Bus Driver Stabbed to Death by Rowdy Passenger in Turkey

Bus Driver Stabbed to Death by Rowdy Passenger in Turkey

On January 9, 2013 a deadly knife attacked happened on a public bus in the city of Hatay, Turkey. A rowdy passenger wanted to exit through the front door which is as I was explained, against public transportation rules in Turkey. Makes sense – to keep boarding and disembarking streamlined, passengers who are boarding the bus use the front door, those getting off can use the back door.

So this rowdy passenger – identified as 26 year old Mustafa Türkan – wanted to get off via the front door. The driver – identified as 25 year old Semir Bağdadi – refused to let him which lead to an argument and from there it escalated into a fight. The passenger pulled out a knife and ended the argument in his favor with a stabbing. The incident was caught on bus’ dashboard camera and even though the stabbing doesn’t look too vile in it, the driver eventually died from the injuries.

Props to Best Gore member Floriante for the video:

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45 thoughts on “Bus Driver Stabbed to Death by Rowdy Passenger in Turkey”

    1. @1girl1cup they were my exact thoughts .. honestly how hard is it to get off the back of the bus… Maybe someone farted and he was like i’m gonna kill someone before i even think about going back there …

  1. If the bus driver wouldn’t have been such a stickler for the rules, he’d still be alive today. I mean would the fate of the universe been afftected if he would have just let the guy exit be the front door?

        1. Damn knife snackbarist…you see this is what gets to me KillaJ, people don’t complain about knives being outlawed because they are so prevalent in society that outlawing thim would have no real effect yet people fail to see the same with firearms. People who want guns outlawed fail to recognize that their are already too many guns in the world and I am in no way saying that we need more guns in the world but I do belive people should be able to protect themselves from all the guns that are already out there and the only way to do that is with a gun and that’s the ugly reality we live in now and days that there are so many guns out there that you need a gun to protect yourself. To say that guns are not need for protection in a world full of them is stupid, the kinda people that don’t belive in guns for protection are the kinda people that have never been robbed or assaulted they are the kinda people who have their head in clouds and belive nothing will ever happen to them and that if something does happen to them that luck will be on their side but in reality these are the kinda people who become victims, the kinda people we see dead here BG murdered at the hands of some fucking idiot and if people who dont belive in guns for protection feel like they wanna take their chances and put their life in the hands of a criminal who has power to decide to if they live or die then so be it that’s their choice not to protect themselves..but don’t shit on my right to protect myself from becoming a victim just because your to scared to do the same, and to try and outlaw guns because you think it’ll keep you from being victimized is dumb its like saying you wanna outlaw knives cause your scared of getting stabbed if your so scared of getting stabbed then do something about it so that won’t ever happen to you don’t try and apply your ignorance to those who aren’t afraid to do what they have to do. I mean do these people honestly belive that outlawing guns will make them go away? I mean do they honestly belive that it can even happen? Because if they really belive that then god bless em cause what they don’t seem know is that outlawing guns is about as useless as trying to outlaw knives…look at the knives that have been outlawed such stillettos, balisongs, OTFs, automatics all those knives have been outlawed yet that hasn’t changed the fact that they continue to be made, continue to be sold, continued to be bought, continued to be carried, and continued to be used…outlawing these types of knives has had no effect on their availability, and their use what’s so ever but outlawing them has had one single big effect on these types of knives its made them more popular and more sought after by people due to them being illegal. The point I’m trying to make is that its common knowledge that just because you outlaw something doesn’t mean its gunna go away in fact outlawing it might even have the opposite desired effect and make it more widespread and popular than it was before it was outlawed

          1. @pale
            You always hit it on the head. What about the whacked out chinese guy who stabbed 20-something people?? No gun involved. I have a friend who was stabbed at the age of 17 on her lunchbreak at work. Random. No robbery. He said he “just wanted to kill someone.” Debunking the argument that if one does not posess a gun, they will let their violent urge pass. Obviously not the case for my friend anna.
            Finally, I want every anti gun politician and celebrity to remove guns from their security detail. Fuckers.

    1. the “i’m the in mastah” in your face attitude pisses me off greatly.. i hate those guys. Gypsies in Prague behave like that, but because they are fucking cowards, only when they’re sure they have the upper hand… Also you don’t see them other way then in packs.

    2. It’s quite possible that the driver would have lost his job if he had broken the rules. Having said that, the camera would have shown that the person had pulled a knife and should have been let out through the front door.

      1. @Hardy _XD I had a friend back in high school he told me he and his buddy were messing around with a pelet gun and his buddy accidentally shot him in the eye little did he know the pelet was stuck inside his eyelid so when I went to school with him he showed me his eyelid and I got to touch it ^_^ and yup the pelet was still inside the eyelid

      1. Yeah, it was definitely bigger than the bus drivers own knife, public transport must be bad if the drivers are bringing their own knives to work – WTF!?! If I had to take a knife to work for protection, fuck it, time to find another job.

  2. Reminds me of the bus driver in Brooklyn, New York, who was stabbed by a passenger who got on the bus on the exit door and wanted a free transfer. When the bus driver refused, the asshole stabbed him to death.

  3. Did everybody miss what I saw? After Mr. Bean hits the driver and turns around as if he is going to walk out the door. The fat guy in the white shirt right outside the door seems to have handed Bean the knife. He gave it to him in his left hand and then you clearly(lol clear) see him switch it to his right hand and then attempt to stab the driver in what looks to be the femoral artery.

    Does anyone else see this?

    1. lol. Way to go me for a first post!!! I see it now. The stab to the chest. And ya the knife is hard to see but he has it in his left hand when he stabs. Fatty probably had no part.

      Discard my initial comment

  4. I never see him stab him in the chest, he on pulled the knife out when the bus driver pulled out his own knife. The most the guy did was to stab him in the leg once or twice, I find it hard to believe that you can die from a stab would to the leg. This video is questionable.

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