Al Qaeda Terrorists Test Chemical Weapons South of Turkey on Rabbits

Al Qaeda Terrorists Test Chemical Weapons South of Turkey on Rabbits

Al Qaeda Terrorists Test Chemical Weapons South of Turkey on Rabbits

Have you noticed how all Zionists controlled media that have been relentlessly brainwashing the sheep about the situation in Syria started talking in unison about the “imminent” chemical attack which they say will be carried out by president Bashar al Assad? Like on command, they all launched the same campaign to condition the public into accepting how it will have gone down before anything even happened.

But the Al Qaeda terrorists who are on their payroll could not wait and just had to show off. The supplies of chemicals have arrived – Hillary the Obtuse has had her hands full – so taking a test run on living creatures was the obvious next step.

This video was filmed just south of the Syrian border with Turkey. An Al Qaeda terrorist tested/demonstrated power of the chemicals on rabbits. He’s got two of them in an aquarium and appears to add an agent to a chemical inside a dish in the aquarium. This starts a reaction which results in production of vapors.

At first the rabbits appears unaffected, but just over a minute later they start moving erratically and losing control of their bodies. Seconds later, they’re dead.

The snackbar shows that he’s well stocked with the chemicals and sends a clear message that after the rabbits, humans are next. Hillary can’t wait.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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93 thoughts on “Al Qaeda Terrorists Test Chemical Weapons South of Turkey on Rabbits”

        1. let’s be realistic about this, bunnies? ‘what about when Iran was trying to build nuclear weapons? Is there a single fucker of us that would be comfortable with Iranians having nuclear capabilities? Who dealt with it, us? Fuck no. Mossad dealt with it, they assinated the top nuclear physicists working on the project, they don’t fuck around like us, there was a threat and they dealt with it.

          1. You know?? That will teach those infadels!! Yeah!!! Lets gas a useless fucking rabbit…of which in australia there are enough wild rabbits to outnumber our population 5 times over…. Pathetic… Real pathetic allah akbah!!! Fucking tards…. Humans will be extinct but rabbits will here…. And whats with the cammo pants and the fucking hiding of their faces??? Are they scared that the RSPCA or WWF are going to fine them??? I CAN MAKE POISONOUSGAS WITH THE SHIT UNDER MY KITCHEN SINK THAT WILL KILL HUMANS QUICKER… Which grandad said “dont mix this shit itll do you a mischeif” fuckin really…… Terrorists are coming for fluffy! Look out!!! Hahahhh

          1. @Julesclark
            I agree with you 100% my Aussie friend! I have no idea either what this video is trying to achieve? Maybe, they’re trying to tell us that Bush was actually correct and they do have WMD’s? I was hoping he was gonna get in the box with them, but dammit! no such luck!

  1. I hope a bomb hits this fucking place and releases all of that shit throughout the area.

    Like I said before, if I ever have the chance to brutally murder a “Bad” man in my lifetime, I’ll die happy.
    I’m guessing it’ll either be an African or Muslim.

    1. Due to the decay of our Societies (Caucasian) via Liberal/Leftist dogma, there are a lot of evil Caucasians out there, too.

      Maybe pale in comparison to the amount of Evil that resides in the heart of Africans, or the minds of Muslims, but it’s still there.

    1. As their name suggests, they attack the central nervous system. They interrupt the neurotransmitters and force the muscles in the body to contract and with the pathways in disarray they can’t relax. The muscles continue to contract, the body tries to release acetylcholine to allow the muscles to relax but again, due to the neurotransmitters being jeopardized, the enzyme isn’t released and the body contorts itself.

      If we use Sarin as an example, upon its first introduction into your body, you’ll suffer a few minutes of absolutely agonizing headaches. As the N=neural pathways start to misfire, pain receptors begin firing and it would feel something akin to having your head smashed with a hammer. Shortly following your nose starts running, your irises and the skin around your eyes and your eyelids will contort and you’ll squint and you’ll start having difficulty breathing as the muscles around your chest start to contract.

      As the intrusion develops you’ll start to salivate uncontrollably and you’ll loosen your bowels, you’ll feel incredibly nauseous and vomit as stomach muscles contract.

      As it comes to a head, your body will contract, twist and bend as the muscles receive sporadic and incomplete messages from the brain for them to move. As with the rabbits above, you can see them suddenly become hyperactive before they slip into a coma and die which, some short time after Sarin enters the human body, happens to it also.

      Almost all nerve agents work in much the same way. Some are specifically targeted at ceasing the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver, others attack the body as a whole and some attack nerve endings. Sarin fits into the second category, it attacks the body as a whole, the latter (as I’ve heard) makes the body feel like its on fire. This doesn’t effect the entirety of the nerve endings, only the largest clusters of nerves, but in patches like that it would feel as if it was covering the entirety of the body.

      Typically the latter is the most survivable, though plenty of people have survived others but are almost always left with acute brain damage or at the very least nerve damage. The latter mentioned usually kills people through brain overload and shock.

      I can go into further details, I had a somewhat unhealthy interest in weapons like these and combined with my interest in the neural network, it wasn’t hard to grasp all aspects of it after that. I can send that in a message, though.

      1. Dude. Just what you described is like fucking nails going across a blackboard to me.
        I could not handle having this amount of knowledge of deadly gases. I am assuming you are recalling from memory or experience?
        My case? I have seen to many no good sonsa bitches and I would have to pull this rabbit trick on some of them.
        Better i keep to my little corner of the world.

