like to hell with them.)
      And last but not least FUCK ALL POLITICIANS to the depths of hell!!
      Fuck the whole motherfucking world wide web, and if my comment got to you well then FUCK YOU too and if you were immune to my comment my respects to you, you are a REAL MOTHERFUCKER like some BG members who owe allegiance to no-one and answer to no one but themselves and truly don’t give a fuck about no-one.

      Uhhhhhgh, (sigh of relief,) NOW! don’t you just love BG for being the SAFE HAVEN for our FREEDOM of EXPRESSION of SPEECH.
      I know I do!!!

      note to readers * this message is not intended to be taken personally as I did not mentioned a single specific name of a person. If you consider yourself part of any of the groups, races, nationalities or sects mentioned here and found this comment insulting I would like to offer NO APOLOGIES whatsoever and just hope that you learn to swallow it whole and deal with it.

      1. @hommicydal and who gives a fuck what you think, you low-life piece of shit. You are miserable and all of us BG members will let you live in your misery. We won’t be surprised if we see your video here in next couple of days when you’d commit a suicide with a dildo stuck in your throat. Happy suiciding scum…!

        1. @9×9 ¿¿¿why you so butthurt, pussy???
          Oh I know, cause you got 9, 9″ dildos stuck up in your asshole.
          It’s understandable…
          You should take it easy though and try greasing each one of your 9, 9″ dildos next time you shove them up your culo so that you don’t get butthurt.

  4. To end to subject. i must say I’m really happy this hate for jews and the lies you tell each other gets you all closer. you know it a rough world, and friends are a great deal, so if hates for jews get you closer im down for it. and you know we’re here to stay for very long time 😉 probably long after you guys are gone so, its a good thing that you chose us for the job

    1. I am really happy that you guys are proud, & think that you own Israel, when in fact you guys were given this land from The British. And who the fuck did they think they were to take somebody else,s land away, only to give it to you,s non deserving people. If anything, you should be ashamed to occupy some other peoples Land like this, and brutalize them constantly, cause you did not deserve your own land to begin with, as you did not know how to treat others with respect, but instead lied, and stole from them good, and generous people. And this is why you were all kicked out from any other Country you set foot in, & went to. SHAMEFUL this is!

        1. @Chosen Your Khazar “people” weren’t the first to populate Palestine, nor were you the first to create anything there. Palestine was aleady a thriving nation and region with cities and government. That’s why you parasitic squatters came in and expelled people from their actual homes and cities in the first place.

          1. @Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein: Your knowledge of history is distorted beyond belief. Maybe you should spend less time sucking your daddy’s dick and more time studying history. Just a thought.

        2. OH,,, Look who’s back,,, the guy who fucks-off “”Every-Time”” that i would bring-up some “TRUE & HONEST” questions about their troubled past, and present behavior. This thread has made lots of known COCKROACHES come out of the woodwork, only to get a Good Verbal TRUTH Beating,lol. These guys are suckers for punishment, and continue to be incredibly blinded by facts. I am a Canadian, but i do not stick-up for N.A.T.O. and their invading/murdering ways. The fact that innocent Countries are still Being attacked & invaded, their populace of mostly Woman, & Children slaughtered, murdered, and that millions of them are still being displaced, is just plain wrong. And the thought of these military giants going-in to reek-havoc on these mostly peaceful Countries makes me quite upset. And all because they want to install a Natural Gas Pipeline through Syria, these brainwashed Troops agree to Kill & Destroy a Country, it’s populace, and Historic landscape, & buildings that have been standing since the days of Christ??? Or that they fight for these ZOG Countries ONLY to protect their investments of Poppy Fields in Afghanistan, in order to raise their profit margins for the C.I.A.’s controlled Drug Trade??? “””Blinded SHEEP is what they truly are””” and nothing more.

          1. @9×9 take your own advice and shhhhut the Fuck up!!! BestGore is a place for anyone that wants to visit and comment.
            You little big-cock swallowing testicle sucker!!!
            Now, QUIETLY Fuck off out of here PoS.!!!
            Your 9th 9″ dildo is waiting to join the other 8 already inside your anus, asshole!!!

