Black Dahlia aka Elizabeth Short Crime Scene and Autopsy Photos

Black Dahlia aka Elizabeth Short Crime Scene and Autopsy Photos

Murder of Elizabeth Short who was nick-named Black Dahlia is one of the most fascinating murders ever. What makes entire Black Dahlia case so much more fascinating is the fact that despite massive media coverage and involvement of countless official and self appointed investigators, the murder of Elizabeth Short remains unsolved. Who killed, dismembered and mutilated body of Elizabeth Short? Nobody knows. Some guess, but nobody knows for sure and given that she was killed on January 15, 1947 – over 60 years ago, her killer has already most likely died of natural causes (or by some other means).

It is quite likely the mystery of an unsolved case that immortalized Black Dahlia. The fascination with her life and especially gruesome death continues even after six decades. Not only has there been several Black Dahlia inspired books, there is also a Hollywood movie, countless websites and (my favorite) a band called The Black Dahlia Murder. The guys are from Detroit, Michigan and even though I have to admit I have never heard any of their songs, they must have liked something about Elizabeth Short to choose her ending as name for their band. To top it all up, some people get tattoos matching Black Dahlia autopsy photo with her face mutilated and wide cut across her mouth.

Elizabeth Short Biography

Elizabeth Short was born on July 29, 1924 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. She was a little girl when her father Cleo abandoned the family, leaving care for 5 girls in the hands of Beth’s mother Phoebe Mae. Since Elizabeth suffered from asthma, she would spend most of the year with the family in Medford, Massachusetts but was sent to Florida to stay with family friend in winter.

The family had no contact with daddy Cleo who was believed to have committed suicide but that proved false after he attempted to come back to Phoebe who rejected him. Knowing her dad is alive and lives in California, Elizabeth Short left to live with him when she turned 19. Elizabeth had a dream of becoming a movie star and moving to California seemed like the step in right direction to pursue her dream. After a short stay in Californian Vallejo, Elizabeth and her dad moved to Los Angeles but that didn’t last long. It was early 1943 when Elizabeth Short got in an argument and a fight with her father and left for Santa Barbara. That’s where the mugshot is from – she was arrested for underage drinking and sent on her merry way back to Medford, Massachusetts. So much for becoming a famous movie star in LA.

Elizabeth Short spent following two years moving up and down Florida and Massachusetts being unemployed or working as an actress. Since she looked half decent, she got lots of attention form pussy hungry men who spent money on her meals and clothes. Pretty girl got by even though she was flat broke all the time. Quite unfair for average looking girls.

During her whereabouts in Florida, Elizabeth Short met Major Matthew M. Gordon Jr. with whom she allegedly fell in love. Being part of the 2nd Air Commandos, Major Matthew M. Gordon Jr. was sent to serve in India from where he sent a letter to Elizabeth Short with marriage proposition. Elizabeth accepted the proposal but Gordon died in a plane crash before he could return. This affair between Elizabeth Short and Matthew Gordon has been denied by Gordon’s family, though.

After Matthew Gordon, there was another man in her life, with whom she was allegedly just friends. Lt. Gordon Fickling who lived in Long Beach received a letter form Elizabeth Short which she sent one day before her death. In the letter she mentioned that she wanted to move to Chicago to become a fashion model – pretty girls have it easy. Just go around looking pretty and someone’s gonna hire you to do a job of looking pretty. Elizabeth Short was last seen alive on January 9, 1947 – nobody has a clue where she’d been during the week before her murder.

Elizabeth Short Murder

Dead body of Elizabeth Short was discovered on January 15, 1947 in a vacant lot in Leimert Park, Crenshaw district of Los Angeles by mother and daughter who were on their way home after doing some shopping. They first thought there was an abandoned mannequin in the grass but as they got closer the horrific truth was revealed. That was no mannequin, but a body of a young girl naked, cut in half, her face slashed from mouth to ear and her hands posed above her head.

