13 thoughts on “Elizabeth Short Autopsy Pussy Shot”

  1. This whole case is so intriguing. It really makes you question who the murderer was and why he felt the need to mutilate and torture her in this fashion. Stuffing her own skin as well as grass an dirt up her snatch and filling her mutilated, cut in half mid section with feces and other nasty things is just beyond brutal. Was this a crime of passion against her or just women in general? If it were against women in general you’d think there would have been more cases similar to this one. The level of mutilation and brutality is such that I can’t imagine this was their first killing or their last so it’s so baffling to think about. Have there been any similar killings such as this? None that I’ve heard of at least. This is the great mystery of The Black Dahlia though and this is why so many of us are enchanted and beguiled by it

  2. god damn…out of all that cutting you’d think he would have trimmed that bush some….who ever used to hit that could have track through the brazil rain forest and survived too…

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