Car Bombing in Jobar, Damascus Caught from Interesting Perspective

Car Bombing in Jobar, Damascus Caught from Interesting Perspective

Car Bombing in Jobar, Damascus Caught from Interesting Perspective

FSA mercenaries filmed themselves executing a suicide car bombing attack in Jobar, Damascus, Syria. The area looks pretty deserted, but they wouldn’t have sent a suicide bomber to certain death if there was no target to hit.

The shockwave wasn’t quite comparable to the Taliban attack on a military installation in Afghanistan, but the explosion did pack a lot of punch. I like the perspective from which the video was filmed. The angle makes it pretty cool.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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69 thoughts on “Car Bombing in Jobar, Damascus Caught from Interesting Perspective”

  1. I wonder what kind of car they used. Probably some crap you’d only see in war-torn shitholes these days that are all out of date with everything. Datsun. Yeah, that sounds about right. Cool explosion, in any case.

      1. Had one of those m’self xxmarakawaxx, they were awesome cars! I’d hate to think that the last seconds of life for the poor 240Z would be spent having to hear snackbaring…bloody shame. Cool explosion though, I was shocked that there wasn’t a repeated cry of snarkbaring after it went up though, got to admit it.

        1. Hi Obli, my luv….. 4 weeks of bad weather, high winds, internet unstability, and unexpected guests. I’m still having a bit of trouble. Only can look at a few posts at a time. At least enuf time to say hi to my favorite people. Like you my sweet. =)

    1. Yea right, then our taxes pay to rebuild.
      Did you know America sent 1.5 billion in foreign aid to Egypt last year. And will again this year. did you know America pays to protect Japan, and Saudi Arabia. 2 of the richest countries on the planet.
      Is it not time to get paid for those jobs?

      1. and wile American youth finds factory jobs, and or work they’re but off to go to college, and pay that loan for 15 years. Japanese and Saudi, kids get free health care, Free college, and housing.

        1. We give around $3.5 billion to Israel annually in one lump sum. That works out to something like $8 million per day, which would be better for us paid daily so WE could use that money to collect interest.
          btw, I’m just going off what I remember reading, I don’t feel like doing the math right now. But $3.5 billion was a conservative estimate like 5 years ago.

          1. NICE! I love doing that! Whenever my French gf’s dog has a problem, it’s a situa-CHIEN (chien means “dog” in French). When I can’t find a chair, I have a SIT-uation. Whenever my uncle Johny gets mad at sports, he has a situa-JOHN. A Chinese traffic jam in a situ-ASIAN. Your’s is my new favorite tho 🙂

      1. Part of why I come here is to kind of toughen myself mentally if or when shit hits the fan here in canada i would be a bit hardened to the violence and not panic so hard to where im useless. Not sure if thats how it works but meh

  2. Muslim cleric: All you have to do is drive this truck in front of the infidels building and press this button, and you will be rewarded by Allah!

    Poor young recruit: what will I get in exchange for my life?

    Muslim cleric: Allah will reward you with seventeen young virgins!

    Poor young recruit: No thanks. I’m not going to trade my life for seventeen girls who don’t know how to fuck properly, I’m going to have to support for all of eternity, and by sheer numbers guarantees I will be bitched at every single miserable day I spend in martyrdom…I could use some goats, though!

      1. The diffence is that a pilot is a college educated professional who not only knows what he is getting himself into, but also goes into the mission with the knowledge that if he does his job well and has just a little luck, he will live to fight another day. The suicide bomber is usually young, poor and uneducated, and if he does his job well, will never live to fight another day. Pretty fundamental diffences if you ask me.

  3. They so not value life at all. They send recruits to do their dirty work. I doubt they’d blow themselves up. Instead they find lonely nobodies, fill their heads with false hopes about Allah rewarding them. If that were the case, they would do it themselves, and not use recruits. I can’t imagine being so brainwashed, that I’d believe this shizz! If someone told me, if I drove my bomb armed truck, into the city and blew it up with me inside, leaving behind everything I love and everyone I love, and in return I’d get to have rewards in heaven? I wouldn’t take the gamble! Blah! My luck I would detonate the bomb it’s blow me to smithereens, and dr.’s would end up reviving me! Leaving me just a head with a shit bag attached to my neck!! Blah! No thanks!

