Brutal Assassination on Street in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay

Brutal Assassination on Street in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay

In Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, a man in a pickup truck was brutally assassinated by a group of gunmen armed with assault rifles. The broad daylight killing was caught on a CCTV camera.

It looks as though the gunmen were pursuing the driver for a while, and may have fired at him while in motion. When his truck comes into picture, it runs into a truck parked on the side of the road. The assassins are then free to riddle him with bullets.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. That was a good shoot up but just what was that bit in the middle ‘jumping back in the car’ go on getaway like a pro but then ‘Ha HAa, tricked you we come again’ was abit amateurish. Paraguay you get a 6/10 for that, I want to see you improve the next one OK

  2. What is an “assault rifle” ? If I paint up a butter knife in camo colors and make it all scary to look at and some fucking lawmaker wets his panties, is that an “assault butter knife”? A tool is a tool…..
    A fooled fool is still a fool!

  3. It looks like the driver is already wounded/dead when rolling to the death stop. Over kill means his time was up and he was overdue on some issue.

    After the first barrage the killers actually got back out and tried to open the passenger door, but is locked. They put more rounds into him to make sure the job is done. This guy had to be killed for some reason. The same will happen to each and every one of them. Karma and the drug business.

  4. Actually this unfortunate event happened in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

    I can verify this statement as I was watching the live broadcast on the news station, while I was down there.
    Here are the details of what happened. As mentioned the perpetrators were chasing after the victim who crashed, the victim was a 38 year old, who made a living as a meat vendor, he left 4 young children behind. The motives of the murder are not clear but it is highly speculated the victim probably refused to pay “war tax” or “impuesto de guerra” an extortion money street gangs are terrorizing upon businesses and bus transportation owners and drivers.
    While being down there I witnessed this first hand as I saw a bus shot up and burned to pieces, the driver was killed and the bastards who did it fled away in a police chase and crashed nearby and were captured. This is occurring nearly everyday, the government knows about this problem for too long but barely do anything about it.

    1. Yeah. Gangs impose the same tax on certain businesses in El Salvador. So what the fuck is the purpose of a government if it can’t defend its own citizens? Are they only planning on mobilizing in case they get invaded by another country?

      To be fair, being a politician in any of these countries is akin to walking on, not a rope, but a string. I’m pretty sure all elected officials gets pulled aside at some point and are told to get with the program, or heed what happened to so and so who was found riddled with bullets, his wife and children raped and burned alive. Maybe they sit them down and play videos for them depicting tortures we can’t even BEGIN to imagine. Tortures that make beheadings look like mercy killings.

      I’ve always imagined that somewhere in the world is some person, being kept alive through the most modern medical technology available to man, not out of concern for his well-being, but so that he can experience a type of pain and suffering that would make one BEG for death. Maybe he DOES die from time to time, but ventilators and epinephrine shots to the heart prolong his wretched existence.

      1. Protection racket usually occurs every time the government doesn’t offer protection to the people, when the government is not present. That was the case in Southern Italy which led to the rise of the mafia, camorra and the likes. I’d imagine people have only two choices. One is to defend themselves, which many are afraid to do or don’t do due to impracticality (they don’t want to leave their family to fend for themselves if he do).
        Now, if people who are settled don’t pay the racket, they are at a disadvantage, for they are a non mobile target (always in their property) and are alone in their property or elsewhere (such as the guy in the video), hence, vulnerable to a surprise attack by a group of bandits. The bandits are also 100% intent and totally focused on getting their victims, while the people have other stuff in their minds. So they have to either pay or rise, the latter perhaps in an organized manner so as to stand a chance, to go to war against the bandits. The latter is uncommon to my knowledge. You do find instances of people who resist, but they are isolated cases. You don’t see the people uniting to fight against the criminals in an organized manner, as it would be necessary, at least not to my knowledge, like, I’ve heard of protests against the mafia in Sicily, but never of an outright total rebellion. I guess some people refuse to pay the protection cash nowadays in Palermo, but that’s just because the government is somewhat more active nowadays there than it was a century or two ago, and even now, there’s still a risk.

        1. You took the words right out of my mouth. One of the many differences between the first and third worlds.

      1. It took the record for some consecutive years, but I believe Venezuela has the record high now. I could be wrong, but from what I witnessed and first hand accounts; the people are descensitized from the everyday violence that occurs. The locals also live looking over their shoulders at all times in public.

  5. This was in Honduras, San Pedro Sula to be exact, the victim didn’t want to pay “impuesto de guerra” (war tax) to the operating “mareros” (gang bangers) in the city.

    Sadly this kind of activity happens on the daily basis in my country

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