Asian Rape Victim Murdered and Stuffed in a Suitcase

Asian Rape Victim Murdered and Stuffed in a Suitcase

Young Asian girl was kidnapped by a maniac rapist who repeatedly abused her, tortured her and after she died, stuffed her in a suitcase. Them Asians are really compact and foldable. You could easily fit her in a carry on. Clearly, the killer wasn’t a traveling necrophiliac or else he’d tag her along as a portable sex doll.

I’m not entirely sure about the purpose of doing pointers at her foot. Asian morgues are weird, but they get to do autopsies on hot women.

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171 thoughts on “Asian Rape Victim Murdered and Stuffed in a Suitcase

  1. Her body parts will be in your next order of Chinese take out.. That’s how they dispose of their bodies over there, right? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Don’t trust those chicken fingers.. It’s not chicken, It’s cat.

  2. Poor little girl. Unbelievable how that bastard fitted her in a suitcase. If any one is planning to do that to me your definately going to to need two.

  3. Hey Mark did you here bout the woman who tried to smuggle her boyfriend in a suitcase across the border yesterday. i can’t remember now if it was into usa, or into canada? Just a lil tidbit. 8/22

    • No haven’t heard that one. I’ve heard of a Mexican woman who tried to smuggle her husband out of prison in a suitcase about a year ago, though. Them people be crazy.

        • She couldn’t have weighed any more then 100lbs/45kgs.

          Quite easy to roll about in one of those luggage carriers.

          I fantasise about an Oriental lady (@ElleDiablo) slaying me after repeatedly raping me… Then doing the same to me.

          Although I am 6’2″ and weigh around the 200lb mark… So besto luck!

          • @Trooper you should definitely come round when my grandparents are out. We can act out scenes from Audition and Basic Instinct. I have some pretty big suitcases but you are a big lump of man. Hmmm. I’ll get Rei and Daweeka around to help!

          • I’ll do the slaying part. I’m 5ft 10 so in heels no prob we’d be same height 😀

          • im just over 5 ft so i’m just the right height to slay a particular part of the male anatomy ;o

          • You gals seems game to everything. I like that. So what’s it gonna be during oral, spit or swallow?

          • @ReiKoko, well a certain part of the male anatomy, and the throat are already taken, so take your pick at what’s left :)

          • It surprises me how many BG beauties want to kill me!


            I guess I won’t be around to see the squabble on who gets my cock and balls as a trophy.

            As long as I get repeatedly buggered by you luvverly ladies… I couldn’t care less. I shall die happy.

          • Gunky…

            You may have to fight for ’em!

            Although I guess the many days of DEMON SEEDING prior to the ultimate culmination of the BG Beauties slaying me… In a perverse ritual to Satan/ Mark.

          • I’ve put my comment in wrong place so now I look like an illiterate idiot talking random rubbish to myself no:-D

          • Jack – Wrong kind of game. But I’m sure BG gals can find some trophies to pick off of you too.

            Rei – I like the skull bowl idea.. but you might have to wrestle it away from gunky it seems.

  4. Poor young girl. I can’t imagine the terror she went through before hand. I won’t be cracking disrespectful jokes as personally I think this is really sad may she R.I.P.

    • Holy shit, you look like this polish girl I used to flat with in London, like her double..Maybe its you?? I’m freaking, ok you will know who this is if its you, but if not you like exactly like her..

      • I can assure you I’m most definitely not Polish and not the person you are freaking about lol. I’m not sure I’m down with the looking Polish part but if I was it would be extremely handy to listen in to some of the parent conversations whilst waiting to pick my son up from school :-)

        • Awe thanks for clearing that up, You do look exactly like her, she’s beautiful too! I havn’t stopped thinking about it until I’ve messaged you lol so now I can sleep well lol thanks!

          • Aww hunni I’m sorry. I would of replied sooner if I’d known. You have no worries now so I hope you sleep well x :-)

  5. For some reason, it creeps me out more when its Asian. I imagine them all being quite demented. I like Asian women, too. Some are hideous but some are just gorgeous. Anyone seen The Amazing, Shocking Asia?

    • It would be nice if I could (and get away with it) but I don’t think the Misses would care for it much.

      You can just call me Will.

      Gotta go, have a load to deliver.

      • Hey Will she’s can be packed away in a lovely suitcase, and stashed somewhere when the wife is around :)

        When the wife isn’t around, well…………

        • Best of both worlds will, and hear me out, wife in suit case? Alive still of course but, role playing can be awesome when its degrading and sadistic… Unfortunately my hubs just wants to nut, let me get off and thats it, i personally dont enjoy being touched in the vagi, but i do enjoy different things other than riding it all the time, its such a drag!! I wouldnt mind if he came home one day with a suitcase or box, slapped me. And ripped off my clothes forcing me into said box/case, and cutting a hole into it so he could just fuck thw shit outta me in odd places arouns the house or city…

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