Brutal – Corpses Get Their Faces Impaled and Genital Mutilated

Brutal - Corpses Get Their Faces Impaled and Genital Mutilated

Fucking hell – one of the most brutal videos to come out of Syria to date.

A group of people stands around corpses of two slain men. After doing a bit of stomping, one proceeds to impale one of the corpse’s heads by forcing a stick through his face. That corpse has slashes all over his body and his genitals are amputated. While his face is being impaled, someone repeatedly delivers kicks to the corpse. Meanwhile, another man exposes the private parts of the other corpse, revealing that his genitals had been mutilated too.

Some vile shit goes on in Syria, but note how the jihadists, after 3 years of fucking up and breaking cover, are starting to get it right and holding off on Snackbaring for after the camera stops recording.

Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf says the second guy has his penis intact, but in the end of the video the abductors have the following conversation:

  • Bring me a knife
  • I already cut his dick off
  • No I’m talking about the other guy
  • Yeah we should do him too

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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83 thoughts on “Brutal – Corpses Get Their Faces Impaled and Genital Mutilated”

      1. when muslims are going at it, best for everyone to just step back and let them kill one another, because the world is a better place with fewer of them around

        no good can come out of the interaction between say, a christian and muslim, especially when the religion of islam teaches its adherents that it is right to kill an foreigner, because that infidel is a non-believer

  1. Whats the guy doing lifting the corpses head with the pole, looks like he’s going to do and impromptu puppet act. Those people really need to have some proper entertainment available to them so they don’t do all this shit.

  2. What the hell was with buddy pulling down dudes tighty whiteys to show his dick an balls to the cam, kinda gay if you ask me lol was it fakeSA or assads forces, judgeing by the camo im thinking assads ppl, either way its kinda fuct’t

  3. Playin’ around with all that blood can’t be sanitary at all.. If any of those corpses have HIV or AIDS, then these fucking apes are just sealing their own fates.. If you must kill a man in war, then just get it over with. When they don’t move or breathe anymore then move on to the next target for christ’s sake!!!

  4. Seek pathological fucks!

    What they think will happened with their miserable souls after game is over? Do they think “I will go to better place, i deserved!”?
    How to not fear for being such a horrific person man….
    What’s wrong with people’s consciousness…Jesus Christ, this world is living hell.

  5. This is another example for me that We live in hell… worst part is that We – so called “human beings” do it to each other. So when I see this I hate being a human being. Although I got no choice but to belong to this global comunity. It’s sad but I’m happy I was not born in these places – by this fact I think I increased my chances of not being brutally tortured nor impaled of 99%. Feel sorry for anybody that tooks such shit on them, unless they deserved it like We have seen few other rapists, brutal killers and any other low life scumbags.

    1. They are all bunch of psychos who enjoy killing, and hide behind the facade of one cause or another. They are posers trying to justify their miserable, meaningless existence. If they were decent human beings, and this was war where killing was necessary then there is no reason to do anything beyond putting a bullet through the head of your enemy and moving on to the next one. But this is pure hate that simply goes too far. It’s pathological. The world must be rid of them.

  6. the only thing what’s really brutal is the whimper of the baby what you can hear in the background at teh 00:19 mark!

    anyways…i hope these subhumans stay there where they are and not come as so called “political refugees” to europe, where they loot our social security benefits offices and enjoy health care for free. but i already suspect that is part of all. the american elite and the zionists always kill many flies with one stone.

  7. They would of been alright if they had any balls,….. AH THANK YOU!
    I’ve heard that Japan has been on the hunt for human balls, after that guy cut his off and served them as a meal. Now they’re one of the biggest Japanese delicassies

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