There was no evidence at the crime scene. No footprints, no weapons, nothing to provide the police with any clues. Crime scene details were provided to the media and the story of Black Dahlia took off. By now, nobody even knows whether she had this nickname while she was alive or whether it was started by one of the media and everyone else went with it.

Black Dahlia Autopsy Results

The investigation of the Black Dahlia murder returned inconclusive results. While mutilated body of Elizabeth Short was drained off blood, there was hardly any at the crime scene leading investigators to conclusion that she was murdered elsewhere and dumped in that ditch after she was dead. The mortician concluded that her body was cut in half with either an electric saw or a large butcher knife. Her death was caused by “hemorrhage and shock due to concussions of the brain and lacerations of the face.”

Autopsy report further details that face of Elizabeth Short had deep 3″ long laceration that extended laterally from right corner of her mouth and a 2.5″ long laceration that extended laterally from left corner of her mouth making her look as if she was smiling. Her body was bruised in several places, including head and neck but no evidence of trauma indicative of strangulation was found on trachea, the thyroid glands or hyoid bone.

Elizabeth Short has a small tattoo of a rose on her thigh. This tattoo was cut off by the murderer(s) and shoved up her vagina along with a lot of grass. Autopsy results also suggested that Elizabeth Short was sexually abused and sodomized both before death as well as post mortem. Her stomach was filled with all sorts of matter, including feces however no sperm was found anywhere on or near her body. Bruising suggests that Elizabeth Short was tortured prior to death as dead bodies don’t bruise.

It is also interesting to note that Elizabeth Short was believed to suffer from genital defect which rendered her unable to have normal sex. However coroner did not find anything unusual about her reproductive organs so the rumors of genital defects remain unconfirmed.

Who Killed Elizabeth Short?

According to expert criminal profilers, the extent of injuries body of Elizabeth Short suffered suggests that she was killed by a person who knew her and was close to her. The only other killer profile that would cause this extent of injuries would be a psychopath mass murderer who chose Elizabeth Short as his next victim. However serial killers take several years and several victims before they reach this level of brutality. According to experts, serial killers modify the way they kill based on what gave them most gratification in previous victims.

As the popularity of Black Dahlia grew, several men confessed to being the killers only to be proven liars. That was complicating the investigations as the police had no leads, no suspects and no evidence to work with and each time someone would come forth to confess to being the killer of Black Dahlia, they would be proven wrong. Looks like there are dozens of wannabe murderers who do not have the guts to kill someone, but wish they had done it in such marvelous fashion as killers of Black Dahlia did it. The way she was killed appealed to several dozen men who wanted to be thought of as killers who murdered a woman in an exceptionally horrific way. Funny how a mind of a man works.

Out of 60 people who confessed to murder ot Elizabeth Short, several were eliminated and following 23 remained as possible suspects:

Dr George Hodel, Joe Scalis, Salvador Torres Vera, Marvin Margolis, A Chicago police officer Dr A. E. Brix, George Bacos, Glenn Wolf, Maurice Clement, Michael Anthony Otero, James Nimmo, Jacob Fisk, John D. Wade, Mark Hansen, Sergeant Chuck, Dr Patrick S. O’Reilly, C. Welsh, Dr Artnur McGinnis Faught, Carl Balsiger, Dr M. M. Schwartz, Francis Campbell, Dr Paul DeGaston, Queer Woman Surgeon

62 years after infamous Black Dahlia murder the LAPD is no closer to solving the mystery than they were in 1947. If they could not have solved it so far, it is unlikely the real murderer will be found now. Heck, Elizabeth Short herself would be over 84 year old if she was still alive today. Los Angeles Police Department put a lot of effort towards solving of the Black Dahlia murder but got nowhere. The case has been declared “officially unsolved” and it will likely stay that way forever.

