Brutal Murders in Thailand

Brutal Murders in Thailand

Murder rates in Thailand are off the hook. Granted, Thais hate foreigners and love targeting them, but when it comes to their own kin, they’re just as brutal but twice as prolific. The police force is laughable and corrupt to the bone so disputes are often resolved by drawing blood. Human life has very little value and because repercussions for killing someone are often next to none, kill one another they do.

Did you know, that according to recently released stats by the British Foreign Office, more British citizens who choose to vacation abroad get killed in Thailand than in much of the rest of the world combined? This statistic is made even more shocking by the fact that only 0.6% of Britain’s outgoing tourists head for Thailand.

There was a proposal to update the advisory board for British citizens because many of those traveling to Thailand end up murdered, but the warning was not issued to “avoid disproportionate impact” as BBC learned from one of the Foreign Office staff.

The push for the warning grew strong after 21 year old Katherine Horton from Cardiff was brutally raped and murdered on an island called Koh Samui. This happened on January 1, 2006. Katherine Horton wandered off her group with whom she was hanging out on a beach to make a phone call and was assaulted by two Thai fisherman who acted the way a typical Thai would. By raping and murdering her.

Gallery below is unrelated to the rape and murder case of Katherine Horton. These are other random murders from Thailand cause that’s what Thais do:

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7 thoughts on “Brutal Murders in Thailand”

  1. The problem with poor countries is that, well, most people are poor.

    So when tourists arrive, you don’t want your own folks around, because they are uneducated, smelly, angry, ugly and, well, poor.

    So businesspeople create hotels, clubs, discos, pools, etc. aimed only to the tourists, where the locals cannot enter.

    And the locals then feel incensed that the foreigners come to their country and enjoy there things that are forbidden to them, who work 16 hours per day to live their crappy lives.

    Result: the bombs in Bali, the high murder rate of tourists around the Third World, etc. I mean, if you had to tolerate wealthy assholes flaunting their money around your city, going to places where your ugly brown self is not allowed inside (unless it’s to clean the floors and serve the drinks), what would you do?

    I’d do exactly the same. Wait for the tourists outside, and slit their throats open. And laugh like crazy after doing it. “Take that, fuckers! Let’s see how well your business does after this….”

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