Alleged Rapist Clubbed to Death in Vargem Alta, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Alleged Rapist Clubbed to Death in Vargem Alta, Espírito Santo, Brazil

24 year old mechanic Gilmarcam Messine nicknamed Gil was accused of raping and killing 10 year old Kevelim de Souza (some publications named her Kevilin Souza – not sure which one is correct) in the district of Vila Maria, town of Vargem Alta, Espírito Santo state, Brazil so without due process, the residents took justice into their own hands and beat him to death.

On Wednesday morning, May 29, 2013 a mob of about 100 people from the Castelinho neighborhood, three miles from where the alleged crime took place led lynched Gilmarcam Messine through the streets, sat him against a post and clubbed him to death.

The body of Kevilin Souza was found on Tuesday May 28, 2013 in the evening, in the mechanical workshop where Gil worked. The child was found naked, bearing signs of sexual violence and strangulation. Hopefully they got the right guy cause there was no proof that Gilmarcam Messine raped the child, but he was one of the people who worked where she was found and that’s as good a proof as any. Leastways in Brazil it seems to be.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. When I was convicted of excessive force on an intruder i.e I disarmed his knife and stabbed him in the side of his ass, the man next up in court flashed his cock to an 11 year old girl claiming he though she was 15 yrs old (still fucking illegal). Nevertheless I got 19 months in jail and he got community service and the sex offenders register for 2 years.
      Mob rule is the same as the justice system, it never works. Communism, Democracy, Socialism, Religion and Atheism are all the same, answerable to nipothing and no-one. Get what you can and get out.
      People are animals, not thesaurus adjectives. Nothing more, nothing less

  1. Yup, in Brasil, you are guilty until proven innocent. And even then, you are still guilty. Fucken camerafag should be killed too, for egging the killers on. “Give him the stick, give him the stick. “, “No one saw anything, here.”, “Domingo, tie him there.”

    1. That really sucks. Seen lots of similar lynching vids on the Internet, but it’s still difficult to me to realize that street justice without proven guilt happens in some parts of world nowadays.

      1. When that mob-mentality kicks in people will act like animals. They have done a few expiriements on this before, and perfectly “normal” law-abiding people who would normally not act like this, go crazy when they see everyone around them doing it, and people being okay with it at the time.

          1. @obli…yeah GTA 5 is about to come out…well for me anyway, playing GTA while stoned is an incredible release of the rage inside from the stupid people that are all around me as soon as I leave the comfort of my woodland home

    2. i was wondering what they are saying – thanks, and is there more of interest – is the guy with the star on the back of any importance. strange was that he was guided like a sheep taken to its execution.

  2. The problem is, that when you leave justice to the public they always go ape-shit on anybody who would be of suspicion. Public beatings or basically death-courts are becoming far more common with the worlds outburst on police authority. Shame if this guy was innocent rather than being accused and taken to court (which it’s importance is lacking in many LEDC’s), but I guess nobody out there would be really brave enough to fight back to hold attacks until the accused is guilty or not guilty.
    Things are getting a little crazy at the moment.

      1. The guy would have had to be more then a retard if he killed the little girl and then left her to be found in the place he’s employed??? Looks more like a set-up to me!

        Gut feeling tells me this guy was innocent and I have zero sympathy for child-molesters.

  3. I appreciate a good delivering of street justice, but it was rather quick for my taste. I would’ve started bashing his legs and work my way up and maybe a couple blows to the head but nothing fatal. Suffering is key for these kind of people.

    1. I know, it was quite short and boring for a lynching. They could have at least dragged him to where they were planning on tying him up at, and add a little torture in there. However, the guy who actually delivered the killing blows looked a little too emotional to want to do anything but kill. I wonder if he was related or knew the victim?

