Ahmadiyah People Clubbed to Death by Muslims in Cikeusik, Indonesia

Ahmadiyah People Clubbed to Death by Muslims in Cikeusik, Indonesia

Honestly, who was the first idiot to call Islam the Religion of Peace? How could anyone possibly come up to such moronic conclusion about the most barbaric religious group in the world? Indonesia – the world’s most populous Muslim country likes to present itself as moderate in terms of Islamic extremism, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Ahmadiyah People are a religious minority in Indonesia. If you’re a religious minority in a country where religious majority are the Muslims, they’re bound to be troubles. Muslims have been waging wars on everyone who doesn’t follow their religion ever since they came to be, and that includes practitioners of different offshoots of Islam. They just can’t focus on howling their shit into the mic to disturb the entire town with loudspeakers and leave other people do their religious rites they way they’ve been doing it since they came to be. That would just be so un-Islamic.

So here we have a video of Ahmadiyah People getting clubbed to death by Muslims in Cikeusik Village, Banten province, western Java, Indonesia. About 25 Ahmadiyah members were attacked all the while about 30 Indonesian police officers stood by, doing precious little while the crowd chanted Allahu Akbar. Religion of peace my ass.

The incident took place on February 6, 2011. At least 3 men were killed in the attack. Video of clubbing is below:

This video shows Indonesian Muslims destroying the house of Ahmadiyah leader, Ismail Suparman, nicknamed Parman:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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161 thoughts on “Ahmadiyah People Clubbed to Death by Muslims in Cikeusik, Indonesia”

        1. Some dipshit who was passing by and thought, sweeeeet, another clubbing, awsome…….. (I’ll leave my hemet on tho).

          Notice how nobody’s shooting guns into the air to stop the rampage, NOOOOOOO, there are fucktards looking around for a weapon to join in the hunt.

          A well placed rocket from a drone aircraft would be enough to quieten that pack of savages.

          1. I had to go back to look for JJ, I missed him the first time around, when I seen that shit I started laughin’ like a mofo, good eye @nfw!

      1. I woyuldn’t, that would be too un satisfying. I torture the shit out of them, keep them alive as long as possible while inflicting just enough pain that the body can handle. This is the only punishment I can think of for all the barbaric shit they inflicted on others. I would never condone this on anybody, even my worst enemies, but These tards I’ll make an exception!

          1. hahaha! yeah I’m not too happy with @Jesus, did you hear what he said about whales- that they’re ‘sea-food’? I get that not everybody like animals, but he is really ignorant on the matter. “better to eat whales than cats/dogs/rats” When whales number in their billions (rats) or 10’s of millions (dogs ‘n’ cats) then maybe it would be ok, to consume them? (I still don’t like the killing of wildlife)

          2. @RS, well ‘ambergris’ is whale shit (from the Sperm whale, sometimes expelled as vomit!) This waxy substance, usually found washed up on beaches is worth a LOT of money. So yes, I agree ‘whale shit’ is MORE worth than some people!

        1. @tiger
          that’s not what i was asking (i miss my lil sam dj but rules are rules) I just was wondering how old she was because she seemed young in general, not necessarily too young to be here. either way, she hasn’t answered yet.

  1. Exactly !! And this is what type of nonsense and the kind of foolishness that is going to spread here in America (as if we don’t already have enough problems of our own) if we keep allowing these religious zealots free course, and do not wake up to what is already taking place in Great Britain where they are already allowed to conduct their own courts (sharia law) in domestic situations, if they are ever allowed to conduct their own criminal law, then this is what you’ll have, and if you think that it will never happen here (America) that’s what we said about 95 % of the shit that’s taking place now.

    I’ll tell you a few facts about the “Religion of Peace” Muhammad organized 65 military campaigns in the last ten years of his life and personally led 27 of them. The more power that he attained, the smaller the excuse needed to go to battle, until finally he began attacking tribes merely because they were not part of his growing empire.

