Brutal Killing of Sialkot Brothers – Extended Video

Brutal Killing of Sialkot Brothers - Extended Video

Brutal Killing of Sialkot Brothers - Extended Video

This post expands on previously reported killing of Sialkot Brothers which took place on August 16, 2010 in Pakistan. The original post is on this link: Two Brothers Lynched to Death in Sialkot, Pakistan (video). 18 year old Hafiz Mughees Butt and his 16 year old brother Muneeb Butt were accused of theft and murder and subsequently lynched and brutally killed by a mob in Sialkot. As was speculated later, brothers had nothing to do with any of the crimes of which they were accused.

Silakot Deputy Police Officer Waqar Ahmed Chauhan was arrested after the video went viral on the internet, and charged with negligence for failing to stop the lynching and killing of the Butt brothers (what an unfortunate name). He was later released on bail as were many others. Any form of justice for this brutal killing seems to be unattainable in a country like Pakistan. Extended video of the killing of Sialkot Brothers is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Honestly this world would be a better place if the middle east and a few select others didn’t even exist. I guess I can’t say much about them killing their own other than its sad. But after watching some of the beheadings of americans they better be glad I’m not president because if it was up to me, no one in that area of the planet would be breathing….innocent women and children be damned because at some point, these governments and the people of these nations need to take some responsibility and control of the fucktards that live there. The united states hasn’t shown a full display of its military power in over 65 years. Just wish I was given half the chance…..

  2. Yep, death to Islam. And if the Jews don’t watch themselves, then they can be next! The thing that this world needs the least is any form of organised religion. It’s done nothing but put one fanatic against another and can quite easily be the downfall of humanity. I think it’s time the human race retired their gods, they’re useless anyway!

    1. Toolamondo……understand that while we hate each other…..
      Because we are different…….. Color of skin …..religion…..ectc.,..
      They (1%) can just be busy as fuck to ripp us off of everything
      Laughing their head off….
      Divide to better conquer.!!!!!
      Meditate on that one.!!!!

  3. Agreed. The sense of worth and happiness that religion brings some people is horrifically outweighed by the conflict, war, hate, narrow-minded leadership and ultimately death the fucking thing brings. If there is a self-inflicted end to the human race it will be through this medium!

  4. i dont understand how this all goes on without police coming to arrest the attackers! here in uk everyone of them would be up for murder. i think all murderers should have their own lives took but not beaten in the street, unless its a peado or rapist. and we are letting people like this into our country.. i agree completely wiping them all out would be the best option and would hopefully get alot more videos up here on bestgore!! great video to watch tho, i watched it twice.. lol

    1. im glad you said that because these two boys broke into family homes raped the women at gunpoint, killed any men who tried to stop it, took all their valubles and left… they were caught in the act by people coming back into the house… so dont you think these bastards deserved their punishment… women in muslim countries are well respected and if something happens to them their men, fathers brothers and sons do not take it lightly

    1. I think that the Nazi word was a product of pure Christianity xD + the Christian religion of love led the crusades against none Christians killing everyone on the way..

      the great religion of love whiped out the native americans ! and also nuked japanese ! and also had 2 world wars !!!

      what a great religion you have my man !


      be christian…be a bad ass american…nuke people and watch gore xD

      the reglion of love xD be a gangster

    2. these two boys broke into family homes raped the women at gunpoint, killed any men who tried to stop it, took all their valubles and left… they were caught in the act by people coming back into the house… so dont you think these bastards deserved their punishment… women in muslim countries are well respected and if something happens to them their men, fathers brothers and sons do not take it lightly… if (God forbid) you get raped or your daughter or mother and your brother son or father killed then we wont worry about them we’l give them 2years in jail because “nobody deserves to die like that”

    3. didnt anyone read the fact that they were later found to have nothing to do with the crime and despite my difference in choice of religion, they prayed 5 times a day who amoung you can say that? their own neighbors said they were excellent role models and top notch students, unforgivable …most of the world outside the us believes us to be terrorists and all kind of evil and after bush who can blame them…look at what WE have done…hope the people who did this rot slowly and painfully in hell! I am praying for their loved ones…disgusting that they were done like that then found innocent later!

  5. And now you wonder why damn near the entire world hates the middle east. All their complaining and bitching about the USA being over there when we’re trying to fix all of this.

    All those sand niggers should be happy we’re there trying to fix a country we should have nuked in 2001.

    However, people are saying death to Islam and Judaism should also tack in Christianity. They’ve all done their own genocide. People are quick to forget the Crusades and the mass conversions.

    1. The world hates you too because you have double standards. You know very very very well that Islam is not responsible , you know very well that ignorance is the main reason.

      You know very well that every tribal society (Muslim, Heathen,Christian) would believe in the justice of the mobs , it happened in Europe too brother,You used to burn people who invent stuff and create physical laws xD

      you know that it’s not islam…but you have double standards..

      if this took place in brazil, you shall never say its the product of christianity ..if it happened in anywhere else in the middle east, blame it on islam !

