Body of Young Girl Found Mutilated, Weeks After Murder

Body of Young Girl Found Mutilated, Weeks After Murder

Some kind of young girl was raped, mutilated and murdered in a rainforest (Philippines perhaps? That’s the type of country I’d expect something like this to happen.). By the time her body was found, it was already bloated and sporting the hues of the underworld. Somebody had his way with her but she won’t be there to share the story with her mates on a nice evening at the campfire. But maybe they have campfires get togethers on the other side.

I’m slightly confused about this girl’s age. The snapshot of her head and shoulders makes it look as though she was very young, perhaps in her early teens but the body sports well developed boobage suggesting she may have been past her legal age when murdered. Hard to guess… give me your theories.

Given the state of decomposition, it is also possible that she did not have her hands and feet cut off, but rather gnawed at by wildlife. Who knows.

Gallery of the girl whose body was found weeks after she was mutilated and murdered is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Body of Young Girl Found Mutilated, Weeks After Murder”

  1. Why guys keep acting like assholes murdering young girls? that’s just so messed up and sad why can’t they behave? all the guys that murder innocent girls should be executed because killing women and children it ain’t right and yeah she was probably 18-20 years old… poor girl she could have been my girlfriend damn!

  2. Your girlfriend. Jesus? Do you not know what seemingly decent looking chicks do to decent guys? They break their fucking heart, only use them when it’s suitable for them and instead go give themselves to useless jocks who don’t respect them worth shit. You could give your whole world to them and only get mistreatment and abuse back. Don’t pretend you don’t know what real life’s like.

  3. She is brazilian, i saw her murder notice on the news. Her boyfriend was caught by the police as the killer. Even in big cities like S?o paulo or Rio de janeiro, there are jungle areas. You (people in the USA, Canad? and Europe) living in the paradise, be thankful each day by the society you live. Here in Brazil, the are lots of crimes, i don?t know if in 2020 our population will exist… and that is not drama. Ask for others brazilians citizens.

  4. We all r a little off to be drawn to a site like this in the first place. However, the sick fucks who landed here by searching for “dead 10 yr. old’s pussy”, has some fuckng serious issues. Also, If u girls can only hope to get animals/rapists with large cocks then by all means, shoot for the stars! This shit NEEDS levity! Good luck on the search for ur soulmates there “ladies” Heehee…

  5. The tautness and abnormal sheen of her skin suggests post-mortem bloat. Western societies are consistently reaching sexual maturation at younger and younger ages because of the amount of artificial growth hormones in the diet. Cows and bigs are injected with such at most large operations. Chickens are so heavily drugged with the stuff (to increase meat yield in the breast region) their legs break because that weight exceeds their skeletal capacity. So, it’s not only possible, but most likely this girl may be classified as under aged in many countries.
    It makes little sense for wildlife to have attacked the hands and feet in Lieu of softer, more nutrient dense and accessible tissues, like the face, abdominal cavity, and thighs. Instinct universally drives flesh-consuming animals to those body regions. Additionally, the foot damage is too symmetrical and neat. The shearing action of teeth leaves torn flesh ragged and tends to dismember at the most vulnerable points–joints. It would make more sense for the feet to have been removed at the ankles. Lack of protruding bone from non-joint body sites is even more suspect.
    A more feasible explanation would be that her human attacker removed those parts, perhaps to obstruct fingerprint identification, to have a “souvenir” of the experience, or both.

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