Brazil – Young Man Shot in the Head at Home

Brazil - Young Man Shot in the Head at Home

It’s hard to guess what could have lead to this young ma’s demise. It happened in Brazil and as it seems, one can get killed for just about anything in Brazil. This man looks very young – like a boy almost, but it’s hard to guess the age. It could have been the case of gangsters squaring up with each other, which I would say is the most probable cause of a young male being found with a bullet in his head. Not a big loss, if that’s the case

Also check out this video from Brazil. It’s unrelated to the pictures, I’m just including it as a bonus. It contains a footage of two youth who were executed in the street of Jacintinho a few days ago. Check it out before it’s removed from YouTube:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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22 thoughts on “Brazil – Young Man Shot in the Head at Home”

  1. He’s wearing a Flamengo jersey, so probably a gang of Fluminense fans did this.

    In Brazil football is a religion. When you live in Rio, you turn the wrong corner wearing the wrong jersey, and you’re a dead man, that simple.

    1. Are you kidding haha I am from São Paulo, but I don’t think in Rio de Janeiro (where Flamengo and Fluminense, the famous brazilian football teams plays) people kills each others for football like in those photos above… It’s not like Cripz and Bloodz war in USA (with those colours war), but I am not sure… My guess as a brazilian is that he was killed by traffic or gang people. Or maybe by cops (if he was a drug dealers or a robber).

  2. The young girl in the pinky coloured floral dress that helps the women looks suspiciously like an indigenous Australian- a half breed at least; in other words an abo or boong etc. What’s unusual is that she’s quite fuckable, unlike most of the abo’s I’ve seen here downunder. What thinks you?

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  3. ever notice the authorities in Brazil (police, paramedics & like) always look well fed and overweight.

    also there are always shirtless guys on flipflops and cut up pants or shorts while most girls wear boxer shirts or sleevless. Brazil is tropical but not that hot and humid compared to Thailand.

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