Barber Killed by La Empresa Racketeers in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico

Brutal Headshots with Spilled Brain Matter

This is the man who was killed by the La Empresa racketeers the day before this merchant. Both were killed because they did not pay the racketeers the requested amount for “protection”. This man was a barber in Nezahualcoyotl, Estado de México, likewise earning his living with honest work. He got his brains shot out of his head.

Look at the people La Empresa – small business owners. This barber was probably just about earning enough for his family to live a decent life, but nowhere near enough to afford his own bodyguards. Small Business Owners – people struggling to get by during tough economic times make for the easiest targets for the racketeers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Barber Killed by La Empresa Racketeers in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico”

  1. These poor buggers are stuck between two groups of narcos/crime gangs stating that if you pay the protection money to their rivals , they will kill you… Either way your fucked in the arse. They can’t call the cops because they’re in on it, you can’t run because they’ll kill your family, poor bastards may as well just join in the bloodshed and get wicked

    1. Only if you accept their “protection” or if you are a member of the drug trafficking. My family has a house and small business in the busiest part of Neza and they never got involved with anyone/anything illegal so noone messes with them. Everyone is so scared of the drug lords and gangs in Mexico but if you don’t fuck with them they won’t fuck with you, common sense.

  2. my uncle had a barber shop in the bronx, nyc for over 30yrs. as a child it was a cool place to hang out and i have fond memories. back in 1996 2 scumbag criminals broke in and shot him in the head and killed his brother who was there helping him clean the place. my uncle survived but is not the same. criminals must be put down. there is no other way to deal with someone willing to harm other fv for financial gain.

    1. amazing the horror stories surrounding barber shops. i will certainly be holding a certain “leetle friend” under my hair tarp in case some fucking cretin walks into my favorite barber shop while I am getting my flat buzz cut.

  3. In some parts of the world, the security guards are given a big hassle while trying to do their jobs…(like stopping a “rebel without a cause” prick from taking taking pictures where hes not supposed to)….
    .In other parts of the world ,the security guards will blow your fucking brains out if you don’t pay them for bullshit “protection”.

  4. Damn, in Ciudad Neza this kind of things is very common. By the way, I’m new in here. I’ve been reading the posts and so on… I’ve learned a lot! That’s why I registered myself. Greetings from Mexico City (not as dangerous as it seems)

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