The gallery with pictures of the Black Dahlia murder, including crime scene and autopsy photos is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Who even managed to bring up race in this discussion? How does being black have anything to do with the “Black Dahlia”. In the 1940s,they did not refer to African Americans as “black”. SO they certainly would not have used that term in that era even if she were African American. Remember, newspapers were not as disrespectful and gawdy as they are today. Sure there were some inapprorpiate tabloids sold during that time, but they were an embarrassment only until the 1970s when it was deemed “cool” to regularly read tabloid junk. However, in the 1940s the Los Angeles major metropolitan papers did not use slang or racially descriptive remarks openly as it is done today (that is because civilization has lost the ability to respect one another, however, that would be for another discussion, altogether). Going back to the “Black Dahlia” meaning, it was dubbed from a film released the same year of Short’s murder named ” The Blue Dahlia”. The reason she was named this was because (and this is very true) she had the stem (body) of a flower and the obvious reason is that she wore black clothing everywhere. Elizabeth must have stood out and I still tend to believe that this was a hate crime based on the fact that even at that time , there were female impersonators who angered straight men, and that Elizabeth was not fully developed in the vaginal region, was not able to conceive or to participate in a healthy sexual activities. This is why it was argued that she was not a “whore” or a “prostitute”. She may have been a flirt or smiled at men (hence, the cruelty of the slicing of her face). This crime was something of a “message” to some group of people or for women to be threatened never to have a identity unique against the status quo.

  1. Dis girl is fallin to pieces. hehehehe This is a good collection. Most places only have the normal 4 photos. The scary thing is… the animal that did this to this beautiful young woman was never caught. How many other women met their fate at his hands? Glad she wasn’t mhy wife. That’s why my daddy always told me to marry an UGLY girl. He says nobody will mess with the ugly ones.

    1. Are you from Jamaica? Just Asking. So since your dad told you to marry “ugly” women, how did you view your own mother’s attractivenes? And that you were conceived by your mother, wouldn’t THAT automatically require that you received HALF of her looks? Obviously your dad is up for question. But this tells me something quite different based on your own urban wisdom from your dad. So the bottom line factor is: A) What did mom look like? (if your daddy told you who to marry) B): What must you look like? (Again, this is based on what your daddy passed on to you as to marrying an “ugly” woman. So, the question also is, did your daddy take this advice personally? If he did, THEN, you look like your mom based on her genetics and DNA. Get the picture?

    1. And on top of that, it was the foot of a female. What are folks thinking about to even decide to request that an image of a young woman post mortem be eteched on their foot precisely to where her flip flops would bear such an image? I KNOW that they would not request such an image if it were their loved one to be exploited on their limbs. There is something so wrong with this group of people who were born in the early 1990s. It seems that these people are sprouting like some bad weeds since the birth of the internet. The internet has brought out some of the most vile people ever revealed. You’ve got to question where this form of thinking is coming from. This generation has a filthy mouth, most of them do not know what they are talking about, they fart meaningless tirades from You Tube to Facebook, to Yahoo. It is as if civilization has given up in the queat of maturity and compassion. Everything is a video game, or aggressive personalities without intelligent thoughts. This group seems threatening , hedonistic, and dreadfully insecure. They are politically stupid and cannot form an intelligent thought if their lives depended on it. Most of them were born from the early to mid 1980s and one would think that with all of the advances that we have available and more so than their predecessors, that they would have more to offer than drunken amounts of porno, heightened thrill-killing violence, unprovoked racist celebration, shallow pinheaded conclusions…the list goes on. I think that the last of the more “thinking” generation ended during 1971 when the last of THAT generation was born. AFTER that, something went wrong and continued to go wrong. I think that there was another “babyboom” of walking zombie tech-dummies who blasted from 1976-1995 and the only hope that society has are the ones born after 1997 because this nimrod group of dope heads has got to get old eventually and learn how to become human-beings or something equivalent to what those of us were taught better to aspire towards. It just seems as if those who were born between 1975-76 to 1995 are apt to go to prison (and I do mean across the board of race. The entire race of men and women born during those years have a lot of social issues and are more criminal and mean-spirited than any other generation before them. This is not anything to be proud of. Those who were born after the baby boomers were and are truly the last intelligent and thinking folks who worked the hardest and were not prone to serving time in jail (of course there were some, but in rare numbers). After 1974, something went wrong with their vaccinations, maybe too many divorces or single parenting ot other social issues brought this generation of people into the twisted hateful realm of selfishness. I would even say that it began to trickle from those who were born in 1970 (but there was a predominate significance of hope in those born in that year, but something began to burn out). It has NOTHING to do with RACE as this generation seems to reproduce their thinking from some collective loser pot luck of others. But to read these filthy posts of a young woman who was murdered in such a hateful manner and for many of the comments to come from those who ARE about the age of Elizabeth Short when she died, is outstanding. The way that women dress to day would place Elizabeth as highly conservative arena. She was hardly the “whore” that this generation has proudly flaunted themselves to be. She wasn’t a Kim Kardashian or the Blonde factory that we are seeing today who are beyong Babylon sluttish. Especially this “friends with benefits” nonsense which is sweeping this nasty nation of young people. I have never seen such micro wardrobe as any of us have seen in our own generation. Sure you had some girls who were inappropriately dressed after Madonna, but at least she wore lots of lace and black stretch pants (with the exception of that “Sex” book in the 1990s. Again, you see, the whoremongering bloomed in the 1990s). NO one deserves the kind of death that Elizabeth Short endured. It was some dark spirit who did this to her. I cannot believe that even after these awful autopsy photos shown on this site that these idiot retards have found something so illiterate to fart out of their mouths through the keyboards have knelt so far into the fecal matter of their souls to STILL find something humourous or degrading to say. I think that these are the genes or relatives of her killers who have passed on the hate even after her unspeakable crime. I am sorry for the lengthy diatribe, but this is as digusting as that HODEL creep who fits the profile of a “confessing sam” to relate themselves to something so horrible. Oh, and there are corrections to make regarding Elizabeth’s true killer:

