Brazilian Police Kill Two Bank Robbers, One with Epic Headshot

Bank Robber Taken Out with Epic Headshot

In the early hours of November 30, 2012 a group of five assailants armed with explosives and firearms entered Banco do Estado de Alagoas in Pernambuco, Brazil. Their intention was to blow ATM machines open with the explosives and take all the cash they store. Unfortunately for them, the police learned of the break in early and caught the robbers red handed. Fire exchange ensued after a brief pursuit during which two robbers were killed, one with epic headshot and three arrested.

The bank robbers were reportedly heavily armed, meeting the police with machine gun fire. Luckily no officers were harmed during the exchange. The robbers managed to flee in two vehicles but the pursuing police caught up with them in the village of Santa Rosa where they were engaged and incapacitated.

33 year old João Souza Paz of Taquarana in Alagoas and 41 year old Gilberto Barbosa da Rocha from the state of Sergipe were killed, the latter with the headshot.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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28 thoughts on “Brazilian Police Kill Two Bank Robbers, One with Epic Headshot”

  1. That last guy really got his brains blown out, assuming he had any to begin with. Cop’s aim was spot on. This should make anyone think twice about robbing a bank or at least make them plan it out a bit better.

  2. Worst head shot I’ve seen besides the Syrian one. And come on, this is sick..people are actually looking for the autopsy photos of the Sandy High School Autopsy? I hope for the sake of humanity that none of those pics leak.

    Maybe the ones like the Columbine shooters, like a pic of the shooter but not the kids :/

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