  4. Whether he is the killer or not. The father has the right to be angry and want to blow his head off. I would do the same thing. Except in the United States, I would probably end up in prison with a bunch of lesbians who want to fuck little ole me. bwaaahhh…

  5. That shit scares me. Anybody like the older guy himself, could have raped &killed that girl and stashed her body where some guy the town does not likes works and frame him for it . I do not know for sure but fuck of fucks,,, how would anybody know !

  6. How is it that some people think sex is more valuable than a child’s purity and life? Sex is just thrusts into a warm hole, how the hell does that become so important that you’ll rape and murder a child for it? Fucking humans.

  7. If he is guilty then that’s the way it should be done. Anyone that hurts and kills a innocent child deserves to be killed. In the western world we give these animals time in jail that the tax payers pay for while the families of the victims suffer for life! If anyone touched or hurt my children I would have no problem with killing them with my own two hands( except I would not make as quick as shown in this clip). In saying all of this I hope he was guilty of this terrible unforgiving crime and not another innocent person killed.

  8. Often I’ve been thinking that how many innocents get lycnhed just because some psycho bitch accuses man for raping her.
    Because that happens where I live but those cases are solved in court not in streets.
    Fucking scums.

  9. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the rule of law is much more just than mob rule. If that guy was proven beyond reasonable doubt, ie, with forensic evidence, several wittnesses, etc, to have raped and killed that child I’d say yeah … go for it, club the bastard to death! However if their only evidence is … well we found the corpse in your workplace so you must have committed the crime. Very flimsy evidence if you ask me. I mean why would somebody commit a murder and then just leave the corpse in the garage where they worked?! Would they not try to remove it, hide it, straight away afterwards? Wouldn’t be surprised if someone else left the corpse there for him to get the blame … possibly even the main ringleader in the lynching … who knows?!

  10. Nothing shocking here. A 16 year year in the US was beaten and almost died when he was accused of rape by a girl who was rejected by him, her relatives beat the shit outta him and almost killed him. False rape accusations is one of the biggest reasons why i don’t take rape seriously and never will. Women have become so toxic that even hitting on them is considered rape now, Avoid them at all costs fellas. I suggest some of you check out a channel on utube called ” violentwomenamongus” .

  11. Good job rapist child molester should all be treated like this they have all the right to execute anybody that does these things and they people that try to protect them should be hanged by there nuts for a year dirty mutha fuckers should all die

  12. He did’nt put up much of a fight to get away, infact none at all. I think only a guilty person would accept their fate and take it the way he did.
    Still…I think they should have rammed that pole right up his ass.

  13. its tough to tell what the fuck is going on because this moronic cameraman is masturbating with his recording hand or some shit. All i can make out in the video is when dudes lights go out.

  14. another shit day in shit brasil..Lately i grew to not like them at all they have so much social problems and even poverty but for some reason they enjoy making fun of us,Portugal

    Its like ok we are not perfect but why dont you look in the mirror before you talk or point your finger at anyone.

    Also this mob justices things seem to get people going but im against this, i mean what if that guy was of your family?and what if he was innocent?

  15. The idea of having a 2 & 1/2 minute walk was interesting just before the club card went too work. If he was innocent then the young girl would not have pointed at him and instead granted him 3 wishes for being a good Brazilian not.

    1. Or the people are just ignorant. Same type of mentality lead to the death of an innocent kid. Didn’t have any criminal history or bad background. Student in accounting, and contributed toward society. The same society that betrayed him because someone pointed a finger and made a false accusation and the kid lost his life. Just dwindling it down to your two options is ignorant on your part if you can’t see more than that.

  16. Interesting….the accused attacker tempts to break free….while the eager asshole with a whistle branch is trying to.beat the guy while walking, is being told to hold his batting skills! At the same time they waste nearly 15 min. Of recording a hesitent execution! Really does not make a bit of sense to me…walking….all you really see is this guys back! Smells like a hero got framed & this came out to be a bloody ending….this clip reminds me of Stephen Kings (The Green Mile)

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