      The killer sent a stolen address book found in Elizabeth Short’s purse. The true name printed on the address book was MARK HANSEN not MIles Hollender. There were 80 names left in that address book with one page torn out of the book (either a red herring or the name of her killer). Short stole the address book when living in the housing Hansen provided for young starlets. Short needed to befriend folks to have somewhere to stay. She was homeless and often left due to how folks mistreated and misunderstood her.

      Elizabeth was NOT a whore. She was lonely. She wanted to work and she had a right to desire to be an actress and the men who only thought of their cock did not have a bit of decency to help her realize her dreams.

      BY collected evidence, she DID know her killer or knew an associate of her killer. She was tortured since the night of January 9, 1947 and her killer ended her life after midnight on January 15, 1947. Remember, she also had asthma and the sheer terror of being captured and tortured played a role in her death (despite the sutopsy reports which did not factor Asthma being an emotional contributor of her death. Look at her rib cage and how emaciated her skin was in the area, this is what the body looks like when deprived of oxygen during an asthma attack—this is why her killer told the editor of the Los Angeles Times that she “died too quickly” in contribution to the torture and bruising all over her face and body.

      The killer cut her hair, look again at the autopsy photos in comparison to her photos when she was living. The killer also rinsed a “henna” into her hair and demeaned this young woman by hacking off her thick long hair.

      The killer had an over-conservative nature which explained why he gouged her leg in the area of the rose tattoo. He is arrogant and believes that women belong under the control of a man. The killer assumed her to be loose. Also the deep gouging of her vaginal area was a “lesson” to her over his assumption of her sexuality. This killer wanted to destroy her beauty and her womanhood. This is a latent misogynist and has all of the characteristics of a man who has been rejected or does not understand how to relate or treat women. He used Elizabeth as the eptiome of his hatred for how women were changing into independance during the war.

      This was indeed an older man who has abused women in the privacy of his life. He is a Jeckyll &Hyde character. He knew more about forensics than about simply cutting a body. He also cut an area of her breast (ritualistic tendencies). He knew a lot about Elizabeth and THOUGHT that no one would miss her.

