Cannibalistic FSA Rebel Cuts Out Heart of Slain Syrian Soldier And Eats It

Cannibalistic FSA Rebel Cuts Out Heart of Slain Syrian Soldier And Eats It

I spent whole day trying to find an uncensored version of this video but no luck, so here’s the version with a little blur. A cannibalistic jihadist with the Fake Syrian Army was filmed cutting the heart of a slain Syrian soldier out and eating it.

At 0:13 the guy who holds the camera sarcastically notes:

It seems like he (the dead soldier) sent you a cute heart of love.

At 0:24 the cannibal said this word by word:

I swear to Allah, we will eat your hearts and livers, you soldiers of Bashar (snackbaring). The heroes of Bab Amr will eat your hearts.

Our government are supporting these monsters and telling us that these are the good guys.

I wonder what other Muslims who used to support the FSA rebels think of them now. As far as I know, cannibalism is not allowed in Islam.

I already know what Jewish news networks will accompany this video with, after it’s gone viral and they won’t be able to ignore it – it will start with “could not be independently verified” and will soon cleverly twist into framing Bashar al Assad with fabricated claims of him ordering to use chemical weapons on civilians to draw attention of the sheeple to the ultimate goal.

Meanwhile, Turkey has joined their blood brothers the Khazars occupying and ethnically cleaning the Palestinians in directly attacking the sovereign Syrian territory and calling for NATO to intervene. I have little doubt that it will eventually happen. Too much of Khazar money has been poured into Syria. They’re not gonna backpedal on it now. I’m sure the strategy to send in the ZOG mercenaries is being formulated as we speak.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video and translation:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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97 thoughts on “Cannibalistic FSA Rebel Cuts Out Heart of Slain Syrian Soldier And Eats It”

    1. The only pussy here is you..are you a red head by birth?I love me a red head! But what a beautiful day it seems on that video..birds chirping..heart cutting…cannibalism.General ButtNaked would call this a wonderful day.

    2. EXACTLY! I was expecting some grade-A cutthroat shit! With the speech he gave too?! Then, just a little nibble. I must say I love me a little nibble but when you say your’re going to eat a man’s heart, you eat a man’s heart.

  1. This particular boil on the ulcerated ass of society will no doubt be living in my country when this is all over.

    This infected haemorrhoid and his band of merry men will no doubt have access to all the benefits of our tax payer funded social security, much more than any indigenous person could ever hope to have.

    Eat your heart out hard working taxpayers of the world and prepare to spread your ass cheeks wide because cultural enrichment has come to divide.

    1. First post after over 3 years of faithful following cant hold back any more @empty your choice of descriptive language is fucking awesome had to be said your one of the best commenters what kind of mind blowing haze was you chuffing when you came up with ‘this particular boil on the ulcerated arse (lets keep proper pronunciation) of society’ fuck me you made me laugh and mark you are my king I humbly offer my services (not that im of much use) you have really opened my eyes the last 3 years and I cant thank you enough keep it coming!!

  2. Snackbarist 1: dude i ate that (points at the dead guy) fucker’s heart and liver.
    snackbarist 2: you did? oh that’s great. wait a sec… whoa that’s their lieutenant hussein and he has hepatitis c you asswipe…

  3. I get a feeling the made him do it. He doesn’t look too sure about it, and that bite was just pathetic. The idiots show themselfs for what they are yet people still think bashar is the bad guy.

    1. I dont know where you from but in my country(netherlands)they just showed a 2hrs doc off jeffrey,he was pretty messed up to. But how can i be proud of my country since my tax money goes straight to the jews?someone tell me

      1. Yeah, the UK is sending armoured vehicles and body armour to these terrorists, fucking ironic considering they couldn’t even supply our own troops with body armour in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  4. Hes Not A Canibal Tnats Just Like Killing A Buffalo And Eating Its Heart Showing That Thats Your Kill And He Takes Pride In What He Accomplished. Besides It Was Just A Bite Its Not Like He Took A Chomp Of A Burger COme On People Its Just A Lil GORE lol

  5. this is the first and last time i’m going to explain myself. so listen:
    lets look at some facts….everywhere islam has gone, nothing but death has followed. from the 1100’s until the 1990’s with what happened in aremenia(actually what happened in Armenia twice, once in 1915 and again in the eighties and early nineties). what the religion of peace did was murder people it invaded. islam has never contributed to the societies they have infected.
    some more facts: Islam is the only major world religion that tells it’s followers that women(the givers of life)are nothing more than objects, property.
    Islam is the only major world religion that tells its followers to murder people.
    all practicing muslims believe that I should be beheaded because I do not believe in allah or the rantings of a homicidal pedophile. therefor all muslims have threatened to kill me and that will not be tolerated. I will now rejoice at the sight of all dead muslims whether they are 8 or 80 because they advocate my death.

  6. Invasion of Syria by the bloodhound Obama and his pet dogs Britain et al is nearing closer. Turkey claiming Assad sent car bombs, despite the fact 10 Turks have admitted doing it! Hopefully some it backfires, but I doubt it.

  7. They probably cut the video short because he started to dry heave after he put it in his mouth. I hope a shell landed in that ditch and ruined them all. That country is such a disastrous wasteland. Neither side is even right. It’s just one group of crazies killing another. They all look the same, they all think alike, they’re all fucking retarded.

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