Brazil – Young Girl Raped and Beaten to Death

Brazil - Young Girl Raped and Beaten to Death

This young girl was brutally attacked, raped and beaten to death in the good ole Brazil. There was a loud party nearby so even if she screamed, nobody could hear her. After the deed was done, the attacker left her there to rot like leftover food. Judging by the facial wounds, the attacked pounded her in the face with his fists until she breathed no more.

That umbrella may have actually belonged to the girl. Grass around her looks juicy green and lush – must have rained there a lot. And that idea behind showing the bashed in face but censoring the vagina out wasn’t mine. That’s just the way the pictures were delivered to me.

Gallery of photos of some young Brazilian girl who was raped and beaten to death is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Brazil – Young Girl Raped and Beaten to Death”

  1. I’m thinking he may have used that umbrella as a weapon or torture device. This is just to personal of an attack to be only a rape case gone bad. This is more like the person knew her and was out to get her.

  2. Typically I would have some snide, fucked up thing to say about this sort of thing…But this evening I’m just not feeling it. I will say this though I had Eggplant Parmasean for dinner this evening and her face kinda looked like that.

  3. Looks like she really pissed someone off; a ‘normal’ (?) rapist wouldn’t punch her face in with so much hatred.
    I guess she fucked around too much and her boyfriend/man got sick of it. Sick in the mind that is :O

      1. For a ‘normal’ rapist its about power and control. Of course a rapist basically hates females, which drives their sick ways. This rapist has more than control issues, there’s a deep rage to crushing his victim’s face in. That’s a matter of erasing her identity. If it were about control and death, she would have been murdered by a different means, such as being stabbed. There is a difference between a ‘normal’ rapist and a rage killer. Besides, a ‘normal’ rapist would want his victim to live for the control factor to last her lifetime.

  4. her face is busted up cause she was probably fighting back. poor girl. her eyes are pretty swollen shut so she was probably beaten for quite some time. the person who killed her was obviously a psycho.

  5. I am new here. Let me just get his off my chest here and now. I dont get disturbed by things like deaths but this one realey disturbs me. I was brought up being the onley guy with 2 sisters so hiting girls was a big no no for me. Poor girl and the guy who did this to this girl is a compleate MONSTER

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