    After Muhammad?s death, his successor immediately went to war with former allied tribes which wanted to go their own way. Abu Bakr called them ‘apostates’ and slaughtered anyone who did not want to remain Muslim. Eventually, he was successful in holding the empire together through blood and violence.

    The prophet of Islam’s most faithful followers and even his own family soon turned on each other as well. There were four caliphs (leaders) in the first twenty-five years, each of which was a trusted companion of his. Three of these four were murdered. The third caliph was murdered by those allied with the son of the first caliph. The fourth caliph was murdered in the midst of a conflict with the fifth caliph, who began a 100-year dynasty of excess and debauchery that was brought to an end in a gruesome, widespread bloodbath by descendents of Muhammad?s uncle (who was not even a Muslim).

    Muhammad?s own daughter, Fatima, and his son-in-law, Ali, who both survived the pagan hardship during the Meccan years safe and sound, did not survive Islam after the death of Muhammad.

    Did any of you see any peace anywhere in that?

      1. A few more years & they might
        get their way,that and bleating
        on to the court of human rights,
        a few more protests,a few more
        bombs,a few more hate filled
        friday sermons,a few more
        threats,a few more claims of
        racist treatment,isnt it amazing
        how a tolerant & indulgent
        society has had its own laws
        of justice & equality turned
        against it????

      2. @archamedes, it is happening, only you don’t here about it because the BBC/ ITV/ Sky don’t report it. In Muslim infested areas, such as:

        – Tower Hamlets

        Police routinely ignore Muslim related hate- crimes against whites. Crimes within the ‘community’ such as:

        -Refusing a forced marriage
        -Women even looking at another man.

        … Are dealt with through community elders through Sharia courts.

        1. Kill them all! The way I see it is if you believe and practis Islamic but is on the peaceful side( if there is such a thing) you are still part of the muslim fucked up familly! Therefore you support in what they do! I can’t say i’m christian but only believe in certain things they preach. It’s either your with them or not. I say whipe out every religion especially Islamic, and we might see peace one day. At lease a whole lot more of it.

        1. Also Here is a more recent link update and report.

          I mean seriously, all you need to do is google it, and you will find, and can read article after article, example after example, of where they are being “allowed” to have their own courts to handle domestic situations, in small towns and villages, as I stated in my original comment.


        1. Archamedes – It’s no big deal friend, I’m not worried about being right or proving others wrong, we need to stand together against this invasion of idiocy.

          I’m not surprised that many still do not know about this, as we find out on this site many times, you will not be shown the truth in the main stream media, they are simply feeding the masses a steady supply of horse shit, and then they make you believe that you like it.
          You’re a good man!

  2. Slapping a slogan like “religion of piece” on the muslim cult is just a way of making these planetary parasites feel righteous. They are all fucking worthless. What is the point in doing this? The muslim mob mentality never leads to anything besides garbage like this… I can never say it enough – ALL religions are worthless… Stupid fuckin hats

    1. Perzactly. No religion is free of violence. By comparison the church of fudge just might have the cleanest record of all. It’s a “peace” of shit religion but at least they don’t rub out that beloved sour yogurt on little boys sunday suits. And the only things they blow up are bathrooms. Mmmmm!

    2. I’m with you on that ! Religion is is something human kind made up so they feel they have a purpose. It’s made up for an excuse so we can do the things we do and blame it on religion. It’s there for money,scamming people and killings. I don’t give a shit what religious people say, there is absolutely no prove religion exist, where and how it started. there’s no god or all those bullshit! Your so call proof was also put there by us. You religious people are just as brainwashed as these sheeps. If there is a heaven or hell, I will take my punishments when it’s my time. In the mean time, I’ll live my life from what I see and know is facts. Get a fucking backbone and take control of your own life, instead of letting an imaginary man name god to do it for you !

    1. @bule tolol

      How do YOU know he knows nothing about what he’s talking about ????

      Oh that’s right, he makes stuff up, I always thought he was clever.