      It takes about a full day to drain the blood out of her body and so she was alive with him until January 15, 1947. The evidence of the killer was on her clothing. This is why her clothing was never found. He did this in his house and the killer lived alone and was a loner with a genius side to his character. Mark Hansen knew this person and may have committed suicide after finding out who her killer was. Hansen’s suicide had very much to do with this case. This was a guilt reaction to even knowing this individual. He may have known a great deal about the anatomy but his strength of knowledge leans more towards forensics.

      Read the Wikipedia version of Elizabeth Short as this offers a more accurate listing of the facts.

      Finally people, have more respect for ALL who have been snatched violently in life. Whether you believe it this or not doesn’t change the truth, but Father God and Christ ARE real and they see everything. It is not too late for those of you who have such a callous frame of mind and assumption of any human being. We are not to judge anyone except yourselves. Examine your OWN heart and offer compassion in prayers that all of the Elizabeth Shorts have made it to the Kingdom of the Living God. Her killer will pay.

  2. I have studied these pics before. I always thought the killer opened up the slit above her pubic area (and it looks like a vagina) so he could rape her there, or maybe there were 2 killers and they did her at the same time in each hole. I know that sounds gross, but reading so much about serial killers and sex deviants, it is something they do.

    1. If there were two, one of them would have screwed up as the Kenneth Bianchi and Bruno in the Strangler cases. The activity is the consistent action of a lone offender repeatedly afflicting the same type of torturing chacteristics. Your theory has validity, however, when refering to this particular case, think late 1940s. Think of the resouces and mindset for those resources considered during that era. Also think about the age of this type of offender. This person isn’t “crazy”, however, diabolical&deliberate. Over the top for shock value. Someone who has unusual experiences. Someone who traveled overseas. Early 40’s late 30s. Organized by trade. The last person you would not believe to do it. Not a obvious weirdo of the macabre. Secretive. More evil than maniacal

  3. @The Sexual Messiah I just read the second book he wrote…I can’t remember the name, but apparently he believes his father was the Zodiac as well…Just look up the author’s site and it should have the name of the book right there.

