Cameraman Gelson Domingos Shot Dead While Filming a Shootout in Rio de Janeiro

Cameraman Gelson Domingos Shot Dead While Filming a Shootout in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian cameraman Gelson Domingos was in the slums of Rio de Janeiro documenting the offensive of the Military Police’s Special Operations Batallion (Batalhão de Operações Especiais aka BOPE) against drug traffickers for Bandeirantes TV. He was wearing a bulletproof vest but during the shootout, a bad guy managed to shoot him in such a spot that it took him down. He is heard screaming with pain off camera, a scream which proved to be more than just painful. Gelson Domingos died before emergency services could get to him.

I got to give it to the cameraman for putting himself in the harm’s way to get that perfect shot, but someone should have explained to him that bulletproof vest does not make him invincible. The officer in front of him was hiding behind a trunk of a tree, showing barely enough for a bullet to find him while keeping a very keen eye on the area. Gelson Domingos did none of that. Brave, but stupid. He was only 46 year old when shot.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. I know how to make a bullet proof vest that actually stops any king of bullet. It’s basically a vest covered with small explosives, when a bullet punctures these explosives the bullet it destroyed. its a bomb vest in otherwords. Ye im too high

  3. @baked, you and my friend’s neighbor would have been good buddies today because when I arrived at her house her neighbor started shouting her head off; she wasn’t angry, just very very high and had no idea how loud she was talking, and what she said didn’t exactly make sense either. You kinda make sense 🙂

  4. I think its a ballsy job, cameramen that film firefights. (Especially the ones filming during wars) There’s no way I’m going to want a camera in my hand as shit goes down around me. You couldn’t pay me enough! Hand me the M16A4 please.

  5. The cameraman did stretch his luck there by continuing to try to get good shots; i know it’s his job but common sense should have told him that if someone is shooting in your direction, and you do not make full use of the cover available, that you are eventually going to get shot.

  6. I had a Brazilian maid when I was a teenager. The only woman I’ve ever met who was a functional crack addict. I caught her smoking up in the bathroom once after I thought she’d left. I guess that was her little secret to being a successful maid. She never stole from us, either.

  7. Did you all see the video of the idiot camera man that points a shoulder held camera at a tank coming towards him. From the gunners view in the tank a shoulder held camera looks just like a shoulder fired rocket. You can guess what happened next. Last thing he got on camera was a 120mm HE round coming his way fast. Another Darwin award.

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