      Thanx @bule tolol, I am now enlightened by your wisdom.

        1. (bule tolol)

          HEY SHIT RIVET!

          You picked the WRONG FUCKING PLACE to come and talk words like that.

          Go talk this cow-shit to some of your single-brain-cell counterparts and there you may have an audiance that will tolorate you.

          Here, You must tell us WHY IN FACT we are all so stupid, talk your words Junior, if you can

          1. what a matter wit ya, if you know how mexican drug cartel execute his victim and you never said it is kristian do it as the big religion in mexico

      1. I tell you what, Show me evidence( real evidence, not something humans wrote on a book), evidence that I can see before my very own eyes, I swear on my dick that I use to gizzle all over your face, I will let you dismember me any way you like. For instance, If you say your mother can shit out a water melon, I want to see it before my eyes. A video does no good because any can edit it. Okay, maybe not yourself but any of us normal people with a brain.It would be a win win situation for me anyways Because if religion really exist, I rather be dead! BTW, next time you want to give one of your nonsense preachings, elaborate for us. It’s easy to say I fucked your mother, but when did I do, where and how lol.

      2. My Liege,

        On behalf of BG, I would like to apologise for our terrible insolence and frighteningly witty comments.

        We now recognize the error of our ways and seek to follow the peaceful, enlightened way of Muhammad.

        Please show mercy.

        (Ex Christian)

  3. See the thing is, the Old Testament also orders the stoning of disrespectful children and the execution of witches. The only difference between Jews, Christians, and Muslims is that you won’t find many Christians and Jews who believe that those “holy”scriptures are currently applicable. Sharia Law on the other hand, has millions upon millions of adherents. Islam’s problem is that they’re stuck 2,000 years in the past. Death to all religions, cosmic invisible friends, and dogma the worldwide.

    1. are you stupid or something? You can’t just pick what you believe is right. This is your so called god that you put 100% faith in. Religion is full of lies,scams and a whole shit load of killings. For what, an invincible god lol.

  4. Here in the UK, the government is weak. They are frightened to say anything against the Muslims for fear of being voted out. They are flooding in. You cannot go anywhere without seeing a family of hooded, cloaked Mussies. We have lost our patriotism, frightened to display St George’s Cross. Hardly anyone even realised that it was St George’s Day yesterday. These foreigners are invading our culture and will continue to unless the government sorts things out.

    1. It is not meant to be “sorted out”,
      every government,democratic
      or otherwise that has borrowed
      money from….certain organisations,
      gets told what to do & say,there’s
      nothing that will change that.

      1. what annoys me is that these Muslims are growing in number here in the UK for a reason. We all have to be kind to them, accept their culture even if it means ours gets pushed asside, we are not allowed to complain or make a fuss, because regardless of what your arguement is, the race card gets pulled and your point loses any credability right away. But soon when enough of them have arrived here, they will rise, they will strike and great britain will become Like Syria. Remember those london riots last year? Imagine that in every single town all controlled by muslims, the police, the army, none of them will have time to react or control it. We will get attacked, pulled out of our homes, beaten and cut to death with kebab knives and anything they can get their hands on.

        1. Am not from uk,but can empathise
          with what is happening to your
          homeland,have the same here,on
          a smaller scale,but there is a
          pattern world wide,have brit
          friends who express the same.

        2. Same here in Toronto! God forbid that we should put up a Christmas Tree in public! Government offices were ordered to remove the Christmas Tree in the lobby….all because it ?offends other religions?. WTF? You come here, you should respect our holidays. Oh, and we can’t Call it a Christmas Tree…its got to be called a ?holiday tree?. If we were to go to their country, we would be forced to follow their customs. Like the women have to cover their heads with a scarf, etc. Piss me off!

          1. people is becoming gay in all these countries. In Spain, they wanted to rename the Church of Matamoros (literally Church of Goatfucker-Killer), but the people of the town just became pissed and the mayor had to leave it as it was.

