Brutal Cut Throat Murder Photos from Malaysia

Malaysian Man with Nasty Throat Cut Lays on Autopsy Table

Brutal Cut Throat Murder Photos from Malaysia

For some reason it seemed to sound better when I originally wrote: “Introducing Malaysia, the up and coming gore country” but that would be a false statement. Malaysia is a well established gore country, not up and coming. Brutal murders coupled with super bad drivers causing horrific traffic accidents make Malaysia one of the goriest countries in the world, but for some reason that manage to play it down so one wouldn’t say it was the case.

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. They have a large Chinese and Indian population who are free to follow their own religion, but the majority of inhabitants are Malays which means they are Muslims and must follow Muslim rules. Unlike in far more dangerous, hard core Islamic Indonesia, Malay Muslims are rather moderate but they are still Muslims so violence and hatred are indigenous to them.

Remember those pictures of The Thailand Jihad and the beheadings in southern Thailand? Well, they were done by Muslims originating from Malaysia. This area of Thailand, which is close to the border with Malaysia, is the only part of Thailand which has the same travel advisories that western government issue to Somalia, Iraq or Afghanistan. In other words, the presence of Muslims from Malaysia makes this area extremely dangerous.

But of course this type of violence by Malays is not limited to lands outside of their home country. There is more than a lot of it within Malaysia itself and photos from this set are just the beginning.

The story behind the murder is rather murky, but the man clearly pissed somebody off and saw his throat cut pretty darn well. With a gush of such size, it must have taken no more than a couple of minutes for him to bleed out completely. He had no chance.

Gallery of photos of a brutal cut throat murder from Malaysia is below:

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  1. Hard core Islamic Indonesia?
    I was sent there on an assignment once, walk into any bad or club at night and the hookers are lined-up inside the door looking for a guy!
    Hard core, hardly!

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