Actual 1993 Video of Black Hawk Helicopter Going Down in Mogadishu, Somalia

Actual 1993 Video of Black Hawk Helicopter Going Down in Mogadishu, Somalia

This event inspired the Zio propaganda movie Black Hawk Down!

Newly released footage obtained by CBS’ 60 Minutes 20 years after the botched Operation Gothic Serpent, a mission to kidnap two Somali lieutenants in Mogadishu, Somalia, shows the US Black Hawk helicopter go down.

Two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down, leading to an overnight battle that left 19 invading troops dead.

Delta Snipers SSG Daniel Busch and SGT Jim Smith both survived the crash and were evacuate, but Busch died en route to a hospital in Germany from the injuries he sustained during the ensuing fire fight. I believe he was when he succumbed to his wounds.

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  1. When I was in elementary school, we got taught about how the Somalis were starving and that the United States was there to help them. I felt sorry for them at that age. Now that I’m an adult…fuck ’em.

    Those people, even the innocents who weren’t behind an attack like this, aren’t worth American lives and time. It’s just another country I wish my own would have never gotten involved with.

    1. Yup they are also pirate that kidnap and demand ransom from your government or company you’re working with esp if you happen to be in a ship. I like the movie the Expendable better because these somali pirate been blasted off on screen yeah thats what these nigga monkey deserve!

      1. Actually Somalia is the state it is because of giant international companies dumping toxic waste on them for decades and it destroyed their fishing and farming industries along time ago so they decided to become pirates in the world’s busiest shipping lane only a natural progression when you see boats of the companies that destroyed your peaceful life.

        1. Where’s your evidence to support that? I say a tribal mindset coupled with Islam is a recipient for mayhem and chaos. Look at Rwanda, people got mad at the states for doing jack, so it would have been with this islamic shithole. USA gets shit if they do something and if they decide not too.

    1. I actually have a friend here in the U.S. whom is of Somali descent (a total redneck though, it’s pretty funny), and he returned from Somalia after visiting his extended family a few months ago.

      You can’t fly straight to Somalia from the U.S., you must fly to the Middle East first, only then may you board a flight bound there.

      Anyway, he told me men wielding RPGs and machine guns simply walking around town were a fairly common sight, and he was offered purchase of them numerous times. He said the asking price of an RPG launcher over their was $75, and an AK-47 was $45.

      Damn, I wish those prices were seen here in the U.S. I paid $700 for my GP WASR 10/63, and it’s only semi-automatic.

      1. Yea somalia is a fuckin crazy country and they have TONS OF SOVIET SMALL ARMS. That is the reason why US wants AL SHABAB out of there because they compete with the pentagons abiltiy to be the main weapons supplier in the area.

        1. America is a fucking crazy country my boy. Somalia is a poor country and there are some pirates in the area but not criminal. The pirates wants only ransom for water.. food.. and whatever else but take a look in Nigeria and you will see some fucking criminal pirates who kills without reason,, and about america you must stay there. what do you want from the middle east if you have everything there in america. Are you gone tell me that those americans with the helicopter was helping the somalian ? they get what they deserve

      2. Funny too, because an ak-47 round will render a standard US infantryman’s chest armor useless after the first shot, if that. In basic training the drill sergeant had a front plate on display where he’d been shot center mass by an ak round and it shattered the entire plate. ANother shot and he’d have been toast

      3. I am from Romania were its made AK-47 and here in my country are not for sale. This are only for export for stupid people whO wants to destroy. Romania is a peacefull country and if you want some cheap weapons take a look in Mexico what happend with drug war… how distructing are the people when they get weapons without control … FUCKERS. In one day you may kill your family because you have a weapon and your mother is shouting at you and you want total control jajajjaja fucker

  2. Hello BG fam always on here but this is my first time posting. Love everyone’s point of view on here, its quite thought provoking and entertaining. Great to be on here after the same bullshit from work

  3. as adolf hitler once said ,the world has evolved the way it has for a reason ,there are reasons why some countrys and some people are better than others ,and there are reasons why the superior people shouldnt mix blood with these inferior races and breeds ,thus bringing down and slowing down the evolution of the superior. i agree ,if you have a ferrari why put a skoda engine inside ?? white women of the world … for shame on you for tarnishing excellent genes ,and governments fuck you for polluting our countrys with third world shit drivels .