  5. I dont know whenever there is an post on israel or middle east a brigade of jew hating group starts jumping. with so much of hatred inside us where are we going and whats the difference between us and isis

    1. This is the difference between us and isis: ISIS support israel

      Heartstopping footage shows Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone – but WHY are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?


      Israel supporting ISIS like always.

  6. I have been always wondering what would happen to the world if we were outnumbered by Jews?
    Would the world be a better place to live in?

    The point is I’m glad There’s not even A single Jew in my homeland.

    1. The Jews took a crappy desert land and turned it into a culturally and technologically advanced nation. You can’t say that about ANY other country in the region. So, there’s your answer.

      1. @chosen : you said “The Jews took a land” and yet, you call that land crappy. I think you guys should take over other lands that are not as crappy as you guys currently living in.(Im being sarcastic if you can’t tell)
        By the way, Thanks for being honest, Mr. Jew.

    2. Any Country that the Jews occupy end-up broke, and torn apart by racial divisions that are always (created by them), with the help of Hungarian- Jew George Soros, and his team of Crisis Actors, and PAID Violent Protesters. This is done in order to pass laws, created only to protect their Anti-Antisemitism crap. And by creating, & protecting these small groups, & false racial divisions that they promote with their Mass-Media, the support from THE SHEEPLE continues to rise, and grows even stronger by the day. And as a result their small 2% minority group of enslaving Jews, become protected even more because of it, by these Laws of Discrimination. Therefore they again gain support and can now say, that “”It’s not ONLY us that are protected, and a hated minority”” So they get support from all the other small groups like The Gay & Lesbians, Black Lives Matter, & many more. But their goal is to stay out of the spotlight and let others fight the fight for them, (Deja-Vue) lol, ???, only to reemerge when when they are in need of the benefits created from this! As they benefit the most from these false-flag George Soros Staged Protests. ****OPEN YOUR EYES MAN****

      1. @thedre : Jews are the most cunning piece-of-shit in this world.
        That’s why we’ve never allowed those bastards to enter Indonesia.
        There are some of them in rural areas and I don’t even know how’d they get here.They built synagogues,made small communities like Indonesian Jews or whatever they’re called.But,Their religion has never been recognized by our government.
        Those Who Support Jews Are Backstabbber! The World Has To Open Its Eyes!

        1. Indonesians are very smart, just like the Russians also, as they will help destroy this Jewish Empire that they have built, in order to enslave the worlds populace. The reason that they have stationed NATO Troops all around Russia,s borders, is because of the BRICKS NATION,s banks that they have created. This new Bank backs their funds in only PURE GOLD, nothing else, and it,s growing members Like China,, Iran,, Syria,, and of course Russia,, are putting one hell of a dent in the global “JEW-CONTROLLED & owned, STOCK MARKETS”. And because many other ZOG Controlled Countries now want to deal with them, the Jews want to stop it at all costs, because they know that the American Paperback is becoming, and has been for a while now, a worthless, & overprinted garbage currency Printed by the Jew-Owned Federal-Reserve, & is backed by nothing more than complete Bankruptcy, lol.

  7. I feel for the Palestinian people Jews have basically claimed land that isn’t there’s ,then turned it into a giant prison where they can abuse bomb and shell inocent people for there enjoyment. And I allways fill guilty because we Brits left Palestine and let the Jew barbarians take over. This really has been going on for thousands of years Jews Vs Arabs with no end in sight.

    1. Israel is the most civilized and democratic nation in the Middle East and you call them barbarians? You’re not too bright, huh? It’s okay. Britain will fall to Islam soon enough.

      1. We got a jew who thinks he knows it all ur the one surrounded by Islamic countries you fucktard. The Muzzies obviously going to swim the English channel and conquer use idiot you know nothing of my country. Why don’t you go and bullie some palistinen children you filthy Jew.

