Battle of Tarawa Aftermath Video

Battle of Tarawa Aftermath Video

Battle of Tarawa Aftermath Video

The Battle of Tarawa was a World War II American offensive in the central Pacific region against Japan. It was the first offensive carried out by the US military in the region. The offensive bore a codename Operation Galvanic.

In 72 hours of fighting – between November 20 and November 23, 1943 almost 6,000 soldiers, both Japanese and American died on the island of Betio in the Tarawa Atoll, which is part of the Gilbert Islands. The Japanese deserve major props for the Battle of Tarawa because they were outnumbered 4 to 1 (18,000 Americans attacked 4,500 Japanese) and out-machined, but fought bravely almost to the last man – after all was said and done, all but 17 Japanese soldiers had died defending the island.

Video below was filmed after the fights had stopped and shows how deadly the Battle of Tarawa was. It’s a black and white, poor quality video, but that only adds to its authenticity:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Battle of Tarawa Aftermath Video”

  1. Discipline! That’s what it takes to stand up to an army that outnumbers you. Those Japanese soldiers had it! Sadly for them, though, their discipline wasn’t enough to stand up to a bunch of American boys all hopped up on the patriotism garnered from the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

      And troops are coming back all upset with PTSD LMAO. You spend a week in a paddy field with Charlie…Ill show you PTSD. Ive seen grown man in a supermarket just doing his own thing(normal looking and all) out of no where snap and start crying cause the guy infront of him was Asian….then he started cursing him out it was sad and great at the sametime.

    2. World War II and Nam was much more personal than what the troops over in Afghanistan have to go through…. Sure Afghanistan anf Iraq may have its brutal moments…. But it doesnt compare to World War II or Vietnam, those were definitely wars in which combat was at a much more personal level. My uncle (may he rest in peace) fought in vietnam and told me that there are iust some things that cant be unseen. He told me once while he and his squad were on patrol that they came across a pile of rotting corpses of civilians murdered by the vietcong, corpses were riddled by as much as 100+ rounds and the stench he said was very overpowering. He said to me that he cant even smell rotten meat without remembering what he saw back then.

      1. What is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan can’t even be called “wars”. It’s just a couple of skirmishes with some poorly equipped suicide attackers. Most soldiers don’t even see the enemy.
        What happened in World War II was entirely different, you were fighting against some relatively well equipped and very motivated soldiers, and I wouldn’t mind killing them, since they started the war and were fighting in the name of a fascist monarch who thought he was a “living god”.
        I would be sorry to fight against the Vietcong, though, they were just farmers who were fighting against a huge, modern army, who used all sorts of dirty tactics, like napalm, agent orange, etc.
        How does your uncle knows those civilians were killed by the Vietcong? I think it’s way more likely they were massacred by the US or the South Vietnamese troops.

        1. My uncle said that they’ve had reports of civies and US troops being attacked by vietcong death squads… But he wasnt entirely sure though… Even he wasnt sure that his CO’s werent always straight with the facts… So whatever they they told him it was iust that. You’ve heard of the My Lai Massacre right?

  2. ‘Bloody Tarawa’, as it’s called by Marines.

    Ever notice that red ‘Stripe’, going down the legs of a Marine’s ‘Dress Blue’ uniform?

    It’s called the ‘Blood Stripe’, in honor of those that fell at Tarawa.

    The Japanese were fierce fighters. Their code of ‘Bushido’ is legendary. No Marine, or other soldier, who ever fought against them, would ever deny their tenacity, or dedication.

    Yet they were killed and defeated, by soldiers who fought, and died against them.

    No govt. is innocent of moral crimes, or decrepitude. The U.S. of A., also committed horrible acts of genocide, first against the Native American, and then against the Blacks, Asians, etc..

    So, fling shit at the only standing Country of mixed Races, who worship different theologies, and hail from every background of heritage, if you want.

    But, piss us off, and reap the rewards of your own transgressions!

    Britain, Germany, and yes, Japan.

    The Middle East? Well, they’re learning.

    For myself, I can’t wait to see the day weapons of death are finally left to rust, and fade-away.

    But no one, who hasn’t forwarded their own lives, in the cause of their Belief, can ever expect someone who didn’t,,,,

    to understand that Ethos.

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