27 thoughts on “Check Out Twisted Foot of the Girl in Blue Top”

      1. Well if no one does stupid shit like they did to “Porsche Girl’s” parents (send an email to her father as if it was something related to his job only to see when he opened the email the infamous picture with no face mangled in the mangled porsche and the words “I’m not dead Daddy look at me WOOHOO! or some stupid shit like that) then most likely they won’t come upon it.

  1. so three dead ( that is what the news tells me), are those two girls the first 2 dead? Are they Dead? It is said that an 8 year old child died as well. In the back ground to the right is that guy that got his legs blown off. Hey guys I don’t see one single damn flip flop!!!!

  2. That’s messed up. Just above centre… leg missing mid-shin. Girl in blue dropped her iPhone.
    Very interested to find out who did this and why/for what cause. So sad, truly. Hoping the injured and bereaved can heal quickly.

    1. Yeah, there are a few theories that the bomber/s filled the pressure cooker with ball bearings or something similar. Damn good way of slowing people down. Really damn good way of being ironic at a marathon.

  3. Say what you have to say to make yourself feel better about the tragic accident. Such a shame to see this shit happen in our back door.
    I hope they get 5 minutes in a closed door room with Shawn Thornton as their death sentence.

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