Arizona Cop Executes Trailer Park Tenant Holding Gun, Lies He Pointed It at Him

Arizona Cop Executes Trailer Park Tenant Holding Gun, Lies He Pointed It at Him

Arizona Cop Executes Trailer Park Tenant Holding Gun, Lies He Pointed It at Him

On February 10, 2018, a member of the Kingman Police Department mobile execution team apparently woke up with an itch to execute someone and could not have been happier when a dispatcher told him there is a possible domestic dispute at Zuni Village RV Park in the Arizona town.

He showed up at night, and when the threatened tenant responded to the citizen killer yelling and blinding him by stepping out of his trailer non-threateningly holding a gun in his hand, the citizen killer executed him, and immediately after lied to the dispatcher that the victim had pointed the gun at him.

The victim was identified as 63 year old Michael Weber of Kingman. Zuni Village manager Kevin McCumber said Mr. Weber was quiet, soft-spoken and always paid his rent on time. He also said Mr. Weber was hearing impaired and wore two hearing aids. About the couple, the manager said:

They were good tenants. There were no reports, we didn’t have to go back to their space for drunken disturbances or get the rent.

Mr. Weber’s wife said she was devastated by the execution of her husband and can’t bear staying at the park where her hubby was murdered in cold blood anymore.

The citizen killer was identified as Jace Reif. He has seven years of experience on the mobile execution squad. Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said it is “investigating” the killing – LOL.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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126 thoughts on “Arizona Cop Executes Trailer Park Tenant Holding Gun, Lies He Pointed It at Him”

    1. I can’t believe he actually said he pointed the gun at him…no wait…yes I can. Fucking state sanctioned murder once again. I’m sure he’ll be or already has been cleared. Americans everywhere need to stand up and overthrow this corrupt bloodthirsty policy you have been methodicaly pretty much brainwashed into thinking this is necessary. Look to the rest of the world and see how they do it. You don’t need to put up with your own government terrorizing you! It’s time for another revolution!

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        So Your name should reflect your thankless task of trying to have people see your people in a better light….but kid ya can’t polish a turd.

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  1. This cop sounded and acted like a libtard. He met someone willing and ready to legally oppose him(Arizona is an open carry state after all) and got triggered by that. The facts were also secondary to his feelings and therefore he reinvented the truth to fit his own agenda.

    Definitely libtard behaviour.

    1. I don’t know. If I saw a police car with its bright lights on and a deputy sheriff with an LED screaming three times to come out with my hands up, I may just avoid feinting a duel.

      I’ll speak my peace in court, not on my front steps.

      Just one man’s opinion.

    1. @Skyler
      Put your “peace” onto your ass, dumbass Skyker, after you pulled your head out of it!

      I can not see where Officer Pigs life has threatened any way, meaning that the shooting is uncalled for me. even if the guy was a meth head that not justifies the killing of civilian, walking whit a gun with a chilled state of mind(no threats), in a country with open carry. I would give that SOB citizen killer 10 years for that stunt.

      Dont try to cover for that shit, Or are you a swine as well?

  2. This is why you put your hands up, when told to do so. An officer should never have to repeat it twice. He ask for it! Stupid low-class fucks! There is always a good reason to follow an officer’s orders. You can always ask questions later, but safety is first. This is one of the reasons why a lot of Blacks die by cops, because a lot of them or non-compliant with resistance.

    1. Let’s just say that the cop lied …so what. That cop probably couldn’t see very well and something appeared as a threat to him, since that trailer trash person refused to put his hands up. It’s obviously that the trailer trash person thought it was a game. Cops put their lives in danger everyday. You have to understand where they are coming from. If a cop tells you to put your hands up, don’t be slow about it or be reaching into your pockets. I don’t understand people who want to play Russian roulette with cops, unless they are asking for a death wish.

      1. Cops here one of the safest jobs there is. Deaths on the job among cops are so rare, they hardly register. Being a garbage collector or a waiter is more dangerous, for crying out loud. And the few deaths that happen on cop duty, are mostly self caused by bad driving or by donuts.

        When an armed thug comes at your property, yells at you, threatens you and blinds you so you can’t see who it is, you have every right to protect yourself and take his stinky ass out. Any thug can claim he’s a cop when you are blinded and can’t see. This cop failed to give the guy a reasonable opportunity to verify that he’s not being invaded by a burglar. The cop should have been shot, as should be any bootlicker like you who supports the extrajudicial executions of citizens for the purpose of feeding cops’ ego.

        1. Answering the door with a gun in your hand won’t do you any favours trained killers are always looking to pop that cherry however a world without law n order watch the movie The Road great Sunday afternoon flick…..

          1. Exactly, that pig fucker was tryin’ to get his goat! Dude should’ve just kept his cool, tossed over a hand grenade and simply said… “Here, play with this!”

    1. “Always shoot a cop first”? …lol. If he had done that then he would spend life in prison, if not the death penalty. All he had to do was put his hands up and no one has to die. =) That guy made the situation worst by not complying. The guy was just being ignorant. Maybe he was drunk or retarded. I think I heard him say “Get out of here” to the officer.

  3. U.S. Federal Police standard operating procedures for all state troopers and local city police department :

    > feel free to kill anyone doesn’t matter who they’re, especially if they’re person of color.

    1. And these peace keepers collect their pay from the same tax coffers that this citizen whom you allege to be a welfare recipient would have received his benefits. The only verified welfare recipient in the above is the murdering cop.

  4. I’m at the point of saying shoot first at the cops because they’ll shoot you first no matter the circumstances. A citizen has the exact same legal right to carry a gun as the cops do by the constitution as a citizen does. It is becoming a who shoots first thing with the cops having a bullshit legal advantage of saying “I was just doing my duty”. That’s not a citizen policeman just “policing” his area. That is a pig on the hunt for someone to shoot because the citizen was policing his own area.

  5. The cop did say “hands up”, which the guy refused to do.
    On top of that he opens the door very quickly the second time. The cop seem a bit suprised. But one bullet to the leg would have done.

  6. The cop did say “hands up”, which the guy refused to do.
    On top of that he opens the door very quickly the second time. The cop seem a bit suprised. But one bullet to the leg would have done.

  7. @brocklanders
    maybe cause he wanted to defend his property as was his right to in case the officer wasn’t who he said who he was. It’s pretty easy to say you’re a cop. Let’s not forget he was deaf with hearing aids, and might’ve been drunk as well. If a cop would’ve had his gun out and aimed I would’ve fucking emptied my clip in him. I don’t think my defense “I felt threatened to my life” would hold up in court.
    I still am surprised, that cop seemed relatively sympathetic … I mean he was still a fucking murderous insecure pig, but the first thing he did was calling for medical … plenty of videos here where the cops neglect that little detail and leave it for five minutes later. Also he only shot 4 shots, and usually more shots are fired, I think the average is like 6 for the best gore videos. You could also hear how he was shook up – not every pig react that way. Sadly a lot of them I’ve seen around here take out their fag-boy stress by acting even more aggressive. As far as this cop goes … rather him than Philips Brailford.

  8. “All cops are murderers. All they want to do is kill to inflate their egos, everyone who disagrees is SHEEP Look at you SHEEPLE believing those media lies like the SHEEP you are” The politics of this website are honestly so fucked. I just come here for the gore tbh. I want to argue with someone, how the policeman was NOT justified in killing the ARMED man. Please, id REALLY like to hear some opinions

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