          1. Mr Keyboard warrior I would say it to your Jew face call me a homo you don’t know me, your just making yourself look stupid you come on hear giving it the big( I AM) and your get nothing but shit or your just get ignored with your retarded comments.

        1. @chosen : Keep defending your people and your Country! Nobody will listen to your Lies.Jews are only civilized towards Jews.You know what? Some Indonesian non-governmental organizations built hospitals for Palestinans a Few Years back.Eventhough,we’re so far away and racially different.It’s All not about We share the same religion as Palestines.It’s All about humanity.You guys are lying-dogs!.Keep destroying Palestinans facilities! Keep Brainwashing People by controlling the Media! Jews Scums!

          It’s Completely A Bullcrap [No Need Citation] if you say Israel is the most civilized country in the Middle East.Israel is the source of where all those Barbarities Come.

          JEWS are Primordial-warmongers! You didn’t take people’s land.But,You Raided and looted everything from people’s land.And then,Occupied it and call it yours.How Pathetic You’re

          1. @chosen : I’m not.I’m just astonished by your Stupidity.You could not even Response to The Truths I gave.Im pretty sure,You’re the one who is being mad.You already ran out of words.Stop Being Denial! Mr.Jew!

            The best way to deal with Jews is By Shutting them up with Truths

          2. I Must say,Your attempts were nice to convince people on BG to believe in your deceptions.
            Unfortunately,Your plots have failed.

            Just Leave the rest to Your Jew-Fellows! Perhaps,In The Future Your People Would Be Lucky Enough To Gain More Brainwashed-Jew-Supporters.Who Knows?

          1. @chosen : Why should I? I don’t think there are advantages of moving to a country that has been contaminated by Jews.That would be my dumbest decision if it ever happened.Besides,I already live in a country with the lowest homicide rate in the world.

            Did you even realize that Your answer is irrelevant? Who’s the dumb fuck now?

      2. Lies,,,, @Chosen ,,,, and nothing but, as SYRIA was the most civilized Nation in the Middle-East with Christian Churches, Muslim Mosques, and Businesses, Standing Tall, and operating, side by side for Centuries, with little, to NO racial tensions, or violence whatsoever. These different religions, and Cultures also lived side by side as Good Loving Neighbors, often seen helping each other out, when a tragedy struck, like for example a Fire started, and one of them lost their homes & such. These different people would all come together, and help rebuilt it together. Syria was an Amazing Example on how to show the rest of the World how, if a Country is left to it,s own Laws and Governance, staying as far away from the prying hands, and of Grip of the JEWISH CONTROL, & CORRUPTION, that “True Peace”, and Serenity can indeed be attained, and continue to Thrive as before. But by These Monster JEWS trying to infiltrate their Governments, and by desperately trying install a Yes, Yes, & Yes, Puppet as their Leader, and failing miserably in their attempt, they chose to destroy, and divide this Beautiful, and Peaceful Nation Instead.
        Because there is no money in peace, just war. And the JEWS did not want other Nations to follow suit by noticing how successful this small Country was without them being at the helm, in the picture, or in control of it. Warmongering-Pigs They Will Always continue to be, if not stopped in their tracks!

    2. Very well said, and to the point @LegionofSaintGeorge The TRUTH and only the TRUTH will continue to surface on here forever as these Criminal, Evil-Worshiping, Organ Harvesting & Trafficking Pigs, MUST, and will be stopped soon. And the fact that you feel guilty for something that your Country has done decades ago, only goes to show how much of a Good, and Honest Human Being you are brother. And only because WE have something in common that the JEWS will NEVER, EVER have, and that is Self Respect, & a Conscience. 🙂

    1. Ah, Ha!!! I was waiting for my longtime Veteran B-G Brother to voice his opinion. And as one of us truth seekers, his words are short as always,,,lol, but to the point, true, and incredibly effective.