    1. I signed up to this site for the very reason to discuss this subject. The HODEL angle is to be dismissed. This man is a liar and hated his father and has pinned everything on his father from THIS case TO the Zodiac. This should everyONE that HODEL is NOT a stable person and has injected himself just as a “confessing sam” in this case. He is absurd and I have always disbelieved him from the moment his pathethic ass hit the airwaves with this lying garbarge in the mid to late 1990s. This is a man who has not been the very best officer on the LAPD. SO he comes towards retirement and MAJOR ACCESS to this case. The photos that HODEL claims that his father owned looked NOTHING like Elizabeth Short. John Gilmore, the author of “Severed” came 90% close in his research of ever pinning or drawing conclusions to the Black Dahlia murder case. Gillmore wrote this book in 1989. It is the very best book on the subject hands down. There has been no other real book like it or since. Hodel is an attention seeking old cop, who makes me want to vomit in my mouth for using the death of a young woman as his avenging dysfunction against his father. When HODEL came out with that reproduced garbage about the ZODIAC, it should have sounded alarms to EVERYONE to take another look at his agressive force in stamping his own father as the number one subject. NONE of those photos have never come close to confirming (even the untrained eye can see this) that the woman on his father’s photos was of the Black Dahlia. THAT woman on his daddy’s photos was significantly OLDER than Elizabeth. She was 22. The woman on those photos was much older (late 20s). Short has blue eyes & defining features (which is why she appeared like a movie star). The woman HODEL barks over being the Dahlia in his father’s junk, has BROWN eyes, a very VULNERABLE profile, her nose tip is significantly rounded and has a complete Eastern European appearance. Short has a very slender and long nose, almost has a dimpled chin, her skin was transluscent. The HODEL photo of questioned female had an obvious darker coloring (despite the sepia toned photo) w/ sharper eyes, there are thousands of colors which have to transform to only two-three shades in any B&W photo. When you look at the questioned female in the HODEL line up, the woman there has an olive tone complexion. Short was born in Massachusettes and so her skin would naturally be much more porcelain like because of the climate in which she was raised in. In ALL of Short’s photos, with the naked eye, you can see that she doesn’t pick up nor hold much of a tan, because this would burn her skin easily. The woman in HODEL’s questioned photos has BROWN eyes, she almost appears italian or even of Russian descent. Short overall is a small boned young woman, the questioned photos of HODEL’s clearly show that whoever THAT woman is has more of a medium boned and in age enhancement, could become rather Rubinesque as she matured. Photos like that are never easy to confirm and HODEL NEVER had that photo taken to the FBI for absolute confirmation. Being in law enforcement, IF HODEL wanted to truly find out whether this questioned female were Short, the very first thing he would have done was to take that photo to the FBI laboratories to make damned certain of the identity. HODEL NEVER did this. He immediately wrote the books, told his comrades that this was so and they backed him up. Next Bill Curtis contacts him for the very first newsmagzine report on the modern “findings” of Short in the late 1990s (1997 or later give or take 3 years either way). Curtis is from Chicago and all of us watched this segment of the very first hour long re-investigation of the Elizabeth Short murder. It was a slap in the face insult that Bill would allow this fraud to carry on and on for an entire hour to actually sell this line of mountainous manipulation over the most obvious photos since the late 1940s. We have seen that photo too many times to have so easily allowed this guy who came from the bowels of the LAPD (kiddiekop) who CLAIMS that his father committed this awful murder. SURE his father may have killed other women, but NOT Elizabeth Short. Short would not have been able to even meet this guy unless through Miles Harmonder or through a CONNECTION. Short would NOT have met HODEL in passing in the dead of night on January 14-15th1947. Hodel does NOT have any evidence that his father committed this crime. SOMEONE would have found this evidence when he was of the very bottom barrel to have been asked or was a person of interest/. The HODEL angle is the BIGGEST HOAX ever claimed in an open investigation of a major murder case ever. The reason that HODEL has NOT been challeneged is because of his former law enforcement position and the fact that the media needed a reason to bring up the case again. There was a very telling comment RIGHT on this page of BEST GORE where a commented joked about the ridge of her eyebrows being the reason for her death. THAT’s IT right there. LOOK at Short’s EYEBROW RIDGE versus HODEL’s BULLSHIT photo. The questioned photo female has thicker browlines and ridge. An artist can spot this. I HATE that LIAR and his idiot book and interviews have cut me from pursuing interest with this case BECAUSE of his lying theories and over the fact that a number of people believe him because they want in on this story. The Short estate should SUE this prick. SO , if any of you can see this for yourself, do say so and redact this man’s lying bantering. He is a former cop and they ought to have more ethics or maturity than to actually write books on a ONGOING case with out EVIDENCE. SHAME ON HODEL. LIAR OF THE LAPD.

      1. Fact is Hodel has been seen even by LAPD as a nutcase. I have more stock in them saying Orson Wells killed her or Ben Siegal! Even the house he says his father lived in at the time is no where near the dump site! I myself have been able to see the crime photos from LAPD as I had info only her family or killer would know. I agree that Hodel just had daddy issues and needs help. Also the Movie was less about Betty and more about Elroy mother’s murder and police issues in the 1940’s! Her case will never really be solved it is our Jack the ripper or Kings-berry run which those murders had more in common with her murder then any other ones of the era. Thank you for a site that tells the truth

  4. Why on earth would you people want to comment saying, “Oh! Yay. One less whore/slut to worry about.” “Wow! That girl needed to shave her eyebrows. That’s probably why she was murdered. No one liked her eyebrows.” What is wrong with you people?! That is a human being we are talking about, that was viciously murdered for no apparent reason. Have any of you actually met her? No, you have not. You’re cold hearted and probably jealous that she was better looking than you, and guess what? Girls back in those days were all real. That’s right. No plastic surgery for them, no boob implants. All real. Plus, they did not cake their make up on like half of you girls do nowadays. So whore/slut? No, I don’t believe that. Did she go around, sleeping with men constantly? Could you find her on a street corner or perhaps stripping in a bar? How about this; was she knocked up at the age of sixteen like so many young girls of America have been doing lately? No, I don’t think so. Do yourself a favor and everyone else: grow up, do not post ridiculous things on the internet about someone that was murdered or committed suicide, and remember that old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” Learn from that. Why do you people even bother getting online or looking at gruesome photos? So you can chuckle, giggle, sit back and think, “She deserved it”? No one deserves that! No one. I suppose none of you would care since you’re cold hearted people but what if something horrible happened to you. Would you want people to judge you even though they never knew you? How about label you as a whore/slut that deserved to die? Would you like it? Probably not but then again, like I previously stated, you are all too cold hearted to even care. Please, do the world a favor, if you ever have children, do not teach them to act like you. Thank you and have a great day.

