Alleged Rapist Lynched, Dragged and Hanged in Reyes, Bolivia

Alleged Rapist Lynched, Dragged and Hanged in Reyes, Bolivia

A man accused of raping and murdering a 4 year old girl was beaten, dragged and hanged to death this Saturday by a mob of settlers of the Benian municipality of Reyes in Bolivia.

The settlers were enraged by finding the corpse of the girl after she’d gone missing. Apparently, the child was sexually abused.

Local authorities apprehended the alleged perpetrator, but the population entered the police station by force, removed the accused and proceeded to lynch him.

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78 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Lynched, Dragged and Hanged in Reyes, Bolivia”

    1. Most of the time they always lynch the wrong perpetrator. South Americans are the most brutal beings alive when it comes to physically dealing with their “issues” To be quite honest I believe the mob bribe the police to just let the suspect free so that they can just deliver their justice.

      1. It’s true that there’s the risk of lynching the wrong guy, and mob mentality can be dangerous, but it’s also important to consider that the justice system is awful and many times the perpetrator will be back on the street in no time, so if the justice system doesn’t serve the people well, they are forced to take matters into their own hands, seems just natural to me.

    1. I am coming from worlds most fucked up third world country with lowest fucking IQ. I have noticed that mod justice is usually for the right perp. They majority of time catch them red handed or have some eye witnesses.

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  1. If it were my kid I’d probably want the same thing to happen to him. But only if I know for sure he actually did it. Can’t just go off rumor which is probably what actually happens allot of the time in these 3rd world countries. Especially when many believe still in witches and ghosts. So the wrong person gets lynched, while the real POS just runs free to rape and kill again. If I’m not mistaken, the worlds most prolific child killer actually is from South America. Columbia maybe? Brings to mind some immortal words “hide ya kids, hide ya wife”.

  2. Man, usually the editing in these videos leaves something to be desired, but this one bushwhacked me with all its captions of “This is from the reels of the press” as if the Bolivian press were desperate to claim this juicy footage as their own, not just for reporting it, but as if they had actually committed it.

    And keep in mind that this guy was a SUSPECTED rapist; the video makes that very clear in the beginning. So what happens when they later ask the girl what was happening, and it turns out she had choked on a piece of apple and the guy who is now hanging lifelessly from a tree branch had actually saved her life by applying the Heimlich maneuver? Are these hyenas so omnipotent that they can bring an innocent life back as eagerly and with as much flair as when they took it?

      1. Maybe while this mob was busy dragging the guy all over town, the girl ended up choking on the piece of apple lodged in her throat. Of course, we won’t be able to have a trial because the guy is already FUCKING DEAD, so he can’t be exonerated, except posthumously, which is a cruel joke to play on someone who was innocent.

        Man, you gotta be at least a teensy bit grateful that we live in countries where there is due process (or at least the pretense of due process) and shit like this isn’t widespread.

    1. Yup and for the guy who runs this site ; you really get me with you pussywhipped cause you feel rape deserves extreme punishments , but rape and murder of a four year old I say this fucker still got off easy I’d go fucking medieval on a maggot that even touched my daughter with malicious intent you could call me Elizabeth bathory when I’m done with that sorry excuse for a human

  3. If the allegations are true, then he most definitely got what he deserved!
    But again, If on the other hand, the accuser was himself the Rapist & Murderer, and managed to yell “RAPIST”, and point out the victim as the perpetrator,,, than yea, you guessed it, he’s dead, tragically! 🙁
    This can sometimes be the problem with these 3rd World Countries, as they act like Judge & Jury in determining somebody,s fate from a single accusation. And like dropping a single, solitary worm in a River full of Piranha,s,,, you’re Fucked!!! Makes you wonder how many times in the past that similar circumstances have happened with the wrong individual being lynched? Although i do believe in instant Karma in certain circumstances, one & all involved must be 100 % sure when condemning a person to this brutal death, and a few of them must have witnessed the act first!

    1. You need to shut the fuck up. I have often said that these “alleged” men may not be guilty. As a matter of fact, my comment here, posted WAY before yours says that. And it sure isn’t the first time I said it. I remember vividly on two occasions, a male member told me to “get over it.” I’m an advocate for false-rape accusers getting jail time AND paying a cash settlement to the accused. So fuck man, just don’t run off at the mouth with very little thought.

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  4. Instant mob justice condoned by the local cops. Or perhaps the cops know better than to go against the mob.
    This is not the way things should be, although the alternative, proper way, is not something these people have either the time or patience for, or the finance for that matter.
    All criminals deserve their day in court, preferably accompanied by a decent defender. Failing that, stock up on bricks and rope and a blade or two. Criminals ought to learn how to run fast.

  5. This is the only type of thing that makes me like the system of justice in America. For all anyone knew this guy was accused by someone who hated him and a mob ensued.

    Beyond that, if you’re tried and convicted beyond all possible doubt with a mountain of evidence of that crime then there is no death painfully slow enough for a shitbag who would do that!

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