          2. @evil….oh, they do the same here too. As long as they are making money, they are happy. It’s the trouble makers that force their customs onto us. It’s the trouble makers that have caused our wimpy government to give in to them and that is why it is not ?politically correct? to call a frigging Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree. I think all this crap about being ?politically correct? is way overboard. Our Canadian Rights are being pushed aside and ignored to accommodate them! Just like in UK as Archamedes had said.

      1. I agree completely, but it cannot simply be ignored. I know a man, who’s windows were bricked in for displaying St George’s Cross. Disgusting. How can someone be so against the country they live in?

        1. … Through years of ‘Liberal’ conditioning Sir.

          The Whites are being taught that they were evil, cruel conquerors and are responsible for the sins of our forefathers…

          Meanwhile the coloureds are being taught that as victims, they are entitled to rape us as we allegedly raped them.

          Sympathies about your windows mate.

      1. No, just not caring what you or anyone else thinks of the things that I say. Now why don’t you run along and point that “razor sharp wit” of yours at some of the illiterate fucks posting on this site, dear.

  5. This type of shit pisses me off. I hate a gang beating up on one person, no matter what their “crime” is. In this country (USA), you can’t even spank your child anymore or else get hauled off to jail. Even animals have more rights. Just sayin’.

      1. you’re right Indonesia/Vietnam/Phillipines/Thailand/Laos all those places are fucked up seems the very friendly countries are Japan/South Korea/Honk Kong

        still the middle east and North Africa are worst

  6. If everybody lives in his own country that would be fine but if you go to Iraq, Libya or Syra for their petrol, certainly they will come to your country as well, most of the European countries will have more muslim population than christians very soon, within 15-20 years which is a short time in history. All countries has to stop accepting muslim population as residents, everybody has to live where he was born.

    1. I’m lucky then, because by then I’m almost dead( that’s if a dump truck doesn’t demolish my brains) or at lease will accept death. Sorry for my kids though, maybe I’ll save them the torture and bring them with me to hell.How do these tards reproduce so fucking fast?

    1. Don’t say that! I haven’t had a chance to visit and pick up the man of my dreams! I swear you can take a nasty douchebag and slap that accent on him and……

      Excuse me. I need to change my underoos now. *runs away*

        1. Burka? yeah, not gonna happen. i totally need my peripheral vision. i actually have a friend that thinks those are drop dead sexy. its the “mystery” of what the woman underneath looks like. I figure that aside from covering bruses, cuts, scars, any signs of abuse, it hides a muslim woman so she’s probably not a ten. not to say that those women are necessarily ugly, ive seen some drop dead sexy middle eastern women…..it just seems like when it comes to fugs, that part of the world just seems to have more than its fair share.

    1. Thing is though, look at the numbers in the video.
      2 on the ground, and at least 50 still up right.
      The ratio is not good.
      What else can be expected, The Fleshy Virus is hopefuly on it’s way to showing itself out of existance.

  7. The guy in the helmet was a retarded referee police . The whole villiage was stoning and clubbing wtf people they dont have anything better to do tban stone and club dead people. Thanks to bestgore indonesia is another fucked place not to go to.

  8. George Carlin
    On Religion

    When it comes to bullshit, big-time, major league bullshit, you have to stand in awe of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, religion. No contest. No contest. Religion. Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told. Think about it. Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time!

    But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more. Now, you talk about a good bullshit story. Holy Shit!

    1. That’s FUCKING RIGHT!

      Carlin was a truth teller, and when delivered with his style of humor, it was something that people had no choice but to listen to….if they absorbed it or not, well, my guess is 95% just veiwed him as “an enteertainer”.
      I veiwed him more like one of the, if not THE greatest comics who had ever lived.

    2. @ KEIZER SOZE. holy shit I couldn’t say it any better. Listen up brainwash religion tards, you might learn something. Better yet, you won’t because your already brainwashed to the point of no return. Everything he\she said is 100% true facts! It’s amazing how influence people can easily get. No wonder we have so many morons in this world. Most if all are religious freaks! Very well said my friend!