    1. I’m with Preciousshadows. Precious, thank you for writing your bold and honest commentary on this subject matter regarding these ugly comments. I question this present generation and the mind set which has become pervasive in this modern age. When I was their age, nothing of this sort EVER came to mind. And sadly, as I was growing up, I came to learn of this case at the age of seven, from a 1975 made-for-TV film named “Who is the Black Dahlia”. From the time that I watched this film with parental guidance, I was very haunted and saddened by this case. Believe it or not, I have also become dogged in my research and in personal theory over this case for over 30 something years. This is one of the worst cases since “Helter Skelter” (which was released the following year of 1976). There were many films based on True events released in the 1970s which zapped my innocence away very quickly. I do not remember having any such “childhood innocence” because many of these cases were sprouting all over the place, including Gacy and the DeFeo murders. I have always taken the death of any human being with intense seriousness. I could never say , write, or think of the things that many of these people come so easily to say. It is inhumane and I cannot understand how many of these younger people have become so cold and so evil with out having the experiences that these victims of crime have had. I have lost two dear friends to murder and have desired to become a member of law enforcement since 1986 w/ the US Army (however, I was accepted to become an MP, but was later denied b/c I was denied the right to learn how to drive). My earlier years was surrounded with violence of some sort and I only pray that this has ceased and will remain this way. But I will never forget what I have read and exerienced for 20 years. Death by murder is NOT some past-time running joke. All that can concur is that those who have found a way to make light comedy of a murder so beyond evil is that these people would loved to have had a hand in it or that they re so uncomfortable with this case that they have to make light f the horror which impales their reality. But I have read such masty sentiments all over the internet that I have reached the conclusion that many of these people live at home, that they are insecure, immature and have very little knowledge or wisdom to carry them far in life. This is shameful and I have seen most of this reaction from Americans. Americans seem to either become over self-righteous in reaction or insanely demonic. There never seems to be a balanced viewpoint over such horrific events. Most Americans even go as far as those above to often bring up racist sentiments or as ignorantly bring up progandic commentary over the death of any one person. I wish that these people would just go the eff away and perhaps obtain some psychiatic assistance to correct their psychopathic/anti-social rage against humanity. It should be a manadatory scholastic semester every year of their schooling to be taught that humanity includes us all. Eliazbeth Short represents us no matter what race she is or what she looks like. She could be your sister, your friend, your daughter, or just a pleasant person that each of us have met in our paths. Thank you Precious for sounding off the truth of this disgusting trend in this society. And for those who believe that Ms. Short’s death is so cool (like those idiots who named their music band after her death and name) and for idiots who tattoo her autopsy image on their foot, remember, your words and actions will return to you spiritually and haunt your minds or follow you in whatever form. The ugly you generate WILL come back to you. You are not an island of your thoughts, for your thoughts are the life and death which come from your soul and your spirit. Get some serious LIFE education on what I am writing because this is a warning to many of you who contribute to the degenerate commentary and what ever you carry around with you inside your souls. Do remember that what ever you bind on earth that you bind in Heaven and what ever you loose on earth will be loose in Heaven. Our words are the spirit in which we live by. Words have power and our thoughts have even MORE power. Clean up your filthy and twisted understanding before you set events in your own lives that you will not be able to control. You make the choices and do not blame ANYONE for whatever comes your way. When you conjure such evil, beware that such evil can come to touch your own lives some way, some how. Precious is much kinder than I am about this and I admire her kind of person. Take some lessons from her. OR continue forward with your demonic rhetoric and witness the very real tragedy that may follow you later in life.