      1. its known as an Islamic nasheed, its sorta like an alternate to music cause music isn’t allowed in islam. in this nasheed its pretty much all about battling the non believers. (in the context of a battle which happened in 1100’s with salahaldeen against the crusaders.)

    1. It’s Sarin, I couldn’t see all the names of the chemicals but the ones I did see would be used to make Sarin and the effects are that of Sarin. Sarin is bad news for whoever is on the receiving end. Things are about to get real nasty. Guess we will be in Syria any day now.

      1. I am a 3rd year chemist and 4th year chemical engineer who has a bit of a passion for chemical weapons, I am fairly knowledgeable in the area. This is not sarin or any other nerve agent, neither of which result in a violent bubbling and color change when converted from a binary to the active agent. Also fumes are colorless. Organophosphates act very quickly especially in such a concentrated environment if you see any of the US 1950’s test you would quickly see the difference. Additionally the symptoms of the rabbits do not match up. From my knowledge it looks like hydrogen cyanide which fits in well with the terrorists chemist skills (cyanide salt) and what he adds as a liquid is an acid most likely hydrochloric or sulfuric. This is supported by the fact that the chemicals I can see are not used remotely in CW manufacture, I would expect to see chemicals like methanol, phosphorus trichloride, sodium fluoride, isopropyl alchol etc. The set up and protection they have on would not work for nerve agents either, dust masks do not protect against nerve agents even remotely. However HCN is diluted very quickly in air which justifies why they aren’t dead and the window is opened. Sleep easy people.

        1. The video was published by the Syrian Rebels, its all over the web. They are testing Nerve Agents; but the type of Nerve Agent, I’m not sure.
          But, those aren’t dust-masks, the chap at the end is wearing a Mk:II model of the American’s NBC suit mask. Whilst they’re on their Mk:III/IV now, those older masks are quite capable of filtering foreign agents.

          But, back to the actual nerve agent, the way the rabbits contort would seem to be a first stage neural agent. Blocking transmissions is one possibility as to why the pair became erratic like that.
          Another is a third stage agent, possibly constricting the lungs and heart, ceasing its breathing and oxygen flow. But that would take a bit longer then a minute, even with animals as small as rabbits, I’d have thought.
          Another possibility is Sarin, which would cause them to slip into a coma after they’d stopped moving. It could explain the sporadic breathing you see them doing after they’ve collapsed before they die, but I can’t imagine Sarin would work on the neural transmitters present on rabbits, they haven’t the same axon terminals as we have, I can’t see it breaking neural passages to the dendrites.

          Meh, in any case it is a Nerve Agent and those masks would protect against pretty much every chemical composition we have in a weapon grade composite, so they’re perfectly safe in that environment to test it. They were planning on deploying them via smoke launchers or suicide bombers, too, meaning it isn’t dispersed easily in the air, or at least doesn’t degrade quickly to be useless.

          1. There is no binary precursor of Sarin which is a solid. It is not Sarin end of story. I am about 99% sure it’s HCN/H2S. I have gigabytes of data on CW’s 5 years of tertiary chemical education, I have some idea what I am talking about.

            I am not aware of any nerve agent which uses a solid binary to convert to a gaseous form. Most are liquids or fine solids due to more desirable properties and then areosoled into a mist. Gases as produced here are pretty much worthless CW’s outside of buildings. You have no proof of your statements and from what I can tell have no chemical knowledge. It seems as though your a wikipedia warrior, applying concepts which have no real application or are extremely speculative at best.

  2. These a-holes will allah ackbar anything. Sure made a big ole production out of killing a couple of rodents. The process looked pretty inhumane to me and the music was crappy too. They should of used the looney tunes song “Kill the wabbit” instead.

  3. The intro to this clip is 100% correct, the sheeple are being prepared for action in Syria on the pretext of chemical weapons being readied and forward deployed by Assad forces. Nothing could be further from the truth. To hear that fucking Cunt Clinton in Doha saying that the weapons could fall into the hands of many groups operating in the region, with a straight face was enough to make me want to shoot the bitch. She and her buddies in the UN/NATO/EU/UK/USA put those fuckers in place for the weapons to end up with, do they think all of us are stupid. Israel is the reason for this, they want Iran and Iran is gotten by hitting Syria, Assad may be a cunt himself but he is legally Syrias cunt and Syrias problem, no one else’s, fucking Zionist controlled puppets cannot help themselves and are always interfering in everyone else’s business.

    1. Thats what I was thinking lol. Even though they had mops suits on, its hard to believe those fucktards would be brave enough to use sarin or something that strong in that small room. Its probably some chemistry experiment they seen on youtube lol that makes a mild toxic agent out of ordinary industrial chemicals. The world will never be able to work with these fuckin radical muslim retards. Why can’t these people just die 🙁

      1. I was think that too. If this was a real nerve agent the humans would at least be feeling some affects. Also how are they going to clean the everything up; it’s not like they can just trow it into the transh?

  4. I’m so scared of fictional terrorist created by the CIA, just another tool under the corrupt US government to keep the sheep compliant in showing that there should be a reason to fight a fictional war staged like a lame real life tv show fear tactics, so the sheep can keep on supporting our shit president in invading other countries pretending to look for these phantoms.

  5. FUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS.. This is why I hope one day the earth experiences a massive wipe out of humanity. I fucking hate human beings. How the fuck can someone do this to a defenseless animal?

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