  9. Yeah…. ain’t nothing much to expect from these guys except the fact that they’re just a bunch of fucking savages that expect everyone else to follow their worthless piece of shit religion…. can’t even have an opinion differing from their worthless religion without fear of getting beat senseless by a mob of savages who constantly chant “allahu akbar” . As Mark rightly said it: “religion of peace my ass”.

        1. Yeah…. once you get trapped in to that religion you’re pretty much far gone…. can’t even hear anyone else opinion that differs from their religion without being branded a heretic. Quite a sad state of affairs.

          1. Even those looking in on Best Gore would most likely same the same.

            Obsessed with negitive and death.

            goulish and vile
            and other awesome compliments.

            However, OUR learning and understanding is something not only undeniable, but also covers EVERY SINGLE LIVING THING ON THE PLANET

            Religion just covers humans, DEATH has us all by the short & curlies

        1. Thin ice there buddy but in saying that……..

          Who in there right mind would want to go BALI, if I win a free holiday you can have it, in fact I’ll chuck in some spending money……… Good luck, have fun and happy clubbing.

          I nearly forgot, don’t forget your video camera.

    1. no it’s the other way around. I actually think the hardcore gorers are pretty educated. They have an open mind, look at the facts and they don’t pretend that the world is full of good people. basically we aren’t brainwashed. We just ignor morons like yourself who just say something short and stupid but can’t elaborate on it. your crazy, your stuppid, your dumb, you don’t know what your talking about is not what you call a comment that comes from a educated person. hey iluvgore, I know you are but what am I lol. Your just a wanna be gore! just your name tells me your fake.

  10. In Spain and Portugal, the quite common surmane Porras and similar (Borras, Porra) were instituted in honor of a Spaniard who executed “great slaughter of Moros” (muslims) leading a host armed with clubs (Porras means Clubs in spanish). :oP

  11. The religion of peace if you are a dip shit socialist with your head up your own arse. The caliphate wants to rule you and sends out its supply of suicidal sheep with their death chants praising allah for the destruction of fellow human beings who have not succombe to its rule. Apostacy is the best way out for some. The sooner Israel and Iran comes to blows the better we can get this show on the road and nuke these barbaric sand niglets into oblivion. Then just then we may see peace

  12. it is a religion of peace….its the fucked terrosist retards that misinterpret and screw it up….even christianity is so nice…but look what the church has turned it into. A bunch of god fearing pussies.
    No offense man, i just have a thing against organized religion.

  13. Why are you always retching on about Islam when you don’t even know on about it?
    Why do you judge Islam by it’s so-called-adherents?
    I would not go to say that those Ahmadis deserved that treatment, actually they are considered just as being Non-Muslims in the Muslim world and this caught me aghast to see how certain ‘muslims’ would be behaving with non-muslims!!? I mean, I am from a completely different area, known nice Muslims who are just as normal as any people.

    But pertaining to what I know on about ahmadiyyas even though they are deviant and they tend to be preaching shit on about Islam, that is not the way of dealing with them.
    I think that Indonesia has legislation against many things that are against Unislamic.

    As to stopping Islam – purporting to what I’ve read on about – ever since 9/11, there have had been millions converting to Islam, Islam now has 1.5 billions adherents (of course including the ‘deviants’) but a pure branch of it still prevail and has remained unchanged for now 1400 years.

    As to Islam infecting cultures, it is a holistic religion, if the religion seeks to bring on about goodness in some people that would entail people of being ‘hooded’ or leaving alcohol or cigarettes or not being conspicuous and the list goes on – then I think that’s pretty awesome.

    As to white bashing; if those fucktard politicains cant do anything on about it, why do you blame those screwed minds, I mean why is the police not doing anything? why letting those ‘so-called-muslims’ savaging someone of colour? fucking politics I gss. -_-.

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