Bullets from Shootout in Matamoros, Mexico Hit University of Texas at Brownsville

Face Blasted Off with Gun Fire - Still Sitting at the Wheel, Probably Didn't Know What Hit Him

Bullets from Shootout in Matamoros, Mexico Hit University of Texas at Brownsville

A September 2009 shootout between drug cartel sicarios and Mexican army which began near Calle Primera and Calle Canales in Matamoros resulted in weekend-long closure of the University of Texas and Texas Southmost College at Brownsville after a car and a Recreation, Education and Kinesiology building were hit with bullets from the shootout.

Must have been a lucky day for students as no humans were hit, but it’s still pretty scary to think that an armed conflict across the border could get you randomly killed at school.

Props to Best Gore member Smalldog for these pics. The driver of that Chevy took some heavy fire in the face:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Bullets from Shootout in Matamoros, Mexico Hit University of Texas at Brownsville”

  1. Wow, that looks like the sort of head damage we usually see from a sucicide when the shotgun is just inches from the head. Shit, they have some powerful weapons at thier disposal. No wonder they closed down the university.

  2. great pics,i hope the kikes are happy for fucking this cool country-hilary clitoruson-you evil bitch-stay the fuck away from new zealand and keep the creature nepolitano with you.
    i warned the ozzies abut the abrams tanks being shipped over in ’02.
    they laughed.
    now the zionists are building military bases and pushing multiculturism onto the australian population’softening them up to get smashed in the next world war.
    fukn hell

    1. Funny you should mention that movie. I used to think anton chigurh was scary. But since I’ve discovered BG website, I realize he was Mary Poppins compared to some of the murders I’ve seen on here.

  3. i remember that i think i was at the bridge when that happen im from brownsville texas , and ther alot of shit that happens in brownsville as well, moved to wisconsin…but yeah downtown and harlingen texas are also plases wer u find mafiosos wana be’s

  4. Every time i read about another norco death (about every hour lol) I cant help but wonder how much they were getting payed to do what they did. I dont know about you guys… but it would take a hell of a lot more then minimum wage for me to bear up in arms and go risk my life for a maximum 5 year career.

    1. Meh If I am gonna die in a shoot out I might consider it. But the risk of getting cought beheaded and all other sorts of torture they use would drive me away. And of course the pay has to be something above average. But like I said those people are just too brutal, I would never want to even be in the same region as them let alone work with/against them.

    2. LeafMashes

      Its hard to understand what one is willing to do, when its not a problem to provide for oneself or the family. Its eazy to see why they do it, when you know first hand their living conditions. These same people risk their life to come to the U.S in search of a better, safer life. One of the many races fleeing their own personal persecutions.

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