Bank Robbery in Pakistan – Useless Robbers, Brave Guard

Bank Robbery in Pakistan - Useless Robbers, Brave Guard

Bank Robbery in Pakistan - Useless Robbers, Brave Guard

Difficult times call for difficult measures but WTF? Are these bank robbers for real?

This messed up bank robbery happened in Karachi, Pakistan. A group of robbers had a plan to disarm the guards and get the money, but failed miserably at the disarm point which lead to a long scuffle between two brave security guards and several robbers. Luckily for the robbers, while the scuffle was going on, one of them was able to collect himself and quickly go to get some money from the tellers or else they would have gotten out of the whole ordeal empty handed.

Seeing that the guards were not willing to easily surrender their shotguns, the robbers eventually resorted to shooting them with their handguns. I don’t have any info on whether any of the guards died as a result but they seem to have been shot a few times and floor is stained with blood.

Big mess of a robbery, like watching kids in kindergarten argue about toys.

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29 thoughts on “Bank Robbery in Pakistan – Useless Robbers, Brave Guard”

    1. People that stupid should be gassed, I mean how many men in pyjamas does it take to rob a bank? Dumb fucks, irritates the shit out of me people that stupid

    1. Fuckin right they are goons @k-j if one of those guards would have let one shot go , the kickback would have torn the shot-guns right out of those assholes hands. These guards need more training, if they lived that is.

  1. Fuck that was the most pathetic but in a way successful bank robbery, considering they still got some money

    The guards seems to have a few opportunities to shoot them with the Spaz-12s (by the looks of them) and vis-vera but nether took the chance..

    1. Gawd damm watch a bunch of clowns the robbers the guards the tellers! Took 2 minuttes before anyone even took a shot and there all runnin back and forth like they got sticks up there butts for phuc sake pull yer piece and start blastin!

  2. What ever happened to bad ass robber’s? like criminals these days only rob gas stations and stuff, you don’t ever hear about someone robbing a bank or something

    1. I guess you didn’t get the news about the guys that just stormed an airport last month and got $50 million of diamonds by jacking a plane…..

      That’s some Gangsta shit right there.

  3. I think when the guy fired a few shots at the guard he hit the other robber behind the counter. thats why at the end hes holding his ribs like he got shot there holding something over it. friendly fire.

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