Armed Sunnis Pose with Severed Body Parts in Damascus Suburb of Admal

Armed Sunnis Pose with Severed Body Parts in Damascus Suburb of Admal

Here’s a video of a faction of the FSA posing for camera with guns and severed body parts in the Damascus suburb of Admal. They better get the hell out of there cause their fellow mercenaries will soon start dropping chemical weapons on the city.

I have no doubt that the terrorists are using the same recycled rhetoric about how these are “martyrs” who have been massacred by the evil Bashar al Assad regime yadda yadda in the video. They always seem to know who did what and always happen to be where people die with tier cameras at the ready.

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34 thoughts on “Armed Sunnis Pose with Severed Body Parts in Damascus Suburb of Admal

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      • Word. My neighbors are from Leeds, the old goat is quite feisty, many times there has been a knock on my door only for me to look out the peephole to a well placed 2 finger salute.

      • it’s your two front fingers, the opposite of the peace sign, or what we used to call the victory V sign during the war. You stick them up in a upwards motion but If your feeling creative you can wave them around in someones face.

          • I didn’t explain that very well, thier all in the front, it’s the two fingers next to your thumb. Think the Sex Pistols,, they were always giving two fingers.

  1. i’m pretty sure that’s all these pieces of shit have to eat now as they’ve probably destroyed or contaminated everything else….this entire race just needs to die

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