Aftermath of Deadly Bombing in Tariq al-Bab District, Aleppo, Syria

Aftermath of Deadly Bombing in Tariq al-Bab District, Aleppo, Syria

Activists – what nice name for Mossad trained agents on CIA payroll.

According to “activists”, Syrian government carried out several air strikes on multiple locations across the city of Aleppo on December 28, 2013. The most deadly was an strike on a market in the Tariq al-Bab district of the city, in which, “activists” reported, more than 30 people were killed.

So I’m looking at the aftermath video and I see a video of a terrible tragedy with many people ripped to pieces, at least one of them being a little boy, but hard as I try, I see nothing to suggest that this is an aftermath of an airstrike. I was looking for a sign of a crater, perhaps?

Between 0:25 and 0:40 I see a severely damaged vehicle, more damaged than anything else around, with windows and doors blasted outward. And then there is this white van with French plates and terrorist organization stickers… I have my doubts.

The Jerusalem Post, the most full of shit English language publication I have ever read in my life, reported that the December 28th attack on Aleppo’s vegetable market was carried out with the use of oil drums packed with explosives and metal fragments rolled out of an aircraft’s cargo bay. According to the Jerusalem Post, the “activists” say it is an indiscriminate form of bombardment.

Then to prove that as a Jewish newspaper, there is no low into which they wouldn’t descend, the Jerusalem Post concluded their report with the following:

Well over 100,000 people have been killed in the 2-1/2-year conflict, which began as peaceful protests against four decades of Assad family rule. A fierce security force crackdown sparked an armed insurgency that has now spread civil war across most of Syria.

The amount of bollocks Jewish publications still spew now that a large portion of the world’s population knows that there’ve been no peaceful protests in Syria, only mass murders by heavily armed mercenaries trained and imported into Syria to create “mass casualty events” which propagandists manipulated against the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad, is mind-boggling.

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          1. I see. The meaning I’m aware of is one you probably wouldn’t like. I’m out of the loop with certain things because I’ve basically been hiding under a rock for the last 5 years or so. lol

          2. No when you put the K in America. It signifies a “Nazi Germany Type” America. Because America is spelled with a K , like Amerika.

            It used by stupid mislead fools who are really deluded and think the Government is full of Nazi dictators, instead of full of kikes.

          1. Just shows what brainwashed fucks they are Allah Akbar!! Only good thing I can say about them they do try to help these pplz fast and not stand around with cams. They save that for the executions πŸ˜‰

      1. I’m sorry, you’re right PD. I wish things would start happening because I’m getting tired of waiting. A little civil unrest to spark something would be perfect right about now. It’s easy for the zionist forces to arrest people like Mark one at a time, but if 300,000,000 ameriKans were to go apeshit simultaneously it would be an insurmountable force.
        I don’t know how many other ameriKan slaves are posters on this site, but they would like to know that the libtards want to nationalize retirement plans next. We’re already getting shitty gov’t healthcare crammed up our asses.

          1. as i said months ago, protests, peaceful or not are useless. the only way to get any real change is to “infect” the right channels. like @Hawk. he’s an Aware member in the military. one hundred thousand people like him as soldiers, teachers, politicians will aid us far better over time than an all-out civil war. i want a peacful resolution.

            and i am aware this will take time. as i am aware we may run out of time before it can be realized…i don’t want a war. but i will do what i have to to protect myself and my family.

          2. Yeah, I agree with that, educate the military men, then they could just seize power without firing a shot, or a violent revolution. One or the other. Here’s what I used to do, I would go to all the military videos on youtube and spam the shit out of them. Army, navy, marines, airforce, green berets, submarines, nukes, army rangers, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, etc etc etc, type in those words and spam every video. I did it and they terminated my account.

  1. Do you think ameriKa will ever be graced with weekly car bombings? That would be cool. I would love for ameriKa to eat an overdue heaping helping of payback flavored comeuppance. I have very little to lose and not much to live for, so I would enjoy seeing my slave masters in the same shit-boat as me.

  2. I agree. It does look like a car bomb. I just feel so bad for the kids that are put in the middle of all the hell going on over there. They didn’t ask to be born there, but they still pay for all the adult bullshit with their lives.

  3. Neighborhoods like this one are going to be doomed to constant violence until the people who live in them decide not to take it anymore. I don’t think fighting back is the answer, either. That would just add another aspect to the bloodshed. I think they should leave. Just go.

    Once all of the civilians are gone, the how and the why of bombings like this won’t matter as much. There won’t be as much of a statement to make with any attack when it’s soldiers or militants being killed. No one is shocked by their deaths. So their deaths wouldn’t be printed about in newspapers around the world.

  4. Whatever the source was, that was a fucking whopper explosion, so many streets fucking decimated. I felt bad for the kid, and the woman still alive they took from what was left of the car. I’m so happy I don’t live in countries with that shit going on. Traffic does my head in, and I’ll leave it at that.

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