        1. @ali, nice one 🙂 and a good comeback from both you and the ape as well, I always enjoy a good bang like the rest of us,but when is accompanied by a video of a nice blast, my happy thoughts skip round in my brain, like a child playing hopscotch.

        1. don’t be glum chum. but its your birthday? happy birthday.
          I remember you saying that you enjoy baking…and I know you’re baking two cakes, right? a delicious chocolatey one for your BG pals and a shitty ass shit-filled one for your coworkers? 😀

          1. Well my birthday is in 7 days, but thx. My co-workers are actually nice, with some exceptions, like everywhere. Hmm, in fact I have little to complain, I?m healthy, potent, have a job, no babe is running away because of my looks and I guess my wool doesnt obscure my sight anymore. Life is great.
            *tightening rope*

          2. hey, you’re not getting off that easily! you have to suffer with the rest of us.
            are you depressed because you are back on your meds? do you feel like you failed something?
            I don’t know your “condition” but we all evolve at different levels.
            glad you like your coworkers…mine are just shit or just plain annoying. very few are worth the effort of getting to know, and even then I keep it professional. I don’t divulge too much personal info anymore. lessons learned and all that…

          3. No worries man, I?m not going to pull the plug yet. My condition now is a consequence of my more receptive perception, and that isnt always an advantage, especially in a robotic environment. So I pop these freaking, lobotomizing pills to ground me on a efficiency level. That works for some time, but then I slowly zombify and quit them. Fucking viscious circle. There are certain ghost from the past and the future as well, that chase me, a generic fear, like the condition of my surroundings in the near time. Knowing some trends has its price.
            You are hard to off, he? Nice, but surely exhausting I guess.
            Keep on!
            Ok enough of pussying around, I?ll slap myself, take a shit and just go on until I?ll please the maggots.

        2. @cooch

          don’t get down about meds babe – if you need em take em…be good to yourself – don’t let the sheep dictate to you regarding what is ‘right’ and what you need – its your body so treat it like a temple and be good to it.

          and a happy pre birthday! that was a delish cake you made for me – make yourself some cupcakes and enjoy the sugar buzz!

          1. Thanks, you?re a very kind-hearted honey pie. I hate to trigger the helper syndrome, cause usually I like to play the asshole character, less demanding you know.
            Regarding the meds, those are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRI, its strange, they are making me more depressed and aggressive than my pure state. I guess its intented by Big Pharma to zombify people on a large scale with made up psychic deceases. I should quit, the withdrawals arent that hard, except for strange electric impulses in my brain everytime I move my eyes. Pure poison.

          2. @CQ, hey man, I had those same eye things when I quit my meds, too. it was so fucking annoying. I was so glad when it went away. and my temper also seemed to be more amplified when on my meds. it killed most of my other emotions and just gave me a real short temper. and I flip flop between angry and happy a lot less than I did on my meds. on meds I could change from happy to sad to angry at the drop of a hat, I actually seem more balanced since I quit them, weird.

          3. @cooch & @obli

            eek! you two need to change your meds – the doc has you on the wrong ones…that’s a side-effect that usually is a big warning shouldn’t be getting angry or dinky on them – go talk to your docs and get them changed

            helper syndrome? is there such a thing? shit if there is im a freakin prime example – I keep wanting to save not good! Damn…another issue to add to my super long list..lolol

          4. @Obliterbater
            I?ve read in a forum, that those “electric shocks” can last for months! Yeah, and I?m not a crybaby, but in the first few weeks of the withdrawal…

            I think you?re experienced enough, to not let the others exploit you, I have the same problem you know, an automatic, extreme reflex to help.

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