Argentineans Blow Up and Sink HMS Sheffield with Exocet During Falklands War

Argentineans Blow Up and Sink HMS Sheffield with Exocet During Falklands War

Argentineans Blow Up and Sink HMS Sheffield with Exocet During Falklands War

Awesome combat footage from the 1982 Falklands War shows Argentinean air force blowing up and sinking British HMS Sheffield with an Exocet anti-ship missile.

According to the British, the Exocet warhead did not detonate when it hit HMS Sheffield. The explosion seen in the video was allegedly caused by the ship itself and the remainder of the propellant. Argentinean sources however say that it did explode and because it hit the engines room, the ship was left without electric supply so the anti-fire system could not be activated.

According to Max Hastings’ The Battle for the Falklands, Argentineans only had 5 Exocet missiles available to them during the Falklands War. They were able to deliver considerable damage with them, hitting HMS Sheffield, Atlantic Conveyor and Glamorgan, but they only had 5 of them. Initially, Argentina was in a better position during the Falklands War but instead of supplying themselves with more Exocets before starting the war, they went for it with only 5. Several senseless moves and decisions turned the odds against them.

The attack on HMS Sheffield was carried out with French made Super Etendard fighter aircraft launched from Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego. Two French made Exocet missiles were fired – why one did not strike the ship is a mystery, but the other one hit the target and decommissioned the ship for good. There were 268 crew on HMS Sheffield at the time of the attack, a total of only 22 of them perished.

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26 thoughts on “Argentineans Blow Up and Sink HMS Sheffield with Exocet During Falklands War”

  1. if i was going to believe what happened, id believe the British report, they were closer to the explosion and have a more reliable sight of what really happened, the Argentinians can only use their eyes

  2. I don’t know why the British even bothered then and bother nowadays. Perhaps J the gigolo will enlighten us with some retarded and redundant insight regarding the lost British mission.

    1. The reason they bothered then and the reason why they will still ‘bother’ now or in the future is money, the islands and surrounding locale is rich in oil and other minerals – why wouldn’t ‘we’ Brits bother when there’s billions of dollars at stake. I use the term ‘we’ very loosely here because of course, most of us Brits won’t benefit from that resource exactly the same way the poor folk of Latin America won’t benefit, no matter what the Argentinian government are saying. A handful of rich people will get richer and everyone else…….well, who cares eh?

  3. I thought the war was terrifying when I was a kid – looking back on it now, it was far worse than we were being shown on the TV – on a side note, and Sean Penn aside, imagine how US ‘mainland’ citizens would react if Hawaii were suddenly retaken over by it’s indigenous people, the white folks lynched and the US flag lowered? Oh, sorry – I forgot about The Dawg!

  4. They seem to use alot of French weaponry…..maybe thats why the odds were turned against them. And 5 exocet missiles, really??!! Talk about selective fire

    Pussy ass French

  5. hard to picture south America as having functioning governments much less a military. seems to me the whole continent is just a free-for-all of sex, drugs and murder. of course, pretty much all of my knowledge of south America comes from Best Gore. 😛

  6. Mrs.-Dry-Cunt-Thatcher, wanted to distract the public from economic problems at home, the war was completely unnecessary. Nothing new at the west front.

    1. @Coochie Queef, very true… but I’m sure the facts that the bitches husband was an oil executive and her waste of space son an arms dealer never even entered the equation.

  7. The footage of the missile skimming the sea & the impact footage aren’t the actual events. They are taken from stock footage of weapon trials. Unless of course you think there was a cameraman stooging about during the attack that could change the ship to one that wasn’t a Type 42 destroyer.

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