      1. Hitlet was set-up by The Jewish establishment to look bad, but he was in fact a good person that did not want War, but instead wanted peace, and stability for his people, and the World over. But he knew that in order to achieve this goal, THE JEWS who tried to rob their citizens and Government with high priced Loans, with interest that nobody would EVER be able to pay back, had to leave their Country at once. And by doing so Germany began to thrive economically with amazing results, just like Putin has been able to achieve with “THE MIRACLE OF RUSSIA” You Guys/Gals should all check this fact out on the net, as what Vladimir Putin did for his Country, nobody believed he could pull off, but he did, and he has paid-off all the debts that were owed to the Rothschild Banking Empire, and during this short time has also built up his military might with high tech devices that can easily shut-down anything that NATO has today, including their Billions of dollar A.G.E.I.S. investment that was supposedly going to be untouchable, & (state of the art system) lol, but Russia was able to shut it down, like turning off a light switch, lol, fuck i laughed when i seen this, as i am sure that the Jews were furious about it, and for once, they could not
        (rub there hands together) at the thought of Billions of Shekels pouring into them, with their failed investment strategy.

    1. @chosen : @darkdesiresuk is not the only one who hates Jews. Almost everyone does. except for those Ignorant fools (There’s one of them in this comment section). who keep supporting Jews humiliating Palestines. Eventhough, those fools already know The Jews are wrong. But, They support them anyway.It’s all because Palestines are Muslims.

      Just Accept The Truth! Jews Are Worth Hating People.They Have Been Hated For Centuries.

        1. @Chosen : Jews Like Scapegoating Others In Order To Cover Their False/Fake Innocency.Hitler Was Straightforward He Murdered Many Jews Without Blaming Others.He Took The Responsibilities Of Exterminating People Like You.
          What A Complete Moron You’re. If You Learn More About The History Of Your People You Would Have Been Ashamed Of Being One.

          Jews Deserve Nothing! But,Insults and Hatred.It’s All Reflection Of Their Hatred Towards Others.

          1. @9×9 I’m not here for anyone to take my side. This site is full of sick scumbags, so why would I expect to find friends? You can all stew and rot in your own bile for all I care. Now get off the computer and go back to fucking dogs and family members.

  8. Fucking Jews, still acting like the people still don’t know, like the world s still hoodwinked. Newsflash. We know and we’re coming for you. The first Holocaust never happened. The second will. 6 Million kikes will fry. You have maintained that lie for centuries. It will become reality. The ovens are warm.

        1. Being Overly Angry At Someone Isn’t Good.Especially,for Jews.Jews Slip Their Tongues & Show Their True Faces Whenever They Get Really Angry.
          I Highly Recommend You Mr.Jew To Stay Being Lowkey! Don’t Let Anyone Know Your True Intentions.

          “If You Can’t Handle The Harsh Truths Posted On BG,Why Don’t You Just Go Back To Your Mother’s Womb (Nothing’s Impossible For Jews).”

          1. @gorenesia The only thing I learned from you is that you’re a punk bitch who only interacts this way behind a computer screen. Face to face, you’d act like you never wrote such comments.

    1. This statement, i agree with 100% as i have the tendency to put all these Jews in one basket, when i have met in my life many, many good, & non practicing Jews. They were not cheep, or
      Evil whatsoever, but instead were kind, and very normal individuals, so for this,,, i am wrong. But we cannot be blinded by the true facts that although the Real Jews (Khazar,s) only make up less than 2% of the worlds population yet at least 80% of them are part of The Zionist Killing Machine. So it still is quite a large number of them that are enslaving, or trying to enslave, and conquer us all, and this fact alone i find quite disturbing, and in reality, is it not ?

  9. Gee wizz, this whole thread is comical. From can’t spell to bad Grammer all the way to Muslim fags bangin goat to boys? Let’s stay in point. Isreal is a nation. Palistine and all it’s critter shithead people are NOT.

    1. Israel is not a nation by any internationally recognized standard. Nations have defined border. Israel is a terrorist organization run by parasitic organisms known as Jews. It’s only a question of time before mankind expels the parasite and eradicates the pest once and for all.

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