Alleged Rapist Beaten to Death by Villagers

Alleged Rapist Beaten to Death by Villagers

This video looks strangely familiar but I searched and searched and can’t seem to find it on here so I’m posting it again in belief that I perhaps have not posted it before. All these lynchings start to look similar after a while and with thousands of videos posted, it’s impossible to keep track.

The victim is an alleged rapist so the villagers took the law into their own hands and beat him with sticks until he couldn’t stand on his own two feet no more and expired on a road. Extrajudicial killings seem pretty common in rural areas of Latin America, but also in many parts of Asia and Africa.

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49 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Beaten to Death by Villagers

    • I’d rather have one whacked who was innocent vs the 99 who get away scot-free here in the US… The problem is that such extra-judicial ‘sentencing’ does not seem to result in less crime…

      • @Lakelife, I can see it in that manner where the accused is usually guilty. I’m only saying that if he were innocent he will never get to prove it. In most of these lynchings they more than not are guilty and street justice is swift unlike the justice system in those country’s which hand out very lenient jail time. I’m all for mob justice if the person committed the act and of course if I myself weren’t prosecuted for the street beating/killing.

    • I’d rather have one whacked who was innocent vs the 99 who get away scot-free here in the US… The problem is that such extra-judicial ‘sentencing’ does not seem to result in less crime… Also.. Prison in the US simply hones criminals’ skills… It’s graduate school for scammers, vermin and worse.

      If in fact that weeb did rape someone… My profound thanks goes out to the guy with the fence pole who laid his skull open.

      • The scary part about this kind of street justice is, what if a girl was pissed off at somebody for nothing that had to do with any rape but, just to get back at somebody and she cries “rape” and an innocent person loses their life because of it. I think it would be scary to live in a place like this anyway but, to grow up there as a male knowing your life could end if you pissed off the wrong person and all someone would have to do is accuse you and you have no way to prove your innocents. Scary thought!

        • I totally agree with you! I had my ex girlfriend called the cops on me knowing I had probation and accuse me of hitting her witch is not true.

          It was revenge on me for talking to another girl.

          I had to do one month of jail time including court fees and a criminal record (Abuse of a house hold member.)

          We have crazy bitches living amongst us, men and women.

          • @Yo Daddy, I feel ya there, my ex wife did same to me. It REALLY sucks to be accused of something when you’re innocent. Think of the people locked up who ARE innocent of their ‘crime’.

          • @killthefilth
            Welcome to the club brother! I don’t think people realize that women can be equally abusive, but way more dangerous than men.

            They know how to manipulate and play the system and act all innocent.

            I have to give

    • @drccoco, they practice from the looks of things, but they could use some technique if they want to impress anyone. They’re acting like savages…..wait…they are savages!

  1. They should do this to all the sick people that want to rape a woman or child . Jail time is not enough punishment for there actions. I honestly think death should be handed out instead of long jail time. Bet no one in that street will rape some one again. ,atleast not for a while .

  2. Another great piece of brazilian gore.

    The lynching mob is screaming “don’t let him escape, don’t let him run”. Near the end, the cameraman says “that’s enough, that’s enough!”, I don’t understand if he is saying that because the guy is dead already or because he felt like that was enough beating.

    This may seen like a harsh punishment, but we can’t trust on the brazilian legal system. We don’t have life imprisonment, the maximum sentence for rape is 10 years and the criminal can be paroled after serving only 3 years, so he would be out of jail and rapping again in no time.


      Thanks again for the translation… Others with language skills… Please do translate other vids when possible.

      Understanding what is being said provides much greater perspective

      • Thanks @NOTDASILVA for the translation, most of us are really curious what is said in these videos.

        I’m just glad lynching is still active in some places. The law can’t be trusted anywhere you go, and sometimes the law needs to be taken into the hands of the people.

  3. If nothing else, this serves as a pretty strong deterrent against crimes. I’m pretty sure rape isn’t a crime of passion – I know that I wouldn’t just rape someone out of the blue. Maybe other potential rapists will think twice before trying something like that in this part of the world.

  4. When I was younger, my father would tell me stories of the town coming together to beat the living shit out of the criminals. He told me that it was the way to handle things in the Dominican Republic. While I can’t say I’d join them in the beating, I still feel like it’s better than the sentences they hand out to the scumbags over here, in lowlife infested Brooklyn.

    • used to live on Windsor Terrece… near the park.. Nice Irish neck of the woods. Zero crime back then. People would leave their doors open… Geesh.. The vermin knew better to think about messing in that part of Brooklyn

      • Wonderful part of Brooklyn. I actually live a few minutes away from Windsor, but you’d be amazed at the difference between Windsor and Gowanus. There isn’t much crime anymore, but you’d be a fool to walk around here alone.

  5. Well in many cases here on bestgore I have felt that lynching would be appropriate punishment for some idiots out there, however in these stories isn’t it a bit too easy just to blame someone you don’t like?

    I mean lets say I hate someone (maybe for a good reason maybe not) and I say he raped me and than he gets beaten to death. I am just saying it seams too easy to start lynching people. There should a couple of rules before doing you know.

  6. My take is that the guy was just a flaming faggot. Note the bleached yellow hair & the nut-huggers he was wearing. And at the end, someone was mocking him in a high falsetto voice. He was beaten & killed for being gay.

  7. If he really is a rapist they should cut his violator off right now while he is out. Without his pecker he will never rape again and every time he sits down to pee he can think of this day. Might want to cut his arms off too just to be safe, don’t want him raping again with foreign objects. Aw fuck it, do all that and then just let him bleed out and die it’s the only way to be sure he does not rape again.

  8. The last shot that actually put him down would have absolutely shattered his collar bone i was surprised when he used his arm to get up again :O … But YAY!! another lynching video :D <== been missing these, i do enjoy watching scum get fucked up by savages basically :P

  9. What an idiot, he had plenty of chances to run away from the crowd, but no he just stayed there, probably thinking the crowd will be merciful to him.

    • yeah i agree with you.he’d better be guilty of what he is charged with because its a nasty way to die getting beat up like that. brutal. especially seeing one in real life..

  10. All lynching vids do look familiar but this one does appear to be new, all though it does resemble another lynching video from several pages back that took place in the Dominican Republic if I’m not mistaken where they took turns beating a bloody half naked man with 2x4s against a neighborhood wall…but then again in every lynching vid the victim is always half naked bleeding and the lynchers are always shirtless and using 2x4s.

  11. “Man stick peepee in woman. He BAD! I hit him with stick!!!”

    I feel like I’m looking back in time with this vid…or do cavemen still exist?

  12. @1:50 he gets it real good with a bottle which seems to make him disoriented. This is probably the climax for real gore fans, because you know he’s slowly starting to lose hope, knowing he’s got a horrible death on the way once things get woozy.

  13. If I had the powers of superman, id personally Peirce the throats of the beaters with my bare hands, grab the victim, innocent or guilty, and fly the fuck off.Id come back, rape multiple women and say come and have your trial motherfuckers.

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