      You’re worse than the devil..people like you are just snakes…ignorant snakes with double standards, moved by hatred and grudge …A wild animal wants to kill…

      who’s the victim ? it depends ! sometimes blame hitler …again blame russia ! then blame japan ! nooo ,blame native americans…now blame muslims..

      who’s next ? god ???

        1. You stop the Muslim=Arab crap and i’ll stop mine.

          don’t blame islam for the sins of the children,or the people who can’t even understand it ..most of those people in the video can’t even read ,the first word in the quran is (READ) ^_*..

          1. Its not religion, its beeing human. We are an evil race, easily manipulated.
            As was said, most of the people in the clip probably don’t know why they’re doing it. If everyone does it, it must be right! The herd makes us stupid, and humans are herd animals.
            Things will never change, they just take on different forms.

      1. the difference is that when this shit happened in Europe it was called the ‘middle ages’, there is no place for this shit in the modern world, and anyone who participates in any way with this insanity should be slaughtered outright.

  6. In as much as we try to think of ourselves as decent human beings, living in a free lsociety with just laws, it all goes to shit when we see videos like this. All we can do is to try to keep our racism at bay, and not turn into cynical reprobates like these.

    1. What about yours ?
      Do you know that Christians invented the most brutal execution methods to perform it on non-believers ? sawing people from the penis tell the head was a very nice christian invention over the years.burning was a known method also in (the religion of love), people who invent stuff and scientists would burn to death, in that time muslims were writing poems and singing songs with the loot in baghdad and spain .

      Have you ever known that the first country in the world to use a nuclear weapon was america ??? the ones who say ( in god we believe)?

      do you see? the religion of love is the religion of the Atomic bomb ! wow! how peaceful ! !

      do you know that TNT was a christian invention ? WOW ! very nice and “lovable ” !

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      do you know that the religion of love , was responsible for the invention of napalm , which can spray whole cities with hell fire consuming civilians and milittia men alike ?

      what a nice religion you have ^^

      I can rest now and say it proudly :


      1. Hey dude, don’t blame the christians just because “your people” where a little slow on inventing stuff đŸ˜‰ I know, they invented a lot of great things like blah and blahblah, but in the end, most of the world changing inventions were made by the western civilisation

        1. every religion has its extremists but because of the media, muslims are portrayed as being evil murderers etc just dont believe the media because its not real news all it is is what the government wants you to believe

      2. agreed…. where do you live brother..
        just so everyone knows i am not sticking up for muslims because i am one i am actually a white christan woman who moved to pakistan from england over a year ago… i have seen no violence here and definitely none of the bullshit the media portrays… i am currently reading the Quran and i am seriously considering converting to islam because of the love respect peace etc

  7. we,all human being not a God so we are not perfect…all this things happens because of what we are…so in the judgment of the Lord to mankind theres no exemption even though your a christian or muslim or anything else…theres no such religion that fits on his thoughts…
    this is the example of doom of mankind…
    being animals….
    ate human to human….
    survival of the fittest animal…

  8. How the hell did this entire thread turn into one big prick waving dick (vagina for the ladies) fight ?!? There’s a saying that goes something like “Arguing on the internet is like the Special Olympics, even if you win, you’re still a retard.”

  9. This is a damn shame period. My country, the United States, we have our shit like racism, innocent people executed and buildings that get imploded by terrorist who were born and raised right in the USA and others are blamed for it. Yeah, those terrorist that destroyed WTC 1, 2, and 7 were American, but, , ,we do not take the law into our own hands and beat people to death. All religions are bullshit and anyone with a modicum of common sense would and should know that so why would you let religious nut jobs run your country when they allow heinous acts like this. This and suicide bombers are just two of the reasons why Islam is hated by many people in America. And this is why Americans have no mercy when it comes to destroying Arab countries and turning their heads away from the atrocities that are being committed by the Israeli government to any Islamic country. It is also why Americans, be it white, black, Native American, Latino American, Asian American and even some Arab Islam following Americans will always defend this country against any threat from any Islamic country with no compunction whatsoever. Its sad, but it is very true.

  10. Honestly, i have not even made it half way through this video yet and so many thoughts race through my mind. As these two men lay there, beaten, abused, tortured and stoned… they both know this is how they will die. that THIS very moment are the last that they will live. Left as unfulfilled spirits to roam this earth forever in search of peace. i also wonder if the act of contributing to this crime is really any worse then what these men were accused of… I’m not sure if they actually did those things they are getting beaten so mercifully for…. But god rest your soles. Death would be a release.

  11. I hate Muslims and usually have no worries of them going through this.
    What is disturbing is that each brother can’t help the other, I feel sick that these blood thirsty bastards even call themselves religious, and during RamaAllah ding dong too.

    Don’t fucking come to this country and bring your shit culture

  12. Where is all the police in this third world dump?? I meen there is a army in this shit hole, so there must be 5.0!…Yes..?!? How can this sort of 14 th centery type, of barbaric behaviour go down, in this day, and age? I think our country should stop all funding (asap), we have been supplying them, as It clearly has not, been put to good use! And i hate to say this ppl, but we shold use nuclear cleansing of the WHOLE country. And then just start again!

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