      To Elizabeth Short in spirit:
      I am so sorry that this beast destroyed your life. There are others who still care about you and others who only have met you through words. But those of us do care and we hope that you have made it to the Kingdom of God (I AM). Christ would never behold you in the ugliness and non-compassion of the world. His Word says that He has mercy to whom He wants to have mercy for. Our Lord is a Perfect Loving Almighty Presence. And He does not go by man’s time. He is Eternal and I pray that you have met my daughter and those whom I love and that you are eternally protected and that you will never be rejected in His hidden Pavillion. May Love be bound to you, Elizabeth Short and that you were re- born January 15, 1947 into His Protective& Loving Presence. This ignorant world did not deserve you or the many others taken away in hateful disregard. You , Elizabeth Short andso many others NOW belong to Christ our Love forever. In Christ Jesus’ name, may your spirit and the spirits of so many innocent others whom HE has created be grafted into His Vine as the many others who have been taken with such evil disregard. There are so many others who have been destroyed on this earth by evil doers & the Principalities of darkness on this earth as you were and may our Heavenly Father in Christ remain the Hero of your spirit in His Kingdom through HIs mercy and LOVING grace. Christ is Superior than the foolishness of mankind and He has seen everything. There will be no more tears for you and for the millions of others who have died so violently on this earth. May Joy be the Victory of your Eternal days .Amen.

  5. I agree with preciousshadows!!!! You’re all such ignorant people and so immature. To read such negative comments about a woman who passed (weather it was centuries ago) just disgusts me!! Such a low comment and so cold hearted makes me sick!!!!!! There is a god above us (remember that) and he don’t like no ugly!! Nor disgusting comments like this!!! Your garbage!!!! Sorry!! But if I heard you personally i think I’d spit in your face!!!
    God will take care of all!!! Hope he has good intensions for all!!

  6. I feel Elizabeth Short P.K.A Black Dahlia was murdered for being a whore. She dated a different man every night. The killer cut her face from cheek to cheek to look like she was smiling, Because in life she would always smile and lie to a mans face to get what she wanted. The killer liked her and could not take the fact she used him. Women have been using men, since the beginning of time. The bible even says “Trust No Woman”. The fact is this woman used men, she messed with the wrong one and paid for it. “I AM NOT SAYING SHE DESERVED IT IN ANYWAY”! Women just got to watch out who the try and use. O.J Did it and many more have too. This is nothing new people.

  7. I plan on getting a portrait of her while she was living on my left shoulder and a portrait of her corpse on my right shoulder and in the middle it will say “Mortui Vivos Docent”, The dead teach the living in Latin.

  8. Man, I love this story/case. One of the most fascinating Noir-type mysteries in the United States, not to mention the inspiration for a fantastic story and a great band c:

    Shame Ms. Short had to go through so much, but in the end, she got famous like she wanted, I suppose. Requiescat in pace.

  9. Elizabeth Short was never connected to the Suzanne Degnan case. She was never even mentioned in the case. Tho some did say a woman was seen but this was never proved nor was there a woman even identified let alone Elisabeth Stone. There was a simularity however in the fact they were both drained of all blood. Same killer is more likely. As there is doubt in the evidence of Suzannes Killer conviction. R.I.P both of them, because they both died a horrible death.

  10. Would be crazy to think maybe it’s a cover up. Wealthy people need some type of transplant. So the hospital and or the doctors make an order for said transplant the give details on sex and race blood type . The person or persons (aka harvest team) fill the order find said target . Woman gets hunted down killed harvest team takes organ or organs . Harvest team stages the scene , having the police on the payroll making it look like they are investigating the crime . giving time to harvest team to destroy and evidence or even possibly the police do this. Organ recipients get what they payed for . The crime leads nowhere end of story.

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