Brutal Lynching and Stoning of Man in Indonesia

Brutal Lynching and Stoning of Man in Indonesia

Video from Indonesia shows what Indonesians seem to enjoy in their past time – going ape shit many against one and lynching the crap out of him. In this case, the lynching is also accompanied with bone and skull crushing stoning.

The victim must have been accused of something, but in Indonesia it doesn’t take much for monkeys to gang up on a single man so who knows…

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  1. I have a question for my fellow Gore brothers and sisters.

    If you happened to come across a lynching like this, what would you do?
    -Would you step in and help the guy?
    -Would you walk away?

    I honestly don’t know what I would do, other than calling the police, because now that I think of it, these sub-humans are very much capable of lynchig someone who tries to help as well…

    1. @ Portugese Dude I would honestly grab my Machete, stand over him, and try my best at saving him. I travel lots, and when in a COUNTRY like that, always bring my machete with me for safety.

      1. @Mr.Ragoo , I would have a very hard time walking away from another human being slaughtered in the street like an animal. Notice how if somebody steps in and shouts-out ok, enough already and stands over him they usually stop, and somebody else comes to help carry him away. This is the perfect example of the sheep mentality. One throws a rock , another one throws one and here ya go all hell breaks loose and somebody gets killed. Some of these sheep would not ordinarily be violent but wanting to belong so bad join in. If you stand your ground and have a weapon, you have to at least try to save this guy. Sorry if you guys do not agree but that is just me. And if i end up on the pages of BEST-GORE for trying to save somebody,s life than let it be!

        1. If I had a weapon I would step in, but without one its just too dangerous. There are no garantees that they will stop just because a good samaritan tries to help.

          I saw on tv a few years ago of a man that was killed when he tried to prevent a lynching in Brazil. So unless you have a gun (a fire gun, preferably), it’s simply unwise yo do anything other than calling the police.

          Ps: How can you travel with a machete?

        2. @thedre
          totally understandable but being in a foreign country without a weapon of any sort would render you helpless especially if you don`t speak their language ,you telling them he’s had enough would be like telling them ” i’m with him kill me too”

        3. @ thedre…As much as I agree with your mentality I find it extremely dangerous to attempt to intervene. You could easily become the next target. Under certain circumstances It could be possible to help but being in a foreign land, keeping you’re distance is probably your best action..

    2. I’m on vacation in a foreign country, I’m minding my business. I’m not getting tied up with violent locals and possibly ruining my vacation. Shit happens. Not my problem. Who knows, I could get impulsive though. I think it’s best to mind your business when in a foreign country. They could blame the shit on you, who knows, stick you in jail.

      1. Thats an easy one, travel to civilised countries! If you want to take your chances in a muslim country or a backward one in the far east, be my guest. Me, i`ll stick to my fellow European and North American brothers.

    3. @ P.D

      Good question!

      Part of me would like to think that had I known what was going on, I’d maybe help; or at least try to get him help.


      The reality side of me is that seeing it’s not my country, I’d be there as a quest, have zero clue what the man did (could be a pedo as far as I knew and deserved this), that I would probably just keep on walking getting as far the fuck away as possible. As you said, they’d have zero problem lynching the man calling the cops as well me thinks.

      Now if it were a friend suddenly attacked, yeah, I’m doing what I can to help. For that crowd though, nothing short of a machine gun would do the job though.

    4. i’ve the best solution that’ll disperse the crowd/save him in under 15 seconds..hold my breath spray shitload of mace into the crowd and throw him into boogers trunk and burnout there with NOS
      *i’d pop the trunk 6 miles on when he climbed out burnout out again. no hellos and no goodbyes

    5. If there are only a few attackers I might step in depending on the circumstances and weapons involved however if there are many attackers then my life comes first and I am not going to get myself killed.

      There are already too many heroes in the graveyard, best just run away and call for assistance, better chance of survival for both you and the victim that way.

    6. As we have seen repeatedly here on BG uncensored, Police are corrupt, especially in shit hole countries. I would not call Police.

      I would not step in either, for one, the guy probably deserved street justice and the world is better off without thieves, rapists, drug dealers, etc, and for another, as I have learned from BG, I would stay the hell away from a mob of flip flops wearers, especially when they are on motorcycles, in places like Indonesia, Pataya, or Caruaru.

      1. @pumpkinpatch
        Nobody deserves what this man took. Even if he deserved death, it should not be done in a lawless way. If you raise the punishment severity level to that high, we would receive whipping for minor faults.