  4. Hard to believe anyone survived the impact. I’m sure they knew when they took the hit, they were going down. I always wonder about the human aspect, what people are thinking, when something like this happens. Does your training automatically kick in, and you don’t have time to focus on anything else, or in those brief minutes do you also think about your loved ones, and that this is how you’re going to die?

    1. @IWM I find myself wondering the same thing quite often. How terrifying it must be to be in a situation that is completely out of your control and knowing that you will die very soon. I can’t help but to imagine what my last thoughts would be in a situation like that and what someone else’s last thought is before their light is permanently out.

      1. i was in a car accident once during a winter storm. when the car started spinning all i could think of was…im going to miss my flight…. then when we ended in the dich all i could think of was……my friends car is done….

  5. They got their asses kicked bigtime last time, so why the hell are they going back? These kill happy army-boys must like taking stupid orders. Tell your superior officer to go with his kids and nephews this time.

    1. Oh yeah , 19 dead vs 1000 plus Somalis? What an ass whooping the us took. Haha think about what you say before you post or do a lil research. These guys fought there asses off under crazy conditions and circumstances. Maybe they learned not to ever underestimate your enemies. Live and learn.

  6. I’m fucking sick and tired of the US being the world’s babysitter. Fuck Somalia. If they are so incredibly stupid to live like they do then they can fend for themselves.

    “How hard did it hit” Was the most stupid question that interviewer asked. Gee, it was fucking hard enough to bring the helicopter down.

  7. “What people searched for to land here.
    Tits stabbed gore exstreem scenes.”
    Sorry, but that’s what caught my attention more than the video.
    What would I be thinking when/if this ever happened to me?
    “Did I leave the stove on?”
    “I wonder what Juicy made for dinner.”
    “Are those Alicatt’s REAL lips, or just some dude?”
    I was in Hawaii on a Make-A-Wish trip with an old friend….before the cancer ate him alive…and we survived a 6,000 foot helicopter crash into the Ocean. Engine just lost power. Greatest experience of my life. I was 12 years old. My friend was 14.

      1. No need to explain yourself @Alicatt. Future Days said something about you in an earlier comment, and, honestly, he looks like I don’t wanna fuck with him if that’s him with the glasses. Glasses are a known mechanism for hiding the fact that you have no soul

        1. BurningJ, Future Days was talking about me. He mentioned “purple”, that’s from my avatar, and “giving a shout out to my babe “It was me”. ” that’s my screen name. We met on here over a year ago and discovered we live in the same town. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s not him in the avatar, but he’s not a man to be fucked with. We both wear sunglasses, we live in Florida, they’re a necessity. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. awww damn! and here i was all excited thinking someone was talkin about me…ahhh well…back to my toys – barbie just gave ken a bj…

          2. Oh sorry! I’m still trying to absorb the connections people have on here, the goings slow with the medication I’m on. So, Florida, the perfect cover for the SOULLESS! I still gotta stoke my ptsd-driven paranoia somehow!

    1. I can change my avi to the time i got stitches. I took pics at the hospital, kinda bloody ๐Ÿ™‚

      Staying at a hotel before i got my apartment, opened a heavy door, and it tore the big toe nail off, my flip flops remained unharmed , crafty little fuckers.

  8. As long as the MIC dictates our politics, we will always be peace-keepers in the world. Even as we are pulling out of Afghanistan, we will keep a small occupying force there. We’re still doing regular deployments to Korea, Iraq, Egypt and several other hot-spots. Unless you are in the military, you won’t know the scope of our influence in the world.

  9. To hell with those Blackhawk crew. Americans think they can go all over the world and do what they want, then when something happens, they just turn out some stupid Hollywood movie to show the heroes.

    These are war-mongering assholes. Fuck them all to death.

  10. Good luck boys and girls. If you take on a Somali or Nigerian warlord. They both have a bush mentality way of thinking. You go after them and it becomes a you or them issue until you kill them or be killed or you go back to where you came from. Personally warlords irritate me.

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