7 thoughts on “Bloody Carnage During the Boston Marathon”

    1. she was a victim and she was talking with the guy without legs.
      “Hey girl, there’s my foot, give it to me!”
      “I can’t see! I got a shrapnel in my eye!”
      “It’s right there, next to your leg.”
      “I think I’m starting to see again…wait, is that morphine in that bag?”
      “Goddamit give me my foot!…oh here’s my other foot, I’ll pick it up with my teeth!”

  1. I heard that a surprising number of people lost their limbs, that hospitals were basically just rolling them in one after another, many had to amputate after the fact, and many were crippled from shrapnel blows. How ironic is that? You go to a marathon, only to come back never being able to run or even walk again

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