    7. @p.d
      I have to mention that when home grown Muslim men tried to decapitate solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich, 3 women went to help Lee.
      One comforted hum while he died and the others spoke to his murderers, asking why they did it. They showed bravery beyond most peoples capabilities. There were many watching and only women approched.
      I have a conection to Woolwich army barracks, they taught me to shoot when I did triathlons , I live quite close and this did feel like a personal attack on my home turf….. By people who we took in through immigration (parents, I believe)
      I don’t doubt for 1 second things like this will happen again.
      Its not beyond the realms of possibilities that this could happen in the US either.
      Maybe some of us will get to learn if we have the balls ( or should I say womb) like the angels of Woolwich.

    8. I would walk away from the scene, if you try to deal with people capable of stoning a guy for a reason as simple as following a different religion, trust me, they are capable of doing the same to you. Unless you have a juggernaut suit and a minigun, you better ignore the poor bastard?s situation.

    9. I’d grab the biggest rock I could find and smash it down onto his head with all the force my body can exert. Wouldn’t piss off the locals and it would put the man out of his suffering… No one… And I mean no one deserves to die like this, no matter what they may have done.

    10. It depends on the society. If you were on the situation like in that video, you couldn’t do much. These people weren’t educated and still hold their anchestor’s manners. This may happen in Indonesia. Since this country where I live is so large and has so many cultures and custom law, I don’t know where place this happened but it didn’t happen like in Java. I heard that the people said the person who got lynched stealing a motorcycle ( not really sure because the audio quality is real poor).

  2. That was very brutal indeed. These fuckin animals need to be shot in the face at close range with my 12 gauge with buck shot! This is one of the most trauma i have seen for one man to endure and still have the strenght to keep his head up off the ground as they carried him away. I dont think he survived though. He most likely has major internal bleeding & such!

          1. Naw herojuana and lowkey og….it’s named after the dispensary I goto…I’m fucked up…but I’m sick and hurting today so it’s okay…I’m debating popping a Percocet but my daughter comes home soon from school….ugh..

    1. I’m Indonesian. but I live in peace.
      I think what he did was stealing,
      It’s something so common in Indonesia.
      Poor people (especially teenagers)
      always do stealing someone’s belongings because of the financial problems,,
      always happened in the poor
      people of civilization

      most of them finally, in the end,
      meet with the street justice, and
      usually (80% of them) always die.

  3. i’m from indonesia, the victim was a thief, he was caught red-handed stealing a motorcycle. in indonesia, thief will not hesitate to kill his victims. so we have to kill him to provide a deterrent effect to another thief

    1. I agree…horse thieves and cattle rustlers were hung. Suppose the motorcycle was what made the other persons living. If someone tries to steal my car I will shoot them with my gun….period. I’ll take my chances with the stand your ground law in my state. Can’t stand most americans anyway although I’m one myself. Most complain about what isn’t important and turn a blind eye to what is…we are all fucked!

    2. hey dude. I’m also Indonesian.
      But I fucking hate street justice,
      even if he is a thief,,
      poor man,
      It’s barbaric, uncivilized,
      this street justice is indeed UNABLE to give another blast impact to other thieves…

      For the example is The practice of
      Beheaded punishment
      (decapitation) in Arab country,,,

      I just can’t accept that,,
      Capital punishment

    3. lol, it’s all the results of corruption in this country… We couldn’t choose being born as we wanted. I don’t want to make false statement, but there’s a lot of reasons people stole things from others… The world we are living is freaking ridiculous.. damn, how God could make this life and let some of us suffered while the rest can really enjoy their lives as much on this earth…

    1. exactly what I was about to write, they are taking so much enjoyment out of it it’s pretty sickening. That c*** on the motorcycle with the crash helmet who suddenly moved in pissed me off the most, his celebratory chirping as he hit the guys head with a rock. It’s true though that watching violence can make you feel violent, I certainly would like to give them a little taster of their own medicine right now. Nothing as brutal as that but just a little something they would remember.

      1. I’m sorry but I gotta point this out wicked mama…but I it’s super cute you edited c***…just incase you do it because you don’t like the word….these people are fucking savages huh….man…I see shit like this and it makes my someone always has it worse in life right now, right on point..kuz this guys life is shittastic right now….

  4. you see these people from shithole countrys have evolved this way . they are unintelligentand primitive and some of them dont even realise tyhe damage they are doing . if you notice they seem to aim for the skull as much as possible they must have an inkling that they are commiting murder . so they either dont have the iq thet they are murdering someone or they simply dont have the iq to care because they dont see him as a family man or somebodys son nephew etc. these people should be left to their own monkeyish ways and we should view them as pitiful people and nothing more. like i said before i consider rats higher than these type of people and i also belive that sometime in the future these vermin excuses of humans should be wiped off the earth and a new race of amicable intelligent humans should rule the earth. its the only way . look at america it is crumbling because of ‘diversity’ and all its glory ! keep the scum in their scum hellholes and let them kill each other let the decent people thrive in their own lives and surrounding.

    1. lol.. I’m this country citizen but I’m okay if someone stated the thing he thought it was right.. Seriously, we need to separate the newborn babies from their family and grow them up in a private nursing home so they do not act like these scumbag.. As the citizen, I’m just aware of how family plays a big role causing these behaviors of people.. Just like me, I don’t have a happy life being born in my family but there’s a bunch of people who live othewise.. It can actually drive me crazy and do what I want and care nothing but me.. These people you see on the video just do not have good job so they wanna play with time and want to feel more superior than others… Because they never proud of money as they don’t have it much so this brutal action will make em proud of theirselves… Both the people who lynched and the victim are ignorant.. They do not know how to do the righteous things.. They do not know to whom they defend.. They all just afraid of government, they are taught to obey the rules… They just brave to hurt people weaker and so afraid to protest againts government..

  5. If tou think about it,the guy gettin lynched probably has witness lynchings before and maybe even participated in one..and the ones lyinching him on this video will probably end up being lynched too so i guess fuck them all.
    “feel really sorry for the guy tho,i cant help it”

  6. Hello all. I’ve been coming on BG for almost a year now. Barely created a profile last month. And I just had to comment on the brutality of this lynching. I’ve seen the other lynchings on here and this was one of the worst. The fact that they stop halfway as if giving him time to regain consciousness so they can continue beating him was just sick. The amount of head shots he took is sick. Seems that’s all they were aiming for. I couldn’t imagine how bad his brain swelled after this beating. No one deserves to die that way. And i specially hope he wasn’t lynched because of religion or his sexual preference.

  7. Seems like every video that comes from Indonesia has either shitty quality, or isnt filmed right side up. You think these dumb fucks know that they’re filming sideways? Perhaps they’re doing it purposely. Either way, calling them monkeys is an understatement. I think primates woulda figured out by now what looks more natural to the viewing eye.

    1. lol… They come from the place far away from modern life.. It seemed filming by phone with VGA camera.. They don’t have much reason to film it I think… I mean they don’t know how to make big purpose with the camera except just to share it with others and hope someone who watches get fear.. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous, but that’s all that I know..

  8. I’ve seen gory and brutal stuff but this… This is some fucked up shit. @P D, I would walk away, I would be tempted to stick around to watch, but being in a foreign country and looking like an outsider might just provoke these savages to keep releasing their anger on some one else, and I’m pretty damn sure they wouldn’t give a fuck about a foreigner.

    1. I agree with you bro… As a foreigner you can be proud of the technology you can show off us… but here, we don’t have anything to show you… May be a violence will make us feel superior and make us an attention whore.. And yes, as a tall white people, no one there brave to do anything to you coz you are know to have more intelligent and power…

  9. i dont know would this work, but i would tell them we need to throw this dude down from mountain to punish him and then lets attack. So if i push him down mountain my car waits there. I run down to put him in my car and just drive away from those bastards far as i can

  10. I wish that these chimpanzees when they decide to stone someone wouldn’t aim for the head firstly cuz the victim simply dies and/or lose consciousness prematurely . Thwacking his body apart with things would lengthen his suffering and make for a more satisfying bestgore viewing.

  11. He learn his lesson forever after one minute mark but this…(how to call them when they need a parachute to go on animal level?) so called “humans” are bloodthirsty demons who needed more, more and More more.

    Jesus Christ. This planet is living hell.

  12. Coming to a western country near you! Don’t fool yourself Europe and North America and being turned into third world shit holes, we may not witness stuff like this but our children or grandchildren almost certainly will in the future.

  13. Lynching in Indonesia can happen when:
    1. You want to smoke but don’t have any cigarette and decided to steal one, and of course, you got caught (believe it or not, it’s happened but extremely rare).
    2. You being accused of raping and you look like somebody who got to rape to have sex. (rarely happen).
    3. You drive something then kill someone by accident and you feel like you don’t have to be responsible for, and you express it! (also rare but not as rare #2).
    4. You drive something then kill someone by accident and you try to runaway, but failed! (more often than #3).
    5. You feel like to rob somebody’s house, and you actually do it despite of very strong bad feeling telling you not to.
    The degree of lynching severity